Ra Uru Hu was the founder and messenger of the "Voice" of the Human Design System.

Ra was born as Alan (Robert) Krakower in Montreal, Canada on April 9, 1948.

And spent his early years there.

After completing a bachelor's degree in the arts,

His career path led him to the business world as an advertising manager, magazine publisher and media producer.

The arts were important to Ra, and he expressed himself as a composer and performer throughout his life.

In 1983 he left Canada, eventually finding his way to the island of Ibiza.

There he spent years working as a schoolteacher.

In January 1987 he had an extraordinary mystical experience,

Intelligence that surpasses anything he has ever experienced.

Followed by a meeting with "The Voice" (Encounter with the Voice).

This session lasted eight days and nights - during which he received information transfer.

What is now known as the "human design system".

In 1989, after his encounter with The Voice,

Ra Uru Hu wrote the Rave I'Ching.

The foundation on which human design rests, and the key to unlocking our genetics code.

Some of the oldest classical Chinese texts, IC'hing,

Or the Book of Transformations, is the ancient divination tool used for over 3,000 years.

Bad has devoted the next 25 years of his life to developing and teaching the system around the world.

He lives with his family in the United States, Germany,

And for most of the time in Ibiza, Spain, where he died in March 2011.

Marble Surface

The beginning:

In 1781, in the case of the discovery of the planet Uranus by Sir William Herschel,

A significant event occurred: the emergence of the nine-centered entity.

"Centrality" is a structural aspect of evolution.

The Neanderthals were five centers like modern mammals,

And so-called Cro-Magnon or Homo sapiens, were seven-centered creatures.

From 1781 with the discovery of the planet Uranus, the current species with nine centers.

Modern man is a form of transition to the new mutation, "Homo sapiens in transition."

Human design is the knowledge of the mechanics of the nine-central entity and this knowledge is the basis for the science of differentiation.

The time of the revelation of the voice to Ra Uru Hu, was between January 3 and January 11, 1987. Ibiza, Spain.


As appropriate to a new evolutionary form,

The human design system is a synthesis of exotic and esoteric knowledge from the past combined with a unique revolutionary mapping,

The Rave Mandala and The Individual Rave Body Graph .

The mandala is the imprint matrix.

Although based on the astrological wheel for planetary tracking,

Rave Mandala contains 69,120 unique seal points.

The inner wheel of the mandala is divided into 12 astrological constellations.

The outer wheel is divided into 64 partitions.

The 64 is derived from the 'I'Ching' and its 64 hexagrams.

This structure divides the wheel into genetic potentials.

In human design, planetary imprints are classified by location at the gate.

Each arc location of the same gate has a value.

The gate has an arc of 56 minutes 15 seconds,

And each gate can be divided into lines, colors, sounds and bases, giving 1080 unique value points.

Human design is for the science of diagnosis.


The Rave Body Graph (diagram or map of human design):

He is the one who turns all these possibilities into the magic of a unique individual design.

The Body Graph is new; An extraordinary map for individual change, and that too is a synthesis.

The graph is built on centers or energy / information hubs.

The centers: rooted in the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system,

Which had principled-spiritual-biological control in the age of the Seven Centers entity.

The connections between the centers in the design are called: 'Channels' are the digits from the reception,

And the gates at both ends of the channels are from the I'Ching.

The I'Ching gates are the key.

Through the gates any activation of any position on the wheel can be translated into a position within the Body Graph .

In this way human design calculations can translate a person's positioned data into a configuration

Unique Body Graph , your Rave chart.

Once the two calculations are complete and the location of the embedded objects indicated in the Rave chart,

Then the charm of the unique personal design can appear.

You can then move the positions at the steering wheel gates to the graph itself.

This is illustrated by coloring half of the channel. The repository comes to life in the Rave Body Graph.

The graph is a map.

Human design is mechanical knowledge.

Mechanics reveals that we are a binary consciousness.

The graph clearly indicates that we are a proximity of two data groups.

Here imposes the greatest dilemma and challenge of the evolving being with nine centers.

We are all objects that go through the duality of each other.

Our ancestral ancestors with seven centers were limited to single awareness,

And relied solely on the mind to make decisions.

Human design is about turning your life around by making internal authoritative decisions and it has nothing to do with consciousness.

It is a type that reveals the strategy and authority derived from the unsophisticated and its deep openness to conditioning,

But from your body, your composition, your design consciousness.

This is the great experiment that defines human design.

Try your strategy and authority.

Release your mind to see and discover the beauty of your unique purpose.

It all starts with your type (Types).


Humanity is mechanically divided into five types:


Manifesting Generator.


Generators + Manifesting Generator:

The dominant type on the planet with about 70% of the population.

They are the driving force of the earth.

Their strategy is to respond, and through response find satisfaction and avoid frustration.

They have an open and enveloping aura and are here to get to know themselves.


About 20% of the population.

Their strategy is to wait for an order.

Find success and avoid bitterness.

They have a focused and absorbing aura and are here to understand the other.


About 9% of the population.

Their strategy is to inform before they act,

To find peace, and to avoid anger.

They have a closed and repulsive aura (from the place of distant),

And they are here to understand their impact on others.


They are without definition, and they make up a little over one percent (1%) of the population.

Their strategy is to wait for a full moon cycle before making decisions.

Find the surprise on the go, and avoid disappointment.

They have a durable aura and sample, and they are here to see the difference.


The quality and potential of your life is based on the decisions you make and the instructions they lead to.

Look at each Rave chart and you will see a clear duality between what is activated and color and what is white and open.

As human beings we are controlled by the genetic imperative to be drawn to what we are not.

This genetic law that maintains the health of the gene pool pulls us towards conditioning.

Each center has an open, non-self-directed strategy that directly affects mental decision making.

For most people, their opinion depends on their openness and it distorts their decision making.

Strategy (Strategy) sets a trap for your this basic.

In human design, being a binary consciousness,

We have two powers: the Inner Authority of the body to determine life.

And the external authority of consciousness to express unique consciousness.

In a condition called 'non-self' the brain expresses both the inner and outer authority.

A brain immersed in survival machines will always withhold some truth in its attempt to control its future.

We are not here to be absorbed in the consciousness of survival.

Strategy (Strategy) aligns the life of your correct geometry,

Eliminates resistance, and offers the great challenge of being aware of your personality.

It always comes back at the end to strategy and authority.