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10/34 חקירה (Exploration) - https://humandesign.academy10/34חקירה(Exploration)

10/34 / Exploration
A design of following one's conviction.

Investigation channel:
connects the G center through the 10,
the treading gate, to the 34,
the power gate in the center of the sacral.
Here we have a channel that greatly amplifies the behavior.
The tenth gate is the gate of behavior,
and the 34th, the gate of power.
Therefore it is the empowerment of the behavior,
or the empowerment behavior.
Keep in mind that human design is a dualistic system,
and these terms can always be reversed.
This is a channel created. This means,
that as long as these people respond,
Their power behaves right and their behavior is always perfect.
This is the meaning of the existence of his convictions.
The tenth gate is the gate of love for myself.
When you follow your natural reactions,
You focus on your persuasion,
no matter how unusual they are.
Out of this behavior,
comes your own love.
People with sessions in the center circle have an aura,
that creates a kind of vortex around them.
This power of the center,
Is who can attract so much attention to themselves.
Whether this attention is positive or negative always,
depends on whether they are waiting to respond.
People with this definition have a very regular behavioral pattern,
That is, they are comfortable and solid within them,
(if they live their design).
This channel is part of the individual circle,
Therefore 10/34 has a tremendous ability to be able to empower,
others to feel comfortable and solid within them.
In other words,
they empower others to track their own behavior,
whatever that may be.
This channel beautifully expresses the core of what,
people in the world would like.
Every person really wants to be able to live,
his behavior without interruption.
At the same time,
of course,
they would like to empower everyone to live their behavior,
Without tolerating the intervention of others.
The result is that these,
people in 10/34 play a vital role in this,
That they re-empower others with their sense of uniqueness.
The self of this channel will be a bit rigid in the matter.
something like:
"I'll be like that whether you like it or not.
I'll just be like that, that's my behavior.
I think it will be really healthy for you if you are always you.
And if you stay that way,
and I stay that way,
we will have no problem. "
The root of pure individual survival in other words,
It is about survival as a defense mechanism,
protection rather than an offense,
Although the attack can come out of it.
What we are looking at is the root of survival in all advanced life forms.
Any shape that has a spleen,
If you look you will see that after the cell and the plant upwards,
Everyone has a spleen system,
to really understand that it's a survival rock,
The ability to respond in the circumstances now. It's survival.
The embodiment of what survival is all about,
is being able to respond to circumstances
Of now. It's not about creating something.
This is not about that.
This archetypal life force is all about,
increased responsiveness,
Not responsibility,
but responsiveness,
When we face integration we face,
With the core of individuality.
Remember that within the context of man,
design individuality is something that is very,
Very complex.
We have the Centering Circuit,
which is 51/25,
10/34 So you can see that in the integration,
The 10/34 is not an aspect of it,
still flowing through it.
When we deal with the circle of individuality,
which is of course the circle,
that operates right in the middle of everything,
You can see that 57/20 is a part of it,
which means it is not a combined issue.
I do not know if I am and yet,
it flows through him.
When you look at all of this individuality,
you are actually looking at it in stages of
Its own evolutionary development.
What you are really looking at here is the most personal aspect,
Not the deep social that exists in BodyGraph,
what I like to call the lone wolf.
This is the root of pure personal survival,
In the end there is no tribal survival,
There is no collective survival,
there is nothing.
The form,
the sex,
must be able to survive.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Centering Circuit.

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