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Perfected Form

57/10 צורה מושלמת (Perfected Form) - https://humandesign.academy10/57צורה מושלמת(Perfected Form)

10/57 / Perfect form
A design of survival.

The perfect shape channel:
10/57, connects the center of the spleen through gate 57,
the intuitive brightness gate,
To the 10,
the gate of self-behavior in the center G.
This is the creative channel of integration.
The spleen center takes care of our health and physical well-being,
And the G center refers to our sense of purpose and connection here in life.
The 57 is the gate of the purest intuition,
And based on the ability to detect very subtle differences in sound.
This intuition is not a mental or emotional process,
But "knowing" that on a certain level,
sounds have changed.
Gate 10 is the place to correct,
or change, one's own patterns of behavior.
The result is a design for personal survival.
The creativity of this channel is not creativity for others,
But here particularly creative strategies have been developed for one's own survival.
This is the channel through which we creatively,
change and improve our patterns of behavior in order to survive.
People with this channel, somehow,
Going through all kinds of disasters and mishaps,
Hopefully they are alert to their intuition and change their lives accordingly.
People with this channel have a deep sense of form, and how to perfect it.
This is not a general rule, but many interior designers,
architects, stylists, etc. have this channel.
There is no doubt that at the initial level it is about survival,
but most of us do not live in the jungle.
The more subtle aspects of this channel are not about increasing survival,
But simply by increasing our standard of living by improving our environment
(This is the interior designer's side note)

Integration Channels.
Not a group of circles.
(not a circuit group).

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