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11/56 סקרנות (Curiosity) - https://humandesign.academy11/56סקרנות(Curiosity)

11/56 / Curiosity
The design of the searcher.

Curiosity channel:
connects the Agna Center via 11,
Peace Gate to 56,
the Wanderer Gate in the center of the throat.
The 11/56 does not stop looking and is therefore,
also known as the design of the seeker.
What must be understood in 11/56 is that,
it is the search that drives them,
not the findings.
No matter what or how much they find they,
just have to keep looking for something else.
As part of the collective sensing circuit,
Of course,
11/56 also needs to share its interpretation of history,
the past.
And they have the ability to invent an interpretation,
of the past and share it with all of us.
On 11/56,
Comes when he comes up with an idea.
It is important to them that while the idea is to be common,
it is not necessarily a call to action.
In the circle of collective logic we can share a common pattern,
that we are all confident in,
but with the past it is impossible to do so.
It's just the fact that everyone's experience at the event is different,
so there are many interpretations,
a long past,
Hence many ideas.
This is another projector channel,
So that someone else will resonate with the sense,
of things or ideas that 11/56 has,
Depends on whether they won or were invited to share them or not.
So here we have that power of search.
this is something that is very much misunderstood,
by people who have this channel.
In the end they are looking.
They think they are looking for something.
They think they are looking for an answer.
And they are not.
They are collectors of information,
collectors of experience.
Once they realize they're not looking for anything,
They are looking for anything,
anything, because in fact,
it's theirs.
It is their responsibility to educate,
All of us.
And educate us in an experiential way,
Which means they have to do it.
Those who do it,
They are the ones who tell the most interesting stories.
Nothing worse.
Than a second-hand story.
Second-hand stories usually turn into jokes,
But first-hand stories will always carry,
A certain magic,
Because it is a gift of the unique experience to others.
It's one.
All the things that a person gets to understand about him,
the summary through 35/36 and we will get there;
The language of 35: 
Was there, I did it.
And through this power is the possibility of being able,
to enable others,
See something before they jump,
To be able,
Figure out if it's even necessary to jump in,
But you notice this something,
because in the end it is not on the mind telling one what to do.
This is one of those things that is so incomprehensible that you care.
The mind is not an internal authority;
It's not there to tell you what to do in your life.
The very birth of the brain / voice connection was simply,
about describing what is there.
it happened.
that's it.
This is the experiential catalog.
That's what happened.
It becomes a pervert into,
That's what I'm going to do,
I'm going to look for that thing.
"And the moment it's me I'm going to look for this thing" is the mind.
Not to be an internal authority.
And it is a distortion of life and power.
It's basically,
'I see, look at what I saw, or look at what I found.'
It's unrelated,'I'm going to find it.
That’s about what I experienced,
‘this is what I found’.
This is what happened to me,
'this is what I found'.

Major Circuit Group.
Abstract circle.

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