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12/22 פתיחות (Openness) - https://humandesign.academy12/22פתיחות(Openness)

12/22 / Openness
A design of a Social Being.

Opening channel:
In human sexuality,
the 12/22 is about romance,
about poetry and words,
And whether the words are just fine prose or poetry,
whether the words are riding on a musical frequency;
After all,
individuality is deeply rooted in this musicality,
It's acoustic,
And that means one of the ways we express ours,
The spirit must be in our language,
Must be in the beauty that there is,
possible in the way we can communicate with each other.
It could be something very,
very unusual, in that sense.
For me it points to what,
I'm talking about in terms of the potential of
Every human being in terms of their external authority.
To meet in pure external authority,
To be able to communicate two creatures from
Their pure external authority,
Kind of touch, which is ideal;
This is not something that exists.
despite the fact that we know how to talk,
We have huge dilemmas in the ability to communicate,
Talk, talk, talk,
but our ability to communicate is something else.
And it has nothing to do with a few words.
Sometimes words,
you do not need much.
It is an understanding that we are here to express our presence,
And we are here to do it creatively.
It always reminds me of the family sitting by the fire,
And the father tells a story and in the middle of the story,
his child interrupts and asks "Is this true?",
And his mother slaps him gently on the back of the head and says,
"Don't disturb, it's just a story."
This is a well-known (individual) Manifesting channel,
and as such operates in the acoustic field.
He has the 12 in the center of his throat,
whose warning sound is,
"Maybe, I'll get it right,
if I want to, but it's going to happen in my time and my way."
When I'm in the wind.
Although this channel is called a social channel,
it has nothing to do with membership.
It is related to the mutation.
In other words,
it is a way in which the individual can actually attract,
the other's attention and it gives,
them an opportunity to collapse them.
He is willing to try or not,
but it is always about the same thing,
it is always about mutating in others.
Communication is not a forte of​​ The personal circles,
But Gate 22 has the potential charm of graceful communication.
That is,
they can mutate through poetry and poetry and through,
all kinds of written and musical art.
The whole detail is that,
he changes you according to what he says.
Since the individual is always very much tuned to the sounds,
of the environment if someone with 12-22 does not like,
the sound of something around him,
they can,
with this manifesto channel,
get away easily.
One of the more unusual things about 22/12 is that,
when you take them out of an environment where,
they empower others in their mutation,
They are deeply anti-social creatures.
Anyone who is a manifesto may be subject to criticism for his actions.
The 12-22,
being an emotional manifesto channel,
can evoke other people's emotional tendencies.
People are here to empower others,
but if they always find themselves amplifying other,
people's emotional moods,
they tend to avoid people,
just to avoid drama.
Useful information to give,
to someone with this channel:
Do not do anything if you are,
not in the mood,
otherwise it will come back to you.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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