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15/5 ריתמוס (Rhythm)

15/5 / Rhythm.
The design of being in the flow.

Rhythm channel:
15/5 connects the Sacral Center via the 5th,
The waiting gate for 15,
the modesty of the gate in G.
It is the channel of being in flow,
and is the foundation for all biological life.
Gate 5 holds regular patterns and ceremonies,
while 15 is the gate of extremism.
The goal of extremism is always to level the playing field,
Act as the balancing force between things.
Single cell design.
People with  15/5 live on their own schedule.
Do you have a meeting with 15/5 at 18:00?
They appear when their inner sense of time tells them to show.
It could be at 5pm,
at 7pm or not at all.
Now they not only appear at a strange time because,
they want to appear at a strange time.
The reason they do this is because they have a sense of,
what is really the right time for them.
And they share that sense of time with everyone else.
People with 15/5 greatly influence,
the inclusion of others in their timing.
It can often work for the benefit of others in gentle ways.
In the black and red part of personality and design we discuss,
the magnetic monopoly in relation to holding,
the illusion of the separation,
of personality and design and their proximity.
The 15th gate carries the increased monopoly function.
The north and south pole magnet alike has a repulsive,
rod and an attractive pole.
When you face the magnetic monopoly you face one rod,
and the magnetic monopoly only pulls.
Because it is connected to the tool of love it always,
attracts everyone else to it.
So one of the things to understand about 15/5,
Is that they always share their magnetism.
Remember how 18/58 shares their judgment;
This is the same way the 15/5 shares their flow.
They put you or pull you into the stream in your favor,
because Gates 15 loves humanity and cares for you.
But it's important to see that the 15/5 sharing is that,
they literally magnetically tuck you,
into their flow and share their magnetism.
When we look at channels here in the Tantric forces,
We start with them logically.
On 15/5  We look at the cell infrastructure.
We look at a basic life formula,
that underlies our success as a biological form.
In designing shapes,
a single cell has three potentials at the gate:
the 15th, 5th and 3rd.
That is,
the entire life of the diesel is open to,
the power of the mutation;
all of this.
But the defining element of The single cell,
which makes it an inanimate tongue,
which is only the 25th,
as a potential,
Is that potential is a definition and is the rock itself,
why all of these are described as life forces.
This is the definition that brings.
It brings the life force.
So when we look here at the Tantra channel,
the first thing we look at
The conditions of identity are that identity is about life itself.
It's about life itself.
It is an identity that is simply there,
because life can appear.
It is the presence of life.
It's there on 15/5.
It's really amazing.
This is what is not in it the core of our life force,
But it is the core of the life force of all biological formations.
It is one of those cornerstones that life is built on.
And when you think about it in terms of description, flow,
Reminds you of the fact that we are objects that move in space.
I think it's one of those things to remind yourself once a day.
Let me remember;
I move in space.
Because we and it and one of the most important components,
In order to be able to understand how the whole process of "being" works.
If you are something that moves in space,
probably one of the most important things for you
Is being able to adjust yourself in any direction right for you.
The nature of life is to be in flow.
All that has to do with the nature of life is to be in flow.
It's to be the river.
this is life.
And only when you can identify,
and I voice the identity of the G-center,yourself
With this flow,
it is surrender.
It is also related to love.
After all,
in these tantric forces
We have two love gates.
The 15th gate is the love of humanity,
or not.
But it's the love of sex,
it's love of what we all are potential for.
It's a deep collective,
Sharing process.
We are all here to be in flow together,
to share our identities in flow together.
I'm talking about homogenization.
The ideal of this is that in this flow,
the opportunity of bonding of the authorities out.
We are here to surrender to this current,
and to surrender to this current in response
We are here to surrender to that flow,
and to surrender to that flow in response.
We can not fight it.
I know,
I'm a Manifestor,
I'm not Scarlett.
I stay away from everyone.
I do not have 15/5,
and yet there is no way I can fight the river.
Everything is you
Can make it surrender.
There is nothing else.
And for us surrender is not just an expression as a metaphor,
for strategy and authority,
Because strategy and authority is what aligns you to,
what is right for you in terms of your direction,
in terms of your trajectory,
In terms of how you are here to align.
It's all a reaction.
One of the things you see about the nature of life,
through the Tantric forces is Understand,
that the nature of life requires a response.
We are all waiting.
None of us
Is not responsible.
None of us have the power to change the nature of the structure.
We're here to be in the flow.
Once you are in flow,
you realize the opportunity for that divine fulfillment of purpose.
And if you are not in the flow,
you can never have it.
I'm not talking about whether it's in your design or not.
Understand that it's right
Understand that this is just a structure that exists in our species.
This is a life force that is there
This is a power life rooted out of a generator,
meaning it envelops us all.
And because we live in a world that is not homogeneous in itself,
because the non-self-generator is homogeneous
Suffering from frustration,
we are all frustrated by the current.
We do not like where
The world is taking us.
We do not like what it does to us now.
We do not like all this.
We want to get out of the stream because we are frustrated,
we want to change that


Strategy and Authority:
Once you act on strategy and authority it does not matter;
It just does not matter.
That's not the point anymore.
You're in flow.
That's what we're here for.
You can not find your goal if you fight in the world,
If you knock your head on the material plane.
You can not.
It will not make you
All good to curse your fate or curse someone else.
And you're not going to change anything because it's a pattern.
The thing that makes 15/5 so extraordinary,
is that we are built on a logical construction.
This is the core of that logical structure.
This is the set pattern Solar;
This is the pattern for life itself.
You can not get out of this.
This is really a template.
The flow sounds much nicer,
but it's the pattern of life.
Finding a goal through submission to a pattern.
Until you can succumb to this pattern,
you will not be able to find a purpose.
We are not here to fight in the world around us.
We are here to navigate the world around us.
We know the way;
That is,
the way is known within us.
It is known in this place Within our inner authority,
that is able to discern what is the right way to adapt the
Flow navigation traffic.
rate; It's all like music in any way.
One of the things you get to see regarding,
respecting your strategy and authority is this
Your life develops a certain kind of rhythm,
a natural rhythm.
The flow is made up of all sorts of different features.
The pattern in its diversity is enormous.
That 5th gate with the lines, colors, shades, and bases;
This 15th gate with the lines, colors, shades,
Bases and all possible combinations between them,
and the combinations
Relative to the planets that bring the sessions,
There are thousands and thousands,
and thousands of ways to be in flow.
But to be in the flow that we must.
And it has nothing to do with getting a pattern from the outside.
It is about knowing how to go through the pattern from the inside,
from the inside
An authority that is here to guide you in this.
When we are in flow,
when we process our vehicles and our tracks,
Then we can find the other instead of love.
To that love in the larger collective sense of humanity.
You can not exactly say that you truly love humanity,
when you look the way inside
Which it has developed over the last thousands of years.
You can not. At best you can To be disappointed.
So much ugliness, so much disorder, so many rights,
But it's not myself.
It's hard to love a humanity that is nothing but a killer monkeys.
It is very hard.
The magic of the Sacral Center,
because it gives you the key to life on Earth,
Says you're here to respond to the world.
You are not here to create it.
You are here to respond to it in any way planned.
And the answer is always inside
Yourself, always within the same inner authority,
an inner authority that never initiates.
It is not.
It's always waiting for something he responds to.
It's just the non-me An initiating brain,
trying to stand above the flow.
Who tries to find his way,
when it does not know who it is.
It's a magical channel.
This is what binds us to life, that is,
food A chain and all the other things that allow us to exist in a bio-form
This planet is located here on 15/5.
And if you look at nature you will see it.
Nature just goes with this flow.
There is nothing to disturb;
Nothing that will stop them from being naturally in flow.
We do not have discussions about cells with each other whether,
it is right to do so or not.
They just function in flow.
It is their perfection,
our confidence,
the consistency of the pattern.
It's our brain;
It's the power of the mind on you.
It's the mind that says we'm not going to wait.
It's the mind that says we need to act now.
To find yourself,
You need to find the trust in your network.
There is no other way;
Otherwise it's just a mess.
And the moment you trust your authority is the moment,
when the mind begins to lose its power to distort the nature of your life,
to take you out of the current,
to break it into chaos for you,
Turn on the clock fast so you are,
just out of the movie as soon as possible.

Major Circuit Group.
Understanding (logic).
Logic / Understanding Circuit.

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