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17/62 קבלה (Acceptance) - https://humandesign.academy17/62קבלה(Acceptance)

17/62 / Acceptance
A design of an organizational being.

Reception channel:
17/62, connects the Agna Center through the 17th,
the Gate of Opinions,
to 62, the Gate of the Details in the Throat.
For 17/62, organization is an ongoing internal process.
They are constantly busy organizing their mental state,
And always make adjustments to the "big picture" of things,
And all fit into their great pattern.
The 17/62 maintains a constant guard over,
their internal pattern.
And all the new data should be logically,
integrated into this picture.
Note that this channel is in the 'understanding',
half of the collective circle.
Everything that 17/62 can successfully,
organize in his inner image he can understand.
What it can not organize,
he can not understand.
When age 17/62 says "I just do not understand you" they just say
"I could not organize my perception of you in my worldview,"
Which, by the way, can make them feel uncomfortable.
Being collective,
this channel always draws satisfaction,
from the dispute of the whole process with whoever is available.
They will share their views in great detail as well,
as what they do or do not understand in all this.
You can not rely on 17/62 to organize their own space in the world,
But often they can do a bombastic job in your organization!
Whether you ordered them or not.

Major Circuit Group.
Understanding (logic).
Logic / Understanding Circuit.

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