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19/49 סינתזה (Synthesis) -​​19/49סינתזה(Synthesis)

19/49 / Synthesis
A design of being sensitive.

19/49 connects the roots center through the 19th,
The gate of access, to 49,
the gate of revolution in the emotional center.
On the emotional side we leave the realm of money,
and enter the realm of belonging.
19/49 has the sensitivity to know who belongs to the tribe and who does not.
The support of the tribe is so deep,
that each member owes their lives to every other member.
There is nothing democratic or abstract about it.
Most of human history has lived in tribes.
In the tribe it is a very simple arrangement of love,
respect and obedience that holds it all together.
The basic needs of the tribe are security,
shelter, food, protection for their young people.
Channel 19/49 is part of the stream of physical,
sensitivity in the tribal self circles.
He negotiates the world through the sense of touch,
Brings people together,
decides who is, who is out and who gets what.
It is also very sensitive to his own position,
wants to be needed (give support),
And should be requested (be supported).
When we look at the channel from this point of view,
and remember that it is a projector channel,
We see that for 19/49 waiting for an order is the critical first step.
Their emotional response, over time,
to the invitation is critical to their happiness.
The pressure of 19 to connect can attract them to happy associations,
if they are careful about their type and emotional clarity.
Lack of invitation or lack of emotional clarity they can end in relationships,
characterized by constant rejection, of self and others.

Major Circuit Group.
Ego Circuit.

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