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The Beat

​2/14 הקצב (The Beat)

2/14 / The Beat
A design of a keeper of the Keys.

Rhythm channel:
Connects the Holy Center through the 14th,
The holding gate is largely,
to the 2nd,
the collector gate in the center G.
This channel is known as the Key Keeper.
The channel feeds the sacred power of the 14th to the second gate,
which is the gate of the driver,
For it moves our body through space.
This channel is one of the "Tantric" canals (along with 5-15,29-46 & 34-10),
that constitute a potential that makes the energy of the scarlet,
sex, life force an expression of the higher self through love.
The 14th is the gate of power skills,
especially in material resources,
And the second is the gate of absorption towards direction and purpose.
Combined, they give this channel the potential to amplify the direction of others.
The second gate is a collector and is the most wine,
(female) gate in terms of the directional element in the center G.
The rhythm bite is an individual channel,
and therefore mutates and works at a non-fixed and fixed,
timing in logical or abstract terms.
The individual always empowers others by the example of what they do.
In any kind of disaster, a person with this channel would stand up,
grab everyone's attention and say,
"I know the way.
If you want,
you can follow me."
Then they will go, no matter if anyone follows them.
As soon as the mutation is ready (the pulse is on),
They have the potential to empower others.
this empowerment does not lie in support or sharing,
since the channel is not collective or tribal.
Only mechanically,
the channel says
"I can help you survive but you're going to be alone.
I'm not going to carry you.
I'm just letting you know what I'll do - I'm going this way.
As a channel generator,
it responds to give direction to a higher level of self.
It constantly collapses our direction,
that if it happens in response,
it is always the right direction.​
And you have it.
You get the keys.
It is,
after all,
the pure pulse direction of individuality,
The 14th gate with his-I love it inside the old,
This power to a large extent,
the cart,
this immense ability to have power.
There is so much power at the base of this 14th gate,
this deep ability to drive in that direction.
What we call a magnetic monopoly,
what I give as a metaphor like the driver,
sitting here at the second gate.
This is the great direction gate as the great direction gate,
you see it is the second gate,
This is the best thing about all hexagrams.
His natural direction in the Sphinx is that he goes to the first gate,
Which is all yang,
six yang lines.
But understand that the direction is in form,
all in form.
To be able to understand the potential,
that lies within us as a species we need to be in the current.
In order to find out what we have to find out,
We must respect the authority of our vehicle.
And here we have the big direction.
Pure movement is something that is one of the most,
magical things about human design.
When I started presenting the knowledge,
there were people who suggested it was fatalistic.
It is not.
It's like everything in science is what happened to Newton.
When Einstein arrived.
It's a structure that is accurate now,
But we are deep,
a deep mutation,
deep as a species.
This is one of our keys,
It's something worth getting to know,
because it's the deepest life force.
It means that everything is possible,
everything is possible;
which is the magic we have built.​
It is a mutation of direction and can be extremely,
successful at the material level,
The character of the 14th gate,
largely strong.
The tradition of the I Ching is that it is a cart that,
can be loaded and filled with goods.
It's a tremendous force and it's a skill.
If you look closely,
this is a gateway of power skills,
how to use force for only one thing,
Keep moving in your direction only.
Now it matters what it is to be 2/14.
If this is the only setting you have,
The only way you know you're in the right direction is if you respond.
Otherwise, you can never be in the right direction.
Someone asks you
"Is this the way to go?"
And you go 'ah-ha.'
Boy,are you ever right and true to them.
And if someone needs to know something,
from you and you respond in the affirmative,
You bring them a motive direction.
And to yourself in your life,
You have to wait,
To get to know and respond to what the right direction is for you.
In other words,
2/14 should be offered a choice of opportunities,
to get to know who is responding so that can be their direction.
It is so important to us that 2/14 work,
correctly according to their type,
And this is the thing that needs to be recognized,
in the nature of the evolutionary direction.
The nature of evolution is that it does not just jump all the time.
This is why it is truly a symbol of or evolutionary process.
In other words, it's a pulse.
When we talked about emotional individuality,
I talked to you about the plane,
the plateau and the thorns.
And the whole thing is in the nature of 2/14 and its direction,
is that it passes and goes and goes and goes in the same direction,
Like the person who has the same breakfast every morning.
Goes, goes, goes, and then it is possible,
in the pulse,
in the space between it suddenly there is a mutation and then,
The new motive direction.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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