20/10 / Awakening

A design of commitment to higher principles.

Awakening channel:

20/10, connects the self center through the 10,

Gate of personal behavior patterns,

To the 20th, a gate of now in the throat.

This channel is the awakening of awakening.
It is not a channel for empowering others to be awake.

It's the channel that says, "I'm awake and I do not care if you are.

As the channel is projected aloud, it expresses "I myself, now!"

A person with this defined channel wakes up all the time

(Becomes self-aware in this moment) in a variety of ways - a kind of life of revelation.

It is also called the Higher Principles Channel,

Which implies that a commitment to higher principles is possible,

Just by being yourself in this moment consistently.
But the main thing to remember about the channel is about self-awakening,

Not about the awakening of others or even their empowerment to awaken.

It is important to always remember the duality of design.

These people can spend a lifetime sleeping!

Integration Channels.
(not a circuit group)