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20/34 כריזמה (Charisma) - https://humandesign.academy20/34כריזמה(Charisma)

20/34 / Charisma.
A design where thoughts must become deeds.

Charisma Channel:
20/34, connects the Scarlet Center via 34,
The power gate, to 20, the gate now in the throat.
Here we have the Manifesto Generator
"The Classic."
We need to be clear in our understanding that,
Manifestor Generator can be expressed but only in response.
Even in response they have to wait for clarity that,
comes only after they start their response.
They don’t really know if they have the ah-ha reaction,
until they start responding.
Because this is one of the integration channels
People with this channel set up are simply,
preoccupied with themselves and themselves.
Without a sense of what he is doing,
the channel often needs guidance from others from time to time.
However as part of the individual circuit (it divides by 20),
the 20/34 is adapted to acoustic harmony,
and tends to be deaf to input from external sources.
People with this channel may think they must stay busy and may appear to,
the outside observer as astonishing in the scope of achievement.
But without a clear response mechanism,
the 20/34 can easily end up frustrated in their personal,
sense of accomplishment and completely exhausted.
Good advice to give to people with this channel:
Unless you want to get caught up in being a workhorse,
for someone else's profit,
Do not do or say anything unless you respond.
Business needs to happen in response.
Only then will you make sure you're busy with yourself,
Otherwise life will be disappointing.

Integration Channels.
(not a circuit group).

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