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20/57 גלי מוח (Brainwave) - https://humandesign.academy20/57גלי מוח(Brainwave)

20/57 / Brainwave
A design of awareness.

Brainwave channel:
connects the center of the spleen through 57,
the intuitive brightness gate,
To the 20th,
the mouse gate in the throat.
It's the voice of intuition.
One of the most extraordinary abilities humans have,
Through this channel,
there is pure intuition that can speak.
Although the spleen is responsible for health and well-being,
It is not an energy center so while,
this channel may be very aware of what is needed for health and well-being,
But he is not necessarily capable of doing anything about it.
The deepest function of this channel is to empower others to be intelligent.
Here we have a man deeply immersed in intelligence.
The spleen is operating at the moment,
and the 57 are always listening to the subtle hints of their surroundings,
Exceeding the surface of what they hear.
Their focus is on strategies that will enable their well-being,
Then how to put it in practice.
Their very focus becomes a way to share intelligence.
And everything is happening now.
In the meantime,
they will know what is healthy for them.
If they ignore it,
the moment will pass and they will suffer from it.
The best advice you can give someon,
with this channel is to listen to their instincts right now.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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