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25/51 חניכה (Initiation) - https://humandesign.academy25/51חניכה(Initiation)

25/51 / Initiation
A design of needing to be first.

Initiation channel:

51/25, connects the center of the heart,
through 51 the Arousing Gate,
to 25 gate of innocence in the center of G.
It's simply the nature of an individual channel to be competitive.
And so, of course,
it strengthens the competitiveness of the other.
This spirit of competitiveness brings us forever,
Being first and human will not be nearly as successful,
as we are without this competitiveness that excites us.
In the other center channel,
we have a channel created and your behavior is intensified by the scroll,
which allows you to track your convictions.
For a generator to be awake they just have to wait to be asked.
The behavior that will always appear will be perfect.
However, here as a Projector 51/25 channel,
you should be invited to initiate.
all the magic of what individuality is that,
you are welcome to respond to life,
Be yourself,
do not interfere.
If you touch every person's heart and ask them what,
they really care about philosophically,
They will tell you:
uninterrupted so they can be themselves.
This is the art of initiation;
Be yourself.
Anyone who walks around and accompanies the setting,
Their type and authority is itself.
On the mystical level this channel is called Shaman / Priestess,
Because they initiate others to find themselves.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Centering Circuit.

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