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28/38 מאבק (Struggle) -​28/38מאבק(Struggle)

28/38 / Struggle.
Design of Stubbornness.

Stubbornness Channel:
28/38, channel the center of the roots through
38 gate,Opposition gate,
to 28 gate is the Preponderance of The Grea gate in the Spleen Center.
In the individual circle,
28/38 is designed to find meaning in life,
No matter how much they have to fight this process.
In fact,
there is nothing more satisfying for 28/38,
than finding something worth fighting for because,
it means their lives mean something.
This is a personal struggle but it can empower,
others in their struggle for their own meaning.
This is the only channel that deals with,
the search for fulfillment through purpose,
Which makes this channel the basis for human development.
Every time you see this channel in the chart you know,
that the person is always looking for a purpose.
Gate 28 is intuitive caution,
fear of death, the game player and a risk taker.
He's driven by the pressure of gate 38 and he's finding his new way.
Now, when you look at the sixth line of gate 28,
Blaze of Glory(a flame of glory),
You can see the extremes of looking for a purpose is to go all,
the way to his own death,
Push the boundaries to the end.
After all,
the 28th goal is the ultimate game player.
Think Russian roulette in this case.
In this sixth row of the 28th gate is also,
the potential for suicide if they can't find meaning.
There's nothing more depressing than 28/38,
that can't find meaning in their lives.
It takes them a long time to give up,
though because it's still the channel of tenacity.

In the full version of Ra:
Any channel can be understood by its opposite.
It doesn't have to be the fight channel.
But it's struggling for something.
That's what gives life its meaning.
The meaning of life is not derived from the template or experience.
That's what we do over and over and over and over again.
Because that's the plane we're on.
It's something deeper than that.
That's what gives life its meaning.
There's a structured search here,
not so much,
but a requirement, in a sense,
That existence is more than just being born and die,
that there's something else
And that's what 28/38 brings.
It brings this amazing struggle to find a purpose.
The "I'm because" combination says,
"Hey I'm a great person, I'm alive, I can survive.
"And the 28/38 comes and says, yes, but there's no more
There should be more.
It can't be that we're just here to survive.
It's the thing that makes this power so extraordinary.
And it's mutant,
it's an individual,
it's in a heartbeat.
At any moment,
the struggle can end.
It's over with a goal.
It ends with a conclusion or an addition to "me."
That's the big one.'
Oh, how humans are addicted to 'cause it's funny.
So the "I" becomes "I'm here,"
oh, how good it feels.
This is the power of 28/38,
The power of this struggle for purpose,
to give the monotony of running the Samsra wheel,
A little romance and some art.
As far as I'm concerned,
that's how the savage dressed up.
It's beautiful in a way, this play,
This drama,
this movie.
What's a purpose,
though, but a costume you're wearing?
In design we call it your profile,
your cross, get there, find the most.
And that's my glory.
The primitive ancient.
I am now,
that's it;
Nothing else.
That's the "I" that says,
I don't need any purpose,
I'm a target.
And 28/38 says,
not enough.
I have another mutation for you,
not enough;
I'm because;
And everything changes.
The collective and the tribe are very uncomfortable with individuality.
It fucks things up.
It really is.
And once the "because" individual becomes a general mutation,
The collective has to deal with it,
you have to learn a new trick.
Old dogs hate new tricks.
And the world always changes.
And since it's art,
it's never permanent.
It's not like the pattern of reason.
It's not like the experience history.
It's art;
The art of being human.
I'm trying to teach you a new art form.
The art of being a nine-year-old being,
That's why it's art.
And when I say it,
To realize that the deepest creative,
thing you'll ever do is to discover you.
There's nothing more creative.
And so a new craft is discovered.
As far as I'm concerned,
it's all drama.
There are good actors and actresses,
and there are poor people.
There are great scripts and some are waiting as poor scripts.
There are wonderful sets.
There's all sorts of things.
It's still a drama.
And we are characters in this play,
each and every one of us;
Indiscriminate figures are the world,
Homogeneous figures,
The flux and jetsam of the background of any kind of drama,
who never get to be stars,
who never get the good dialogue,
Who never get the big win.
The whole consciousness movie is the same.
I've been watching the history of the cause.
There's nothing definitive about it.
It's just the mutant force that constantly drives individuality.
Towards her ultimate expression,
Which is his uniqueness through his inner authority.
It's "me."
We're characters.
How fulfilling are we in realizing the potential of these characters?
You look at your cross, your profile,
How well you fit into that costume,
Because we get inside the design mechanics where this goal leads.
And without it,
if you can't find your best,
And you look at the world around you,
The homogeneous world is what people are chasing.
They're chasing a target.
This part is very, very very, very routine just to be enough.
But they're all chasing a homogeneous cause.
Being able to put something in after that "me" isn't just "me."
That's why I'm being.
I'm here -- you know;
That's why so many people accept religion as their only answer.
Because they don't know how to complete this sentence.
They don't know how to walk- me?
where? They don't know where to go.
They take all the homogeneous concepts,
that float around and they catch on to it.
Because the way it works in reality there in the world,
it's individuality.
It's deeply melancholy.
The usual expression of the creative goal is not natural to the self-imperfiable.
They just suffer from the pain of being different.
And they live with their depression and their depression becomes me.
It becomes their nature.
That's the sad one.
Every story has these characters,
the ones who get carried away,
Those who can't see any purpose,
Those who see no meaning,
The ones I like are just unfair.
The "I can" it gets a lot stronger when you move to the emotional side,
If something like this could be stronger,
Because I'm giving him the drama that suits him today.
I guess you can taste it.
So the "I" is so that
"I can tell in the mean now.
That's really what this is about.
is to know the answer in the present,
To know that reason,
that goal in the present.
But it's something else.
It's,I can;Not me.
"I know I can, I know I can",
However,'I know I can' in the wave.
It's hard to find knowledge of the wave.
After all,it's symmetry.
These life forces here are really something.
Here we have this amazing channel of struggle for purpose,
And here we have this amazing channel of struggle for spirit,
Because that's what it is.
Oh, language is the language of the wind; Yes, yes, yes.
But that's what it is.
It's a struggle to find the spirit.
This isn't about finding the target.
Remember that we're never just one theoretical aspect,
where I point my finger.
It's a complex matrix,
and it has many formulas,
in all its circuits or streams.
But it's something that needs to be grasped here,
about the personal contribution to life itself.
Remember that this is the main issue of the map chart (BodyGraph).
That is,
this is the central dynamic;
That's the direction, the mutation.
It's the movement.
That's the way we go, because it's life.
Purpose and spirit,
and of course,
the thing to recognize is that these two aspects,
presented to us by these life forces,
They become the basic component whether,
we have a pleasant time in our lives or not.
The cliché would be to say,
"Will we be happy or sad?
But that's the Glitzh.
This really has nothing to do with this.
It's about whether or not you're okay with existence.
Because in the end that's what it really comes down,
to in this combination of purpose and spirit.
And this spirit is part of the answer that individuality tries to express in the throat.
There is nothing more complex than individuality in the throat;
That's out of the 11 throat gates,
four of which are individual voices.
So that's the dominant voice of the throat.
And you can see that in that,
I know I can contribute.
I know I can explain to you what you need to know.
Because this ability to contribute,
This ability to be able to build depends on whether,
there is a purpose and spirit to go with it or not,
Because it's totally.
When you see that this is a formula within,
the way it operates within humanity as this force,
That's the formula:
purpose and spirit.
This is the basic mutant transformation,
built into all of them as an option.
Still, at the same time,
you have to see that it's creative.
It's creative.
Our duel experience will stand for a moment.
When I think about the nature of life,
It's clear to me as a dualist that this experience of life,
Which is a profoundly dolistic experience.
There's two things at work.
There's the body,
the shape,
the brain and everything that comes with it.
There's this car,
and it's got life in a plan.
It's a form of space propulsion.
She's got geometry.
It has all sorts of obvious potentials.
And there's a traveler,
this personality consciousness,
that's somehow embedded in this interesting meat pack.
And the moment when you're convinced,
that life is your life is the moment you've lost,
And you'll never live the drama.
And you'll never find the target or the spirit.
Map chart (BodyGraphIt describes the holistic composition,
the way it acts.
Each and every one of us is here as a passenger consciousness,
to be able to free ourselves from anything,
other than being observing phenomena,is you.
I'm watching the phenomena.
I'm just watching.
And that's what it is,
what's going on with him, the way he acts,
because it is;this.
Purpose and spirit are car themes when we think,
about these issues of purpose and spirit,
They are issues of purpose and spirit for the vehicle,
as there is no other way to get there.
do humans suffer,
oh they suffer;
They're very messy.
It's the whole brain.
It's endless brains.
It is the load and nonsense of the soul,
the deep,
profound and profound manipulation of the soul.
And you get stuck.
You get stuck trying to run this thing.
And then you get caught up in this painful,
and painful struggle to find a purpose,
That you can never find and a spirit you'll never have.
And that puts this deep sadness in the sand.
As far as I'm concerned,
it's so clear that you find your purpose and your spirit.
Only when you get out of trying to figure out what the hell it is,
Because it's just your brain playing with you.
You don't know until the car revives him.
It's the life of the car.
And here we have this deep and deep struggle for the spirit.
The solar ingot mutation you can't talk about this part in a map chart (BodyGraph)
Without realizing that he is responsible for the deepest mutation,
and the closest mutation in our history.
The mutation of the throat in the 12th gate that opened,
the possibility to express sound formulas,
And now the mutation that occurs in the center of the solar machine,
through the 55th and 49th gates.
This current is so deep, deep, deeply mutated.
And there's something interesting,
of course, that works here in this mutation that's going on at 55.
The center of the roots has a very,
very unusual connection to the emotional system.
That is, the center of the roots is pressure on the emotional system,
to stop being in a wave.
It's the pressure that's all out of the root.
It's trying to lock up;
She's trying to repair the solar machine system.
And in a sense,
the mutation,
to be simple,
occurs in the life force:
The solar cyst is about eliminating the dominance of the engine wave,
the engine wave that gave us
What we call the emotional field and the demencation generated,
from the wave process of the emotional field.
there's a transformation going on inside the solar machine.
And that the transformation will profoundly affect this wave pattern.
As it is,
individuality is not an emotional quality,
that shows a strong wave pattern.
I mean,
he's leaning on the plane.
It tends to operate relatively frequently,
and will undergo periods of peaks,
Whether it's going up or falling at the peaks,
But in general,
it can be quite flat in the way that the emotional field turns it off system.
That is, of course, the power of 39, to begin with.
The fact that the 55 are in a mutation,
The reality is that this battle for the wind is something that changes.
I think that's one of the things,
that so satisfys the individual aspects inherent in someone's design,
after all, there's more individuality,
than anything else in your map chart (BodyGraph).
Most people have at least a gate,
that belongs to an individual stream or circle.
That's our link to change.
It's our link to our ability to adapt.
Because that's really what it's about is the deepest,
ability within us to survive.
And what's more,
every individual aspect of you resonates with,
what underlies this knowledge,
which is the liberation of the unique being so,
that you can stand up for your authority,
and be able to function in this life where,
this goal and spirit emerg.
It's like those old stories about how if you're looking for wisdom,
You can end up writing a good travel book.
The things you're looking for,
they have a way of hiding from you.
It's about knowing what's going on,
that allows a purpose and a spirit to appear.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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