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3/60 מוטציה (Mutation) - https://humandesign.academy3/60מוטציה(Mutation)

3/60 / Mutation.
A design of Energy that Fuctuates and Mutates.

Mutation channel:
60 is the limit rate and 3 is the order rate.
This channel has the physical ability to impose new boundaries or remove old ones,
thus creating a completely different order and empowering others motively.
Whenever someone with 3/60 steps to your aura is actually changing your frequency.
It is important to note that motive empowerment is not necessarily good if you live the self.
If you live your non-self,
there is nothing more depressing than being a potential mutation and nothing happens.
And if you live without your self,
they can intensify your depression.
As a generator channel,
the 3/60 is a responsive mechanism.
If the 3/60 exists in response,
then the changes brought about by the 3/60 character will always be correct changes.
Also note that there is no schedule for the mutation;
It occurs between the pulses.
Note on the pulse mechanism,
the format energy of this channel has a frequency that is a pulse (On-Off-On-Off),
and the mutation actually occurs between the pulses.
It takes place in the unknown moment,
between the fingers, between the characters.
Imagine if we threw a huge giant ball at the earth,
while it was an obstacle in space.
When the ignition is on,
the ground is lit but when,
the light is off there is nothing but black space.
When the Earth moves 107,300 km / h (or 67,062 miles per hour),
it actually appears stationary when the strobe freezes it in time.
But every time the earth is lit it is in a different place.
This is because it changes during black.
This is how the news circle group works.
Mutation changes without notice.
Because all format channels are an emphasis on the main topics of their circuit group,
A mutation of this pulse is particularly strong in the Format 3/60 channel.

Note on Format Energies:
The channels between the Sarel Center and the Root Center are called Format Energies.
They are very powerful in that they have a profound effect on a person's design,
and are the rock frequency for each circle.
They consist of the personal knowledge 3/60,
the collective sensation 42/53,
and the collective logic 9/52.
Whenever you see one of these channels in a person's chart you know,
that the person embodies very deeply the energy of that circle.
These channels can also be a great source of depression for people,
who do not carry out their strategy.
For the low of 42/53 is due to the fact that things do not start or end correctly.
For 3/60 depression is due to not accepting the limitation / mutation pulse in our lives.
For depression 9/52 stems from not focusing on the right things.
The second thing is that when you face 3/60,
You are dealing with individuality,
you are dealing with another element here.
You are dealing with an element.
The chemistry of individuality i.e.,
The pulse carries energy that can be most understood by most people,
especially non-self, as melancholy.
That, as sadness.
It is a very creative energy.
This is the energy of the muse and in the same sense of the muse,
it is not something that can be controlled.
You can not control it.
It is there when it is there,
the creative impulse is there when it is there.
And when it's not there.
It's just not there it's chemistry in 3/60,
melancholic chemistry,
it's creative chemistry,
It is only at 3/60 that there is potential for depression.
And it's a depression that if it catches on.
can move in any vehicle and again,
This is when the pressure of the homogeneous world to adjust,
Brings the deepest destruction to the spirit of the individual.
The whole point of individuality is that,
it cannot act under collective law.
If it follows the collective law.
Nothing new will appear this is why it is very difficult to influence individual people,
it is not that they are stubborn.
And it's built for their design it's not that they'm deaf,
and it's built into their design.
They are helpless because they are not meant,
to be easily affected.
In this way we open up the possibility.
For the appearance of a true mutation but it means,
that if you are not-Self (Not-Self),
The way you are going to interpret this not knowing,
and the fact that it carries with it this energy,
and potentially melancholy depression,
is that you feel lost.
Think of someone who has the 3/60 and has an,
open heart center and they feel so unworthy.
They are always trying to prove
Themselves to other people they are always,
trying to get other people to be impressed by,
So that other people can see that they are excellent,
and really useful and in everything.
And they do not really know and they have,
something coming their way and someone tells them,
I really want you to do this thing.
And what this person is really asking them.
It's being a cheap and exploited slave,
and they do not know.
And there is the sadness that is in them,
and it is an undefined heart center,
Because that's going to be the key to the way their,
minds are going to make decisions,
Because the heart center is going to say,
I have to say yes to this job to show them,
that I'm really worth it.
And I decided I was looking at the past.
And I checked the future and then they end up doing.
Something absolutely horrible and they hate it and,
they become more depressed,
No matter where I look.
I can point to places that can make you suffer so much every session,
every line, every color, every tone, every base,
it does not matter what the configuration.
Once you are unaware,
once you are not acting properly,
you are not Not-Self
And nothing is really going to work for you.
And the fact that you are sad and depressed and feel unworthy,
Your response to this is not going to work according,
to your strategy and authority.
You are not self-reacting at all times,
psychology, drugs, getting deep medication,
taking new training, following a guru;
It goes on and on and on and on instead of just being.
able to sit back and enjoy the ride.
How beautiful it can be.
The mutation channel connects the center of the roots,
to the center of the sacral through the gate of acceptance (60) and the gate of order (3).
The potential for evolutionary change that comes through the unexpected channel,
This motive and melancholy depends on the person's ability to accept a limitation (Title 60)
And rise above the confusion of new beginnings (Gate 3).
Gate 60 is the coordinator of all evolutionary possibilities,
while Gate 3 always extends what is new and sustainable,
one option at a time.
The basic current or frequency that regulates the mutation channel,
that generates the kidney is the format energy of individual circuits.
The powerful, active, pulsating energy associated with black bile,
Permeates the way channel owners live their unique designs.
It is an energy that places or even deeply affects everyone around them.
Your key to living with this melancholy process,
a mechanical mood,
is to avoid trying to explain it away.
It is best to stay patient and alert as you wait,
for the new mutation to arrive in the arena through you.
Spending time alone with your muse,
when the mutation of the pulse is inactive,
can deepen and enrich your inner journey.
Although you may not always see it,
something seeps under what is not yet ready to go out,
and continues to experience and evolve.
This endless movement from chaos to order to chaos is the nature of the format energy,
For it always produces a possibility that something new will come into the world.
You just have to accept the limitation that lies in not knowing when this change (this pulse) will occur,
And surrender to your sacral response to bring the energy of change to all of us.
Similar to music, the mutation occurs suddenly,
in spaces or spaces between legumes,
or characters.
It forces everyone to adapt or change,
or be left behind.
The owners of the mutation channel,
feel the pressure to bring renewal and renewal to their lives,
To their jobs, to families and to the world around them.
The constant pressure of the root center creates internal tension,
during periods when,
The power on / off works and apparently nothing happens.
It is experienced at the chemical level in the body as melancholy.
As agents of mutation and change.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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