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The Alpha

31/7 האלפא (The Alpha) - https://humandesign.academy31/7האלפא(The Alpha)

31/7 / The Alpha
for 'good' or 'bad' a design of leadership.

Alpha channel:
So first of all,
when we face 31/7 we face the 7th gate,
which is the gate of identity,
which is the gate of the role.
These role rates are very important.
Usually looking at the whole life force,
You really just focus on the phrase,
in this case alpha.
to really grasp the alpha,
you need to understand the role.
It's an identity role.
And that means the collective is here to be the leader.
That's all it means.
The 7th gate is a role gate and that is the role
Gate of the different types of leadership,
If you're going to be authoritative
Or Democrat or Anarchist,
all variations there are.
But basically it is something you need to understand along the way
Where we are planned.
The most significant life force of all, and again we look
The Tantric Forces,
the 15/5, of course,
is the rhythm channel.
This is the channel of being in flow.
And this channel of being in flow is one of those channels
That you find everywhere.
It's part of life on this planet. its Yes.
In all the different forms and it represents the basic pattern of life.
This is the design of the single cell,
as an example, the definition possibility of a single cell.
And that means life is on it a planet makes perfect sense.
The first thing that really understands the importance of collective logic.
Collective logic forms the basis on which life is based on this planet.
its Yes.
These patterns,
these rhythms,
it's the cell pattern doubled and multiplied and turned and so on,
and so on.
In the end what you get is that we live in an amazing way,
a decorated world.
Human design gives you an extraordinary angle.
Perspective on the nature of the pattern only by ability,
To see how the program affects us,
Be able to see the way we are trapped in a printing system.
the thing that makes the pattern so important is,
that biological form,
we are always vulnerable.
We all know that.
We can do nothing,
corpses are fragile.
Life is not something that is guaranteed,
to be long and is guaranteed to be healthy.
And the vast majority of human beings actually,
suffer from the physical body.
Life is full of threats.
And these threats are changing,
Of course depending on where you are,
at different levels and layers of life of this plane.
But the fact is that we are fundamentally insecure as a species.
All species are insecure.
They want to survive and they want to be able to,
maintain their control over their own
and they have the resources they need,
and so on and so forth.
What we rely on is patterns that work,
Because we can trust them and we do not have to be insecure.
We always remember this in our modern lives,
the way inside.
Which we can be sure by the pattern,
that things are going to be reliable and consistent.
You come here this morning expecting me to be here and teach.
that will not happen.
Part of the process of collective logic.
And the fact that this expectation is met,
This does not mean that you are consciously,
making a big deal out of it;
It just saves it.
A sense that we can trust the pattern.
Anyone who deals with democratic societies,
the so-called,
we always deal with exams of the pattern,
reviews of the pattern,
promises of introducing new patterns is going,
to protect us as we move to the future.
And the thing to see in this is that when you take
This role is logical,
this logic is to be the leader (Gate 7).
When we look at the other side of it,
it's clearly something
Intended to make an impact (Gate 31).
This is what I do.
That's all there is to it.
It is designed to make an impact.
And so it is the role of logic,
to guide humanity into the future.
The irony of it all is that they are the only people,
we trust to lead us into the future.
And of course,
they are not necessarily.
if you do not like the fact,
that you can create a pattern,
Which is done consciously,
all the time,
that you publish a particular pattern,
That does not mean it is the truth.
That does not mean it is anything other than a pattern.
The thing that needs to be recognized in logic is,
that it has a lot of power,
Because logic can make you feel very uncomfortable,
because once a sensible person says there is
There's something wrong with the pattern,
and of course they have to share it,
that's the reason we have in the logic system,
the two most critical and confrontational forces,
the 17/62 with his very strong opinions and details,
And of course 18/58 with this vitality,
to be able to challenge the patterns.
The thing you need to understand in any print system is that,
at the same time we trust the print,
That we want to trust the pattern,
that will lead us safely into the future,
We'm still not sure.
It started way back at gate 63 in the logic system,
Power pressure [center of head.]
This is the question that children will ask when they are doing math,
and they need to retake a formula,
that has been proven a million times a year for a hundred years.
This is how this logic works,
because in everything once the whole thing can be broken.
We'll get there,
but the whole thing could break down.
Alpha is an identity force,
not an engine.
the role of logic,
this role of the alpha, is a model.
And because it's a model it gives all,
the logical activation in this quality,
of"I know where we need to go,or",
I think I understand in the right language where we need to go",
And of course, logic,
because it affects by nature,
because we are insecure and we need a secure future,
The logic notes really affect us.
When you look at controls,
the role of those who lead us,
31/7 is a classic,
modern, democratic, leader.
And I say
"democratic because the 31/7,
in itself, is not an engine."
There is no engine here.
It is not a life force that carries with it motor energy.
It's the power of identity.
And of course, as the power of identity,
if you think of it as a projected element,
It requires recognition.
We know something about the nature of the center of the throat.
The center of the throat is a center that is always looking for an identity.
He is always looking for attention,
attention to his identity.
That's the whole thing with the throat.
You have an open throat and you are one way or another,
Says,"Look at me, look at me, look at me."
That's the throat.
Logical Gates:
Pretentiousness of Influence so,
one of the things to understand here is that these roles,
these models that we are looking for they themselves,
themselves do not necessarily have any real power.
What they have the ability to express role,
identity and influence others or influence them,
or influence them.
And only with this support do they really get to live the power.
After all,
they are an expression.
So once you look at any logical rate,
you are always looking at a discount of influence.
This is an assumption of influence,
because it is inherent in logic.
It is inherent to carry the alpha quality.
The second thing is that the moment you are dealing,
exclusively with the influence of alpha,
Is the moment when you become too worried about the future.
It's the risk, to be so worried about the future,
that you have no life in the present.
Think of it in the context of what it says about the material plane.
these are roles that must,
in this sense of logic,
be able to have a profound,
profound effect on us,
And influence us to take a specific direction.
this is the Sphinx.
So I do not know.
This is the direction of the alpha.
The alpha says,
“This is the way to go, and that means
that every logical gate carries within it this quality.
This quality of "this is the way to and because it is common,
because it is the quality inherent in it,
and because logic is debatable,
to understand it;
it is very debatable.
that does not necessarily have to be a bad word.
an argument can also be expressed as a discussion,
the way we want to phrase it.
I do not want it to be just a negative resentment for it.
But it's something to understand about what makes sense.
The logic of the moment says,
"This is the way, someone logical says,"
Are you sure? theres nothing than a king without his people,
if you understand what I mean.
Alpha is nothing.
Without its ability to influence the other,
which means that the alpha,
Understanding the template can not simply benefit,
from the template alone; No, no, no, no, no.
In order for them to fulfill their role they need,
to get others to carry out the pattern.
And in order to do that they will have to deal,
with a basic issue of logic,
which is debatable.
You see it in the accumulation of politics,
in the democratic elections where you have this debate going on.
It's a classic.
two alpha tries to influence you in terms,
of which one will provide you
With a better future.
That's basically what it is.
And we accept the argument,
In this sense,
the deliberation that is part of the process.
In any kind of understanding of this role,
it really leads you to appreciate something
This logic brings us to the fact that it is very deep.
It brings insistence on the ability to express ourselves,
and to be able to express ourselves well
Other. When you look at the logic system,
because of the 62nd gate,
You see that within logic to be able to express the variety of patterns,
This language, words, had to be added.
This language should have been expanded,
The vocabulary was to be expanded in order to be able to,
express all the possibilities of the template.
This is one of the great gifts we have the ability to communicate.
And it's something to see very clearly,
about what alpha brings is that the assumption with alpha,
Because the word has many meanings,
the assumption about the alpha is that it is,
As if the first line of the 7,
only pure authority.

Major Circuit Group.
Understanding (logic).
Logic / Understanding Circuit.

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