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32/54 טרנספורמציה (Transformation)

32/54 / Transformation
A design of being driven.

Transformation channel:
32/54 connects the center of the roots through 54,
the gate of the married maiden,
To 32, a continuation gate in the center of the spleen.
The impulse of this channel is quite simple,
it is ambitious,
driven by the desire to make money and do good.
This desire to "move forward" is what constitutes,
a transformation in the material world.
Aspiration alone, however,
is not enough to achieve material success.
The spleen provides the instinct to identify in the meantime,
what the aspiration should focus on.
Gate 32 fears failure,
and it is precisely this fear,
that instinctively anticipates all change.
What this instinct is alert to is the level of support,
available from others for any change.
32/54 has the drive to move forward,
but he understands that in order,
to be successful he must have,
the support of others.
This channel knows that only,
the long-lasting transformation has value,
And for the change to last he must have,
the support of his tribe.
Also in the international arena,
in the ranks of the Allies,
Gaining the support of others is crucial,
for a nation to realize its goals.
Like all Ego Circuit channels below the Ego,
32/54 is also a projected channel,
that needs to be known and ordered.
Think about it:
Transformation is not a matter of initiating something,
This is not a manifesto,
But should be recognized and supported by your tribe,
(provided, of course, that you have tribal circles).

Major Circuit Group.
Ego Circuit.

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