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34/57 כוח (Power) - https://humandesign.academy34/57כוח(Power)

34/57 / Power
A Design of an Archetype.

Power channel:
34/57, connects the center of the spleen through 57,
the intuitive brightness gate,
To 34, the power gate in the center of the sacral.
Here we see the actual empowerment of intuitive intelligence,
when the sacred is connected to the spleen.
It is a direct link from the life force to health and well-being awareness.
keep in mind that this is not a channel for empowering others and also keep in mind,
that in the sense of the non-self it is the most arrogant of all the configurations of the channel.
Pretty boldly announces this channel',
I am the one who has the power to survive.'
And I care less if you can or not.
You barely exist with them.
This is why they are archetypes.
These people are meant to be archetypes.
Of being human.
They are pure in their focus on being alive.
Like an arrow in the sky their life force shoots by you.
It is not shared with you and is not meant to empower you.
It's just alive.
How this life force moves through space will depend on their full diagram.
But overall they are an archetype of how all of our charts are unique.
The 34th gate is the power of the great and when it is fed at the gate 57,
We have an archetype that it's beyond our ancient mammals,
Which stands above the rest in terms of the ability to kill the most animals for survival.
The 57 operates on an acoustic level to radiate all the sounds for a lasting sense of harmony.
34, as a gate generator, responds with great force to implement things,
according to acoustic changes that may affect the field of human harmonious well-being.
34/57 is the archetype of life, and anyone who has this channel in their design,
can be particularly fit and healthy,
provided they follow his design strategy.
Sharing 57 with individual channels,
He is prone to melancholy and a tendency to attribute a reason to being mood swings.
Provided that each person with this channel is clear about the nature of his mood,
And adapts to it without trying to fix them,
they stay healthy.

Integration Channels.
(not a circuit group).

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