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35/36 / Transitoriness
A design of a "Jack of all trades".

Transience channel:
connects the center of the throat through the 35,
the gate of progress,
to 36, the gate of the darkness of light in the emotional center.
Here we have an emotionally expressed channel,
which will try anything,
even if there is no clear value,
to gain experience.
Over time,
the accumulation of all this experience may provide some wisdom,
as to what the experiences are worth in terms of value,
or it may cause a feeling of despair,
that nothing amounts to much.
The creative nature of this channel is definitely not personal,
Rather collective,
so he must share what he does with others.
Share what he does,
not what he thinks.
This is the experiential way,
which may require doing things that have never,
been done before and may not be easy.
But here's what makes it so interesting,
the process is shared!
35/36 does not do all this alone;
They take others with them.
Researchers will be a good example of this channel.

Major Circuit Group.
Abstract circle.

35/36 ארעיות (Transitoriness) -​35/36ארעיות(Transitoriness)
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