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39/55 רגש (Emoting) - https://humandesign.academy39/55רגש(Emoting)

39/55 / Emoting
A design of moodiness.

Emotion channel:
connects the center of the roots through 39,
the blocking gate,
To 55,
the gate of abundance in the emotional center.
Is the channel that connects directly to,
the Spirit in the emotional center;
In the wave.
Here the wave is sudden in form;
Rises up or down through an extreme mood.
This personal channel of moods is also part of a stream,
that includes concern and focus on romance,
Love and passion.
The individual circle is a very deep or melancholy circle,
And this channel is the culmination of that.
People with this channel are very concerned about uncertainty,
Because the whole emotional individuality is uncertainty.
"She loves me,
she does not love me.
I do not know."
It's easy to see the wave up that she loves me or she does not love me,
But notice the final situation - "I do not know".
At this point the motive aspect of the individual is about to take over,
And they become out of this uncertainty.
The whole individual circle can be very uncertain,
because you do not know until the mutation arrives.
When the mutation arrives they can be very sure:
I know.
Everything's fine now "she loves me,
I'm sure of it.
Here's the main mood,
because just when they'm sure,
The mutation comes in again and then,
they are not sure they were really safe at all.
It can have a disturbing effect on others because when you empower someone else,
You can make them very uncomfortable.
The experience of this continuous swing is certain to uncertain and back,
Is really normal for those who have this channel,
But this is a very difficult mutation to experience,
if you do not have this channel,
When you get it inside you.
These mood swings are healthy for 39/59,
Provided that they are admitted and observed.
A big challenge for people with this channel is to remember,
that there is no “reason” for the atmosphere.
Mood is simply a dynamic.
No matter what the mood is it will change,
that's the nature of the channel.
And above all never get confused with depression.
The whole individual circle is melancholy,
but it is the sadness of poetry or music.
Anyone who has personal circles,
One should learn to use these periods of moods,
To be creative,
let the muse flow through them.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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