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37/40 קהילה (Community) - https://humandesign.academy37/40קהילה(Community)

40/37 / Community
A design of Being a Part Seeking a Whole.

The 40/37,
connects the center of the heart through the 40,
The Gate of Redemption, to 37,
the gate of the family in the emotional center.
This is the "invention" that underlies everything tribal.
"I will do for you if you do for me."
Do not forget to look at the circle of the ego as having two "currents",
One is capitalist and the other is communist.
The currents join the ego on the one hand with the money,
making 26 and on the other hand with the community 40.
37/40 is part of the stream of 'touch' senses in which handshakes,
hugs and reality are expected and respected.
In a very basic sense each person is existential alone.
This channel bridges the country and allows us to establish,
communities in which everyone has,
their place and role and receives respect and dignity.
Where on the Splini side the energy is that man can advance,
Here on the emotional side the energy is to meet,
Work together and live together.
Here we invest in each other and in the group.
We support the community in things that money cannot buy.
There is little evidence of hierarchy in the community.
No one feels superior or inferior,
Because everyone willingly contributes what they can to be included,
Feel that they are a part of it all.

Major Circuit Group.
Ego Circuit.

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