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42/53 הבשלה (Maturation) - https://humandesign.academy42/53הבשלה(Maturation)

42/53 / Maturation
A design of balanced development.

Maturation channel:
42/53 connects the sacral path 42,
the growth gate, to 53,
the development gate in the center of the root.
This is one of the energies of format and is an,
abstract and sensational format energy.
The way of experience is first of all simple to live.
Live each experience to the fullest.
Go straight through the experience.
And when it's over you can turn around and look back.
Adolescence can happen through any one experience,
It does not require repetition like the logical process.
This is a generator channel,
one of response,
and here,
42/53 when it responds,
responds from the beginning,
Through the experience until the end.
How long will it take?
Anywhere from a few seconds to several years!
Depends on the experience.
As a result, it is important that people with 42/53,
be very clear in their responses,
Or they may find themselves caught up in extended projects,
That they may lose interest in them over time.
The right response leads to the right experience at the right time.

Major Circuit Group.

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