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50/27 השתמרות (Preservation) - https://humandesign.academy50/27השתמרות(Preservation)

27/50  / Preservation
A design of custodian.

Preservation channel:
27/50 connects the center of the spleen through 50,
The Nourishment Gate, to 27,
the feeding gate in the center of the sacral.
The biological basis for this gate is quite basic,
Human babies cannot survive on their own after birth.
Although it is a circle in itself,
It is part of the tribal circle so support is still a key.
Human children demand support.
50/7 is not limited to child support,
it's just the root of it.
This channel operates with a 50 gateway in the spleen,
excited by the fear of its responsibility.
It makes it pay attention,
in the spleen now,
to why it might be responsible.
If he notices something on his own or in another,
that he may be responsible for,
The 27 in the center of the scarlet provides the energy to respond to it.
People with this channel are very focused on what they,
and / or others need to feel good about now,
And they are ready and able to do something about it.
A challenge arises for these people if they do not have the knowledge,
that others are not directed in the same way.
27/50 can be very resentful when he sees,
that others do not care about them,
Because they assume these people will just not be responsible and do the caring thing.
As the company became more complex so did the responsibility of this channel.
Our children need our support and care longer than ever before.
They need education,
values and guidance in this complex world.
In a sense everything in the world needs caring and fortunately,
there are people who take care of it all.
Astrologically it is because we have moved away from the Saturn cycle,
Where children grew and became adults much faster than our new pine cycle.

Major Circuit Group.
Defense Circuit.​

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