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52/9 ריכוז (Concentration) - https://humandesign.academy52/9ריכוז(Concentration)

52/9 / Concentration
A design of Determination Focused.

Concentration Channel:
52/9 connects the center of the scroll to the 9th focus,
gate to 52,
The guard gate is still (focus) at the root.
This channel is one of the format energies (the other two are 3/60 and 42/53).
It is the channel of being focused and focused,
which is the heart (and root) of what it makes sense for.
Because it is also one of the energies of the format it is very powerful:
it is a frequency that finds in other people.
The "Format" logic channel provides focus,
concentration and determination to respond to any potential activity in life.
This is the logical format of control,
Because it enhances the experimental process in life that can lead to perfection.
People with this channel want to share,
with others this process of being focused and focused.
52/9 can provide others with a greater ability to focus, experiment,
judge or correct patterns.
Of course, since this is a generator channel,
it is extremely successful when it provides it in response.
52/9 can fit quite well in scientific and future situations.
Okay, let's move to the other side.
This is such a powerful mechanism and focuses on 52/9,
The logical format.
It's just focused and focused.
It is not cyclical at all.
It has nothing to do with running through things over and over again,
all sorts of different things.
And of course, it is often an illusion,
that one takes in this logical energy and assumes that it is stable.
This is why we trust logic.
The abstract flows through emotions.
This cyclical business carries with it an emotional frequency.
But focus and concentration move through the spleen,
cool; Cool as opposed to bread.
Focused, focused, and logical.
Think about logical aspects that you have, in your design,
And understand how constant and focused they are.
It's the extreme of your abstract activation,
that is always ready to start something new,
to get rid of the old,
Go through the experience.
Here in logic,
all that logic in aspects has it "stay with it",
Stick with it;
Focus deep, deep, deep.
This is the other side of the coin.
Here is the energy to dig into things,
get the facts, get the details,
Be able to clearly see the pattern.
This is the luster of logic.
It really starts at Gate 52 .
It's one of those wonderful gates,
Keeping Still Mountain.
It's all about a 1,000 mile journey that begins with the first step.
It's about the luster of a concentrated.
It makes sense for an individual to concentrate and focus on patterns.
This is what life is built on.
Everything is a logically constructed mechanism,
and life, life in the abstract.
It's an invention,
if I may put it that way,
Either the deal or the mechanism or the way you want to look at it.
Logic builds the vehicle.
It builds the whole program.
This is the plan.
These are all patterns and this deep and deep focus on these patterns,
And the template is the one that provides us with confidence.
This is what protects us.
This is what protects us.
It's all about the pattern.
This is why when you look at the mechanics of human design,
You know that the technique of strategy and authority comes out of logical mechanics.
Because that's what it is;
You get to see it.
The collective, after all,
is the framework of the experimental experience of being human.
This is what our world is what I refer to as Solomon's world in it,
"there is nothing new."
This is the world of us like this,
and this is the way the world works,
And on the other hand the abstract is simply found,
The nuances of experience what is guaranteed in different ways.
This is the basis of the world.
The thing that makes the collective so powerful is that every single collective activity
He is social and demands to be shared.
When you think about it you begin to realize that these personal aspects you have,
The abstract aspect you have,
Not only is he cyclical and unstable,
but he wants someone to be cyclical and unstable with this.
He wants something to come and go and maybe force him to finish starting something new.
It's looking for someone to do it.
It's the same with logic.
Logic says,
let's focus with me,
let's concentrate with me,
let's learn together.
It is logical,
social in nature.
And yet,
equally time,
because he is social by nature,
He is the one who gives the collective its great power.
Because of all the circles in BodyGraph,
there is nothing that is more social than the collective;
Every channel,
every gate is social.
Every channel,
every gate requires sharing.
That's why they can be so interesting or so annoying,
after all.
They will share with you their dissatisfaction.
They will share with them you their failed expectation.
They will share with you things you do not necessarily want to know.
But they are prevented from sharing.
There's quite a difference,
in that sense,
the bottom line or the bottom line,
If you follow this trajectory these currents are on both sides.
And by way,
you follow these currents,
And what you get to see is at the end of a stream of logic,
Logic can find satisfaction.
The deeper you go in the center,
the more sophisticated the pattern,
the deeper the satisfaction,
So the deeper the security.
And it's common.
You can not just accept your criticism,
You need to share it.
You just can not accept your fantasy,
you need to share it.
The mind of this non-self drives the tribe crazy,
Because the collective not only controls the way it is,
The basic structure of being in this plane works,
But he controls consciousness.
This is the majority of mental level sessions.

Major Circuit Group.
Understanding (Logic).
Logic / Understanding Circuit.

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