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59/6 הזדווגות (Mating)

59/6 / Mating
A design focused on reproduction.


Mating channel (reproduction):
59/6 connects the sacral center through 59,
the reproductive gate,
to 6 the conflict gate in the emotional center.
This canal represents reproduction,
which is the underlying genetic driving impulse in humans.
Since it is also part of the tribal circle,
there is a support component here.
This channel can cause a child to become pregnant,
so support is of course an important thing.
A person with this channel gives and receives support by being intimate.
The image of a mother and father embracing each other,
and staring at her pregnant belly is the energy of this channel:
Two people give each other support through intimacy.
Intimate life usually involves conflict (6),
And we know how emotional it can be.
59 respond to the emotional storm of conflict and seek to dispel itt,
hus restoring the connection between people.
The process functions in a variety of ways and is no longer limited to reproduction.
We can see this in work trying to recreate,
the connection between cultures and religions in the world today.
The ability that humans have proven over the thousands of years to survive stems from,
To a large extent,
from the energy of the protection circuit.
If you look at the mandala below you will see,
that gate 59 is exactly opposite gate 55.
The 55 undergoes a mutation that will affect,
the way humanity is emotionally aware.
The same mutation is reflected in the 59th gate.
The way we are intimate and multiply,
also undergoes a mutation.
The increase in fertility and in vitro,
infants is part of this process.

59/6 הזדווגות (Mating) - https://humandesign.academy55/59

In other words,
they will not be,
more intangible,
they will begin to receive.
True Cognitive Value The first thing,
they can do is they can discern through this feeling,
through the aura,
through the touch,
They will be able to discern if it is possible,
through another way to be able to produce a mutation.
As we get closer and closer to 2027,
There is more and more pressure in the building on 59,
to find the very right partner.
It Takes Two to Tango.
We have something at the most advanced levels of knowledge,
This is called variables, and variables actually indicate our relationship,
in a sense, the past and the future.
The most extreme of the variables of the future,
which is built on the so-called quadruple split,
All of this is what it takes to bring a sage child into the world,
and bring them into the post-2727 world.
Everything has its signs so what happens in 59 is that,
59 starts looking for a full partner.
It is not just looking for an acceptable partner.
He's looking for something else.
It's getting more and more disgusting.
We're already seeing it.
We give it another name, it's so funny the way the social context of life.
Interpreted by homogeneous experts.
Look at all the advanced countries and what is the first thing,
you notice in all the advanced countries,
Is that once they get advanced they have fewer and fewer children.
And everyone claims it's because of selfishness.
this and that and the second thing well,
that's a change that has taken place.
At the 59th Gate.
It's changed,
it's happening and there's a different kind of job selection process,
a very different kind.
Fertility rates are going astronomically.
For the past 25 years.
Most of the blame for this is environmental that is,
they blame the chemistry that has become a part of our lives,
that we take every day from all sorts of different fields.
This is a nice way to explain it to people.
To make them feel like it makes sense,
because if you do not really know how something works,
You bring up something, that's what homogenization,
does all the time with its ideas and facts.
This does not necessarily mean that the facts are true or that,
the ideas are interesting,
but that is what they do.
We have a transition that took place here.
In this life force and it changes what,
the future will see in terms of life force,
because it is the factor that brings about the emergence of a new strain.
It must come from here.
It all can start here this is the mutation,
but again,
the perfect look,
this direct path to transformation in the way,
the fertility process is going to work.
It's still going to be the same seductive yet beautiful theme,
but they're looking to seduce something very,
Very special because they are looking,
they do not know,
by the way,
what they are looking for is,
(personification — attributing human qualities to a non-human).
They just will not be fertile.
In some situations it again goes back,
to one of the benefits of correctness,
Because if you act properly in this life,
You do not worry yourself with all these things,
life is revealed as it should be.
An important point to say to people with this channel:
they have the ability to be intimate with anyone because,
they can break down barriers very quickly and the result,
of that intimacy can be something very creative.
Most often it is not related to children or sex.
It can be a business venture,
social interaction or artistic result.

Major Circuit Group.
Defense Circuit.

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