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61/24 מודעות (Awareness) - https://humandesign.academy61/24מודעות(Awareness)

61/24 / Awareness.
The Design of the thinker.

Awareness channel:
61/24, connects the center of the head through the 61,
the gate of inner truth and mystery,
To the 24, the return gate in the center of Agena.
People with this channel tend to think that sooner or later,
If they think of something enough, they will find the truth.
They may find some truth,
But they may just as easily find only what satisfies them.
Or they may go crazy and return again and again to the same unsolved mystery (24 - Return Gate).
And even if they do solve the mystery they may not be able to share it with others.
It is nevertheless part of the individual circle,
So any truth that is found does not have to make sense or satisfy the collective.
It is interesting to note that only 30% of humanity has defined the center of the head as agena.
Clearly this means that 70% of humanity has an open-minded center.
The non-self-centered strategy of the open mind is to think of things that do not matter.
So the people for whom this channel is defined can empower others,
That they do not have the channel to think about things,
that do not matter and that they can never know!
If someone with an undefined head center happens to be sitting next to someone,
who has the 61/24 he can find himself in a deep conversation about the unknowable.
Once the amplifying energy of the defined head enters another,
It causes their minds to start racing.
When the set head gets up and leaves,
He leaves behind a man whose head keeps thinking about these things.
And since one of the components of the individual circle is mood,
The person left behind may eventually feel euphoric or overly depressed,
For no reason.
And the positive side is also true: these people bring the unknown into the world,
And sometimes even make it a news item.
It can be very empowering.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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