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63/4 / Logic.

A design of mental ease mixed with doubt.

Logic channel:

63/4, connects the center of the head through 63, the power gate,
To the 4th, the wording gate in Ajna.

People with this channel tend to be quite mentally busy.

“Did it rain next week?

Well, based on patterns typical of this time of year,

Current barometric pressure and cloud cover have a strong possibility "

You see, what the channel is doing is asking a question,

Look for familiar patterns, consider current data and predict the future.

And of course if someone else is around it can not help but share the question and answer - does that other person care if it rains.

The thing about logic is that it can be flawlessly perfect and still be wrong!

This is, by the way, a pretty pleasant magnetic connection between people.

Anyone who has Gate 63 wants to share his doubts,

And anyone who has Gate 4 enjoys sharing their solutions.

It works best when they both understand that sharing is what provides the satisfaction.

63 can not expect the 4 solutions to be necessarily useful,

And the 4 can not expect only 'good' questions out of 63.

In my experience when you look at these,
You would think that the doubt of logic has created more uncertainty, but it does not.
He is here in their experience.
This power leaves us on our toes.
It is yes it drives within us deep and profound creative processes.It is in this sense.
The mother of all ideas I am a big fan of the image of the graphic body.
I think it's one of its beauty that the symmetry here is extraordinary, these two collective processes.
And obviously in logic we are dealing with something very different, we are not looking at the experiential.
We look at the experiment and of course, what it means immediately is that the logic, in its experiments, is very, very limited in what it works as a force.
In other words, it is power. Imprisoned within things.
It's not as experiential it's not all the jumble of neural shooting,
Because basically, it is the truly mental activity, infinite, infinite, infinite, the infinite activity that covers everything and everything.
The logic is different, it's different in that it's simple. Sharpen things up.
This is his job when looking at the basic pressure in the logical system,
This narrowing perspective, this is the logical mind.
This power is very, very narrow.
And very, very concentrated now yes, there is ease in that, because the focus is limited to experimenting with the template, no more.
The only dilemma that arises is when something goes wrong in the experiment, with the pattern.
And once something is wrong with the experiment.
In the template, there is a release of fear when we talk about the center of Ajna.
We talk about it in terms of fear.
This is a major anxiety we have already seen, or it can be interpreted from the intense mental activity,
The result of this in someone who is not ready, who is not self, who is not acting properly, that the intensity of the thing can lead to almost all kinds of fears, because again, distrust, uncertainty.
But it is very different from the deep and gut-wrenching fear that arises in the life force when in doubt.
We are ruled by logic.
This form that we are, the form of life.
On this planet, logically rooted we are all built on the cellular infrastructure which is the 15/5 channel which is the first and leading life force in the vehicle.It makes sense.
We operate out of patterns, once the template does not work.
It's very scary it's much more disturbing for someone to logically find a provider,
Than someone abstract there is confusion;
In other words, all the multiplicity of activity, because the supplier is life-threatening, because it is related to the future.
These collective forces are about the past and the future.
The experienced is rooted in the past I experienced and then processes and reprocesses it.
But for logic it always is: Will tomorrow be okay? Are the trains going to run on time?
Everything will be there, as soon as there is doubt.
Wow, there is a fear that it affects everyone. Of us in our heart.
We in the trap have this mental power that always drives us to make sure we process everything we have been through, take it all out, dig through the trash, find the roses, find the treasure, find all these things.
And on the other side of this process, the mirror of it, he looks ahead, checking the way, all the time, all the time on guard, all the time alert, all the time looking to see if anything is broken.
This is the sequence of initiating logic.
If you were to follow the scientific process from its inception to its completion, the 63/4 is the inspiration for creating a hypothesis.
The logic channel starts at the top of the question. "Could that be true?"
Followed by a need for proof that is demonstrated in all other circles and ultimately shared.
It is a highly visual channel and is also associated with dreams and sometimes insanity.
The pressure to prove and the suspicion that follows,
Can be challenging if the center of the head is not defined.

Major Circuit Group.
Understanding (logic).
Logic / Understanding Circuit.

63/4 לוגיקה (Logic)
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