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8/1 השראה (Inspiration)

8/1 / Inspiration.
The Creative Role Model.

Inspiration Channel:
8/1,connects the center of the throat via 8 the Gate of Holding Together,
To the 1st,
the creative gate in the center G.
This is the channel of the creative role model.
Here we see the expression of the self to,
demonstrate its unique creativity.
This channel is one of the "leadership" channels projected.
(Like 7 / 31,13 / 33 and 20/10).
It offers leadership from a place of personal,
creative authority,
and as a projected channel,
requires recognition and invitation to be able to act properly.
This channel provides the only voice of Creative,
Therefore he must hear himself and listen to himself speak.
This creative role model is empowering,
(or liberating) others and this is his great creativity.
In order for him to do so, he must wait for recognition.
For many inspiring entertainers this Channel 8/1 is set.
The 8/1 entertainer has this wonderful ability,
to fill us with a sense of empowerment,
that we too can learn to play an instrument,
or sing or dance or play, or just live.
The entertainer is also a great example of waiting for recognition.
Gate 1, the creative,
is the most "Yangi" and motive force in the design of I'Ching,
So when he approached him through the 8th,
To be expressed,
it has the potential to change the lives of everyone who hears it.
The challenge for anyone who has this channel is to be clear of their type,
and authority whether it is their time or to turn to speak and express.​
So what we are dealing with here with the 8/1 is a role of unique expression.
A unique expression that does its best, can bring attention and change the
Perspective on the nature of the world.
This is the eighth gate and his voice says,
"I know I can  Donate, I know I can donate
Donation, I know there is such a way.
And of course, the eighth gate is going to stand,
And it tells you: Follow me.
Now the 8/1,
since it is a creativity that is projected itself,
remember that it must be recognized.
And here you have something extraordinary,
because here you have the only creative voice of the individual.
Now it's interesting to note that.
It's the only creative voice of man,
And man's only creative voice says:
"I know I can contribute or not".
In order for a person to be truly creative,
he must empower the other.
Their natural contribution is the empowerment of the other.
The 8/1 is rooted in the most creative way,
The only hexagram called Creativity,
in this sense,
is the first hexagram.
When you look at the fact that individual creativity is rooted in identity,
that's the first thing.
The second thing to see is the tenth gate on 10/57 is about love,
And the 25th gate is about love. And the two loves,
on this level,
are universal love and self-love,
And the first gate is the main gate of direction.
That is, a primary gateway of what we call a mutation or evolution.
Remember that the direction in which,
we move mutatively is conditioned by the second gate,
It's the opposite of the first gate of the zodiac,
and it's the opposite of gate 1 in the design.
And the second gate is the actual direction,the driver.
But 7, 1 and 13 are just points of view.
That is,
the point of view of the 7 is where the drive will lead in the future,
And the 13th point of view is where we came from in the past.
But the first just drives there.
And it travels in that direction following the lead of the second gate.
It is there to bring about the existential mutation,
the existential contribution.
It has a voice and that means,
the main creative role of the 8/1 is acoustic and verbal.

Major Circuit Group.
Individual Circuit Group.
Individual Knowing Circuit.

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