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Nine Centers - NINE CENTERS

In human design,
"centers" are what we call the geometric shapes that are within the BodyGraph.
Centers are centers,
or hubs, that receive and change the energy, or life force,
That revolves around the BodyGraph.
For each of the nine centers on the map.
Has its own distinct biological correlation,
That is,
the splenic center is connected to the lymphatic system,
and the root center to the adrenal gland.

The nine centers:
Each center has a specific function and there are signs how they function properly,
And influence behavior when they act incorrectly.
Defined centers can be set up  (Colored inside) or open (white).
The way centers are defined and connected to each other determines your type,
authority and more.
An open center in your BodyGraph is one of the main receptors of conditioning,
or external influences taken to your physical being.
This receptor affects the decision-making process of your mind and creates what the human design system
The Not-Self leads you to make decisions based on strategies derived from conditioning,
And not about your true self.

Open centers:
An open center (white) means that the energy enters from the outside.
This energy is increased and is not consistent or reliable. it's not you.
This condition is a fact of life that you can not avoid and will not want.
Ignorance is the only evil here.
If you are not aware of how you are deeply conditioned by your open centers,
It can overwhelm you and thaw your ability to experience your true potential.
However, when you act properly,
and your mind no longer makes decisions in life,
Open centers can be an amazing source of wisdom developed over time.
Understanding your conditioning and how it affects the psychic being,
Your emotional, and physical is the first step to managing a smart life.

Defined centers:
A defined (colored) center means that the energy in this center is consistent;
Always available to you.
You can learn to rely on the constant energy of the defined center.

תשע מרכזים  (The Nine Centers) - - 9 centers

Questions for Your Undefined Centers:

Open Center:
Are you still trying to answer everyone's questions?

Open Ajna Center:
Are you still trying to convince everyone that you are safe?

Throat Center:
Are you still trying to get attention?

Open G Center:
Are you still looking for love - are you still looking for direction?

(I.e. or the 'right' person, the 'right' place?)

Open Ego Center:
Do you still have something to prove? (I.e. are you smart enough, successful, sexy, etc.).

Solar Plexus Center:
Do you still avoid confrontation and truth?

Open Sacral Center:
Do you know when that's enough?

The Splenic Center:
Are you still clinging to what is not good for you?

(I.e. relationships, jobs, places).

Root Center:
Are you still in a hurry to be free (from stress)?

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