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Ajna Center

מרכז האג'נה (Ajna Center) -

Defined: 51%.

Undefined: 49%.

Biological correlation: anterior / posterior pituitary glands.

Type of Center: Ads.

Function: Classify, analyze and explore life.

Defined Center:
Has a fixed way of thinking, enjoys research.

Open Center:
There is no consistent way of thinking,
always feeling insecure in thought and compensating by over-permanence,
taking information like a sponge.

Not a self-strategy  Not Self Strategy of open head:
An attempt to convince others and themselves that you are intellectually confident and consistent.

Pituitary Gland:
The pituitary gland is located in a small bony space at the base of the brain.
Stem connects the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus,
Which controls the release of pituitary hormones.
The pituitary gland has two lobes: the anterior and posterior lobes.
The pituitary gland is widely referred to as the "master gland",
Because its hormonal secretions include other target organs and other endocrine glands
(Like the pineal gland, for example).
The pituitary gland is the point of convergence - and coordination,
of the two major integrative mechanisms of the body,
the nervous system and the endocrine system.
Agna Center - Who's the Boss?
We already know that all centers are biologically directly related to the nervous and endocrine systems.
And just as the pituitary gland is a "master gland" in relation to these systems,
The agena also plays a major role in the other centers,
And it serves as a central center.
However, the fact that your brain is deeply biochemically connected to your hair,
Gives a false sense of power to the brain.
The importance given to consciousness in our society is very clear,
But this lesser awareness can create.
Do not let this talk about the pituitary gland being the gland responsible (authority)
to mislead you into thinking that the Agena Center is your center of authority.
It plays a huge role in the recording done,
does not mean that everything is strong and he is the boss.
It's watching, Super Castle.
It does not drive a car.
And because of its integral connection to all other centers,
It can cause all kinds of problems when not used properly.
This is the central center of non-self-strategy.
In many ways Agna Center can easily be the enemy.
The connection of the pituitary gland,
The rest of the body is the reason,
That the mind can express the characteristics of the other centers.
It can look emotional, spleen,
ego or expression to our identity.
We experience our body and our body’s interaction with the rest of the world primarily through the “eye of the mind”.
But that does not mean that Agna Center is the boss.
Our boss is always our inner strategy and authority,
unique to your design.

מרכז האג'נה (Ajna Center) - - Pituitary Gland

Who is driving your car?
A scientific fact is that whatever you think,
Say, and take initiative, long before the cerebral cortex neo,
and self-reflected consciousness are related to it.
All awareness of our thoughts occurs,
In the deep gray areas of the brain,
Milliseconds before we are even aware of the thought,
Not to mention we decided to follow it.
Agena awareness (what we call brain) is not a creative event;
It's reactive.
Awareness comes after a long chain of biochemical processes,
Occurring before being consciously aware of something.
The pituitary through the cerebral cortex gives you updates on what is happening in your physical life.
But it does not create or guide this life.
For example, your body may test fluids to see how much water you have inside you.
After the test he sees that he is low and decides to go get water.
As a courtesy to you it allows you to know almost immediately after he decides.
But it was very clear: when you say to yourself
"I'm about to get up and take a glass of water" you are laughing.
You did not decide anything.
Informed you.
The decision was made before you even knew you were thirsty!
So humans are not creative;
We responded.
It's not that we can not create wonderful things,
But the work is actually a reaction to something.
Whether we are directly creative,
And whether we are creative in response to something may seem like an irrelevant point,
But it is important to show that the brain does not run the show.
Understanding the proper role of the agena is the key to awakening.
The pituitary gland gives us the illusion of being in control,
Because they give us an intense awareness of our physical body and that is the interaction with the world.
Agena works so fast in conveying information that we think she is the one making the actual decision.
But being able to socialize with what is happening does not mean that you are in control of what is happening.
We have only the illusion of being responsible.
Imagine you are driving a car on a racetrack.
You enjoy taking the turns.
The engine spins under you.
You can see the rounds,
And the car seems to turn when you move the steering wheel.
You are in control.
Now what if they told you the steering wheel was off,
And the car really drives a remote control?
You just thought you were in control.
It sounded and felt like you were driving a car but it just felt that way.
Just because you can see what's going on from the driver's seat does not mean you're the driver.
This is what the brain does.
This allows you to look through the driver's eyes.
But it was very clear.
Let your strategy guide you and respect your authority.
They drive your car.
And they are not your opinion.

Ajna Center:
The defined agena center is a fixed brain and is particularly narrow.
It has very limited potential.
Its role is to express the same specific way of processing information.
People with an open agena center are always under pressure to be identical to the regular agena.
But they were not meant that way.
So they end up just pretending to be mentally safe.
And often it's just because they live,
Or maybe just sitting next to, a person with a defined agenda.
They are not even aware of what is happening but their minds are conditioned,
And they feel twice as safe as the agena defined next to them.
Temporarily, of course.
They themselves will understand that their certainty is an illusion,
Once they are out of the influence of the defined agena,
And at this point everything will fall apart for them.
And it gets to the point where it just happens all the time,
Regardless of whether their brain is in the aura of a defined brain.
This creates deep insecurity within the undefined agena.
It is the defined mind that determines the parameters for the vanity of our process whether it makes sense,
Abstract or individual.
The luster of your brain will not save you.
It will only make you very confident.
It does not matter if the mind is open (pretending to be fixed) or defined (really fixed),
It is still an illusion of control.
Strategy and authority are the only way to live a healthy life,
Regardless of what certainty the soul has in it.
The result is not easy.
You can turn left by following your strategy,
And your brain can give you a million reasons why it's best to turn right.
And they all might make sense.
But your mind is a driver in the back seat.
It's here to tell you the million reasons.
Let it.
But follow your strategy.
The more you do it,
Be okay with the endless stream of information your brain gives you,
All the while not letting it upset you or controlling which direction you take in life.
So now you see?
There is a great transition that has taken place in humans that is very different from other creatures,
Including other mammals.
This mutation was the development of the human cortex,
And its capacity for self-reflecting consciousness.
But more than that,
The mutation that occurred in the throat,
Will allow humans to communicate at a very sophisticated level,
The more sophisticated the sounds,
The more memory is needed,
the more concept occurs.
Just like on your computer (we are not computers,
but we are computers).
We have already mastered the need for the spleen,
the animal, for the survival of form.
Humans do pretty well in spreading our form, as our population explosion shows.
We are now in the second stage of building the visual Maya.
Our sense of agena lies in the eyes.
The brain is visual - hence the trap.
The pineal gland and pituitary gland work very closely with light,
And in terms of the centers,
the brain is here to establish the visual Maya,
Which cannot exist in the dark.
Until we clear the visual Maya there is no way to reach the third stage,
Which is the consciousness of the emotional spirit,
Rooted in the solar plexus.
But that's already for another story.
The way we perceive the world,
And give the world its name and attributes is through the eyes.
We have a spectrum that is visually available to us - but it is very limited.
We do not see radio waves;
We do not see electromagnetic waves.
We do not see most of the information about the existing wavelength in the universe.
Our ability to see is physically limited,
Which means the concept of the Maya is limited.
Because of this,
the brain alone has no way of being able to guide us in our physical life.
It's too limited,
and it's of course another way of saying,
Follow your strategy and authority,
That you are never the mind.
There is nothing more joyful,
more painful,
Useless and stronger than the mind.
Now put the head and the agena together,
And tracking your strategy will not make that change.
But it will allow you to enjoy the brain in what is good:
Process information,
Tell the story when he sees the landscape passing,
Be a good traveler,
just like you.
Agenda Center is how you think.
A defined Ajna center has a fixed and reliable way in which it processes information.
It can feel and feel confident in its opinions, perceptions and theories.
It has a consistent way of conceptualizing,
And she sees information through the same patterns.
The undefined agena is under pressure to try to hold a mental opinion.
Without a fixed way of thinking,
These people usually end up with anxiety about inconsistency,
And are overly rewarding in trying to make everyone believe they are safe and smart.
The wisdom here is to see that there is no need to have a constant mental opinion about anything.
The open agenda question is:
"Am I trying to convince everyone / myself that I am safe?"

מרכז האג'נה (Ajna Center) - - FIDEL CASTRO
מרכז האג'נה (Ajna Center) - - Ajna Center Design Crystal sits
מרכז האג'נה (Ajna Center) - - ALBER EINSTEIN

To Fidel Castro,

Famous for his long speeches in the marathon,

Throat and agena are very defined.

He is meant to be very fixed in his intellectual expression.

Albert Einstein,

There is an undefined agenda.

It is designed to be flexible in the way it processes information.

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