Books: Human Design

Rave Bodygraph Circuitry by Ra Uru Hu - February 6, 2012
Is an in-depth journey in circles and channels. It illustrates the connections between groups of circuits, circuits and channels. The book also describes each channel and how the gates are related to it, and links the way the channels work to the basic functionality of the types.
Unlike the book of circles, which explains each gate and channel as an isolated element, this book describes how gates, channels, circles, groups of circles, and types are related to each other.

The Complete Rave I'Ching Paperback  by Ra Uru Hu - June 30, 2011

This is the most complete reference book on Rave I'Ching.

It describes each gate and each line. It includes: title and hexagram name, channel name, harmonic gate, the circle the gate is apart of, astrological position and sign, hexagram image, line names and descriptions, life rate for each row (illustrated in blue), scrolling crosses (right, side and left link for each gate) and so '...

Generator Book Paperback - October 28, 2011 by Ra Uru Hu
This book has extensive information on generators and emotional generators (including expressed generators).
It covers the gates and canals of the Scarlet Center,
And investigates how they affect the ways in which different generators operate.
This is our most comprehensive source of information on Scarlett types,
And can be a helpful basis for understanding any design that has a defined Scarlett center.