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Human Design Books

Rave Body Circles by Ra Oru Ho. - February 6

is an in-depth journey through circles and channels.
It illustrates the connections between circuit groups, circuits and channels.
The book also describes each channel and how the gates are related to it,
and ties the way the channels work to the basic functionality of the types.
Unlike the Book of Circuits, which explains each gate and channel as an isolated element,
This book describes how gates,
Channels, circuits, circuit groups and types are related to each other.

The Complete Rave I'Ching Paperback by Ra Uru Hu - June 30, 2011.
This is our most complete reference book.
It describes each gate and each line.
It includes:
Gate & Hexagram Name,
Channel Name,
Harmonic Gate,
Circuit the gate is apart of,
Astrological position and sign,
Hexagram image,
Line names and descriptions,
a life lesson for each of the lines
(illustrated in blue),
The Incarnation Crosses
(Right, Juxtaposition & Left for each gate),etc...

Generator Book Paperback - October 28, 2011 by Ra Uru Hu
This book has extensive information,
on Generators and Emotional Generators
(including Manifesting Generators).
It covers the Gates and Channels of the Sacral center,
and investigates how they affect the ways in which,
different Generators operate.
It is our most comprehensive source of information on the Sacral Types,
and can be a helpful foundation for understanding any design,
that has a Defined Sacral Center.

This book covers each of the Gates that specifically relate to love.
"Is love a chemistry and therefore an illusion?"
Many of us have been conditioned by an idea of love,
that is not truly healthy to live out.
Through understanding our Design,
we can begin to cultivate relationship to love in a connected way.
The book explores
"the way human beings relate [intimately] in connection,
to each other in the matrix of design."

The Global Incarnation Index Incarnation Crosses Paperback - December 1, 2011

by Ra Uru Hu.
This book contains half to full pages descriptions of each of the 192 Incarnation Crosses.
It is organized by Gate,
with descriptions for Right angle,
Juxtaposition, and Left angle Incarnation Crosses.
The Global Incarnation Index is divided into four sections — one for each realm:
Alcyone, Duhbe, Jupiter, and Sirius. It is an edited transcript of a lecture given Ra Uru Hu,
and thus, the language embodies his distinctive manner of speaking.
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