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This chart has a 3/5 Profile.
Personality is always listed before Design.

What is a Cartography?
The profile consists of rows of your sun gates for personality and design.

In general this is your goal in life.

Profile is also one of the four views in basic reading,
definition, type, authority, profile.
Human design shows the duality of life.

This can be seen in every aspect of human design.

And most importantly, in this case,
is to understand that there are two ways we can look at a person.
One way is through type:
manifesters, generators, projectors and manifestors.

Type is the natural byproduct of the design itself,
because it is directly related to what channels and centers a person has in their chart.

This information gives us how our vehicles work.

Once you live your type, your vehicle will operate properly.

Familiarity with a type gives you,
the opportunity to experiment mechanically with your nature.
But because human design is a representation of our binary universe,

There is a second aspect that is very important to look at in a person.

For some it is not enough to just be comfortable with their vehicle,

They want to know where the vehicle is going.

You can see where your vehicle is going by understanding a profile.

This is very different from the type we see in the body graph.
When we talk about a profile, it's just a pure database,

Consisting of the location of the personality sun and earth,
and the design sun and earth and especially their lines.

We are not looking at a large custom configuration built into your body graph,

But on two pieces of data. Sun and earth are always opposite each other,

That's why your personality sun is in exactly the same line as,

Earth your personality in the opposite hexagram of the wheel.

The same is true of the sun and the design land.

These two lines make up your profile.
Everything in the design lies in the physics of a subatomic particle called a neutrino.

And we are penetrated every second by trillions of neutrinos.

Through Neutrino we are really programmed.

The sun represents 70% of the neutrinos we get,

And in its relationship with the earth this information gets its grounding and shape.

In your chart, the two suns and the 2 earths represent 70% of your programming.

These lines give you a specific profile that deeply reveals your being.


88 Degrees:
The diagram above is a 3/5 profile.

They have 46.3 in their personality and 15.5 in their design.

Below is a view of the same chart in the mandala.

All the gates that the active chart has are also activated in the mandala.
You will notice in the mandala image that,
the two joining red lines depict the angle between 46.3 and 15.5.
These two hexagrams are 88% separate in the mandala.

If there were 90% between personality and sun design,
he would be locked in this profile and there would be no movement.

In the chart of the mandala you see how 46.3 and 15.5 are 88 degrees apart.
Not 90 degrees.

When the sun and the earth move around the wheel,

There is a point where the Sun / Earth personality is two thirds on the way to the third line.

Both the sun and the earth are at the same degrees,
because they are exactly opposite to each other at the wheel.
The sun / earth design hall is right at the end of that,
fifth row and they are ready to enter the sixth line.

Now something really magical is happening:
at a temperature of 87 degrees the personality remains in the third row,
because there are still ways to pass before moving to the fourth line,

But on the solar / earth design side, they move lines from 5 to 6.

And the chart goes from profile 3/5 to profile 3/6.
This is the continuous movement through the whole structure.

Because of 88 ° you have no static position and the profiles always change.

There are 12 of these and they give us the basis for our purpose in life.
If you had a 90 degree angle,

The profile lines will always be the same since each position,
minus 90 degrees gives you the exact same line.

It will be at a different gate, but the line will be the same,
which is all that matters when looking at a profile.

So if the design and personality positions were 90 degrees,
instead of 88 degrees the profiles were 1/1 2/2 3/3 and so on.

Cartography - -  88%

Twelve Genetic Themes:
The 12 profiles are the 12 general themes of what it is to be embodied.
The funny thing is that the goal is something you can enjoy,
But that does not mean you have to do anything to get there.
The only way you are going to live your purpose is to live your design, your type.
Otherwise you will never get access to it.
Your profile also shows you the limit of what it is you are.
When you put together your profile and type,
you will begin to see that you are not responsible!
It's just rolling, and as long as you respect your climb,
All of these things are revealed to you.
It's like this knowledge itself:
yes, it's wonderful to be able to understand how all of these things work.
And you go deeper.
But the only important thing is to live the foundation of your kind,
Then everything else comes naturally to you.

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