Channels - Channels

"One of the most interesting things for me, personally,

Looking at the career in teaching human design,

Perhaps the field that had the most weak or researched grounding or expression or learning were channels.

All the ways in which the channels were treated is through the interpretation of the gate values.
How these values of gates can be brought together.
But actually, that's not really what this channel is.

The thing that's so interesting,

The channel is that it's so much more than the sum of its parts,
Because the sum of its parts is very, very specific.

Still, the channel itself is much wider in power.

And what does the channel represent, when do you think about?

There is nowhere to go in human design, where to go without it, or in its absence.
Except in the case of the reflector.

The reality is that when we look at someone's design,

It is the channel itself that establishes all or its absence.

It determines the very way an entity can act properly.

It's from the definition that we're going to find the type,

And we will find inner authority. "

Ra Uru Hu.

A channel consists of two gates and connects two centers.

When two gates at both ends of the channel are activated it creates what we call a setting,

Described by the colored channels,

That are in your design.

In principle, this can be seen as communication between the centers.

Each channel delimits a specific topic,

Or an essential aspect of experiencing life as a human being,

As part of the larger collective.

If you have a defined channel,

It characterizes a specific theme, function or "gift",

That they are consistent and reliable and part of your mutation.

There is so much information available that when you look at design,

The simple things in human design are often left behind,

And at great risk because despite its depth, it is in fact simple knowledge;

Its great secrets are very clear and superficial.

Human design is not esoteric, but a logical system.

And since it is a logical system rooted in a specific set of patterns and rules,

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to reach its essential truths.

These basic superficial and essential truths are the framework on which you can build your process. Teaching at every basic level for beginners, my interest is about the individual.

See each entity uniquely, and be able to see it back to simple.

It's very healthy to go back to simple because here we have the basis for why we are,

What does it mean to discover our nature, and nothing deeper than the canal itself.

“When I got the knowledge I didn’t specifically get the human design.

I got The Design of Forms,

That human design was one of the forms of them. And it started inanimate.

When you look at the inanimate in terms of design, in terms of how it is illustrated,

Center G is the only center, and the only potential activation is gate 25.

In other words, the inanimate is simply the potential of a simple gate; No more, no less.

But the moment you take the next step in the principle of form is the moment you move from potential gate activation to channel potential.

This is what you get when you look at the design of the single cell.

You see that this transition from inanimate to inanimate, this extraordinary movement in terms of design is so beautiful and exemplified so clearly: it's the channel.

In the language of design you would call it the life force.

The channels themselves lay the foundation for what we are here to perfect.

The moment you correctly express your nature is the moment that perfection is what it is.

It's the same word as saying unique, because there is no comparison.

But there is something else: when you live your true nature, you use your life force.

It has to do with your health, your vitality, your spirit and your sharpness of mind.

Because this is where your power is, where your essence is.

Here are your gifts and there you are different from everyone else.

In the basics of human design it is a very simple thing.

What we were able to learn from the mechanics that was revealed,

Is an understanding of how we can navigate this plane in a way that we can live our true potential,

The potential of form. It is form that empowers this life force.

When you act right,

What you are doing is enriching the potential of this holistic being because you are bringing the essence of yourself.

It's there on the channel. "

Ra Uru Hu.