Circuit Groups:
Collective, And

The first basic binary in human design is the duality that exists between your personality node,

For your design, in the context of the whole.
The second step in this process is to see the individual roads and tunnels,

Which are actually mapping segments or specific circuits.

It is similar to being in a big city where there are different highway systems in the circles of the same city.

When you begin to identify and identify what a circle is then everything that is part of that circle becomes accessible to you.
There are three main circular groups: tribal, individual and collective.

They each have two circles.

Each group of circuits has a central key.

The super key has tremendous value because it opens an opening,

To understand each channel and each gate in the same group of circles and establishes a basis for your understanding.
In the following illustrations you will see three sets of circuits as well as the stand-alone integration channels.

Major Circuit Group.

Before we jump into the various circles,

Be sure to remember that it is critical that we never lose sight of the overall picture of the person’s chart. The key is to take the different sets of circles defined in the body diagram and see the general story being told.
The danger is just looking at each channel individually.

For example, a person may have a tribal channel, but if that person is also defined by collective channels, the collective will significantly color his tribal qualities.
Take for example the 40th gate. The 40th gate emerges from the center of the ego and leads down to emotions.

This is one of the seven gates of love and this is the love of work.

Now that you understand the circle you have opened a door to understand that this may be the love of work - whether the work is supported and whether the work is supportive.
No one with 40 gates can think of working for themselves - they always work somehow for the other.

Gate 40 always works for the tribe or works for the family.

Everything about the tribe is essential.

If a person has Gate 40, any individual definitions or collection in his chart can feel very uncomfortable with his tribal “stickiness”.
Keep in mind that it is rare for a person to contain only one type of circle in his chart.

Most people have combinations. Also remember the personality and design.

Anyone who has an unconscious 40 gate is going to perceive themselves very differently from someone with the conscious 40 gate.

Genetic continuity:
Human design uses the term 'genetic continuity'.

This is a very important concept that means that many elements in human design have something in common.

For example, when you go through the entire wheel for each gate, you will find that each of the first 64 rows in each gate has something in common.
If you understand that every first line is basically a baseline, then you will understand all the first lines.

Despite the nuances that the difference in each front row are each related to the base.

Therefore, no matter how many channels or gates there are,

The basis of understanding all of this has the same central basis for every first line in the chart.

This is genetic continuity.
Therefore, once you identify where a session is,

You have the door opener to begin to understand what it is really about the gate and the channel  In this diagram.
The same goes for the circuits.

Once you see what the continuity is in each circle,

You can take the key from any particular channel,

And merge it with the general circuit key to understand the way the channel works.
For example 16-48 is the channel of talent and it is in the collective circles.

No matter what specific details and other details,

This channel is always about sharing talent. - 
Individual Circuit Group

Individual Circuit Group:

The personal circle group consists of the circle of knowledge,

And from the minor circle, known as the center circle. 

Center circle
(Centering Circuit)
Centering Circuit

The circle of knowledge
(Knowing Circuit)

Knowing Circuit
Collective Circuit Group

Collective Circuit Group:
The collective circle group consists of,

From the circles of logic and the abstract.

Logic Circuit



Logic Circuit
Abstract Circuit

Tribal Circuit Group:

The tribal circle consists of the ego circle and the  protection circle.

Ego circle
(Ego Circuit)
Ego Circuit

Protection circuit
(Defense Circuit)

Defense Circuit.

:Integration Channels

,The integration channels share gates with the group of individual circuits

.But they are not technically part of the group of personal circles

Integration Channels