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Collective Circuit Group

Key - Sharing

Keynote - Sharing

The collective circle group is not personal.
It is about determining the good in general and contrary,
to what is good for each specific person.
The saying "it's good for society" comes from this circle.
It can be awful for you personally,
but because it's in favor of "better" you complete it.
The collective consists of two elements:
Logic that tries to look ahead and the abstract,
that tries to encode the past.
"Sharing" is the only key activated,
on the collective circle as a whole.
As a country we all share the same rules,
the same money currency,
the same public services.
Without sharing it would fall apart.
Someone with sharing circles can behave this way even,
if you are not talking about civic foundations;
They applied it to their home life,
to their friends and lovers.
Every gate and channel in the collective has a social obligation,
to share everything they have.
They share with you their opinions,
their crisis,
their solutions,
their criticism,
their ideas, and so on.
If you have any collective channels,
ask yourself:
Do I know I am sharing?
Is it conscious?
Am I actually sharing or is it happening without my knowledge?
What do I share?
Take for example the 36th gate to the crisis.
If you have it and it is unconscious,
this sharing will come out whether you consciously share it or not.
Whenever you have a crisis you will find yourself,
sharing it with the store keeper,
the baker,
The guy in the elevator and you have no idea you're really doing it!
But this is the collective way,
let me share it all with you.
If you are awake then you can start to see,
what you are really sharing,
what the nuance is.
Although every single gate and channel is social,
do not confuse with the personality.
This is an indiscriminate sharing,
so in that sense it is very social,
But he is by no means personal.
So the next time someone on the street shares your opinion,
do not take it personally.
They just share with you what,
they think is good or bad in general.

קבוצת מעגלים שיתופיים (Collective Circuit Group) -

When the group of circles understands is engaged in template sharing,
The group of sensing circles is in sharing experience.
The first is logical, the second is abstract.
The group of cognitive (logical) circles concentrates,
around the instincts of the spleen,
And so it is concerned with finding patterns,
that continue our survival (important science).
The sensing circle, on the other hand,
is centered around the solar plexus,
Our emotional center,
so it is a continuation of our emotional growth through experience.
This group of circles is where you share your feelings.
This is where you share your experiences.
And it can be very messy.
What is common does not make sense,
So it does not have to make sense,
But it should be something that can be shared with another person
(think about anthropology or literature).
In this circle we collect and share the experience of life.
The circle of sensation is actually the force of evolution itself.
Without the abstract process we would not have,
evolved as human beings in the way we have.
This is our journey in all the possibilities of life,
And is therefore the most human of all circles.
The fact that it is so human also means that it is the most fragile process.
In this circle there is no real awareness that we can trust.
The solar plexus is never aware of the present.
Only after reflection and after a while can some level of clarity be reached.
But even then the brightness is not 100%.
So there is neither stability nor security here.
There is only the infinite progress of possibilities that can be explored.
Yet through this experiential way we discover the validity of our past.
It is the circle that gives birth to what we call history.
It's a great art to be able to thicken the past,
In a way that can be shared in the present and illuminate the future.
This is one of the most special things about being human.
It is not as if every child born should start,
from scratch when he enters the world.
We all enjoy every human history we have access to,
Which greatly accelerates our learning process.
Nowadays the collective human experience is moving faster and faster,
Because we have a much greater ability to store information.
We now have this ability to be able to store vast amounts of history,
And be able to pass it on.
All this is a result of the circuits of the sensing circuit.
It's very impersonal.
It's just about the collective experiential way.

מעגל מופשט  (חישה)  Abstract  (Sensing)



Logic Circuit (Understanding):
The collective deals with sharing,
And the logical collective deals with sharing a better pattern,
than the previous one.
This circle is about finding the perfect pattern and then about sharing.
For example, someone with the logical correction channel 18/58,
Might say,
you look better in the red dress.
I think you need to wear red more often."
If you think of the Alpha Channel,
For example,
you have a leader who guides others in their pattern.
Think of a goose head in the configuration of flying geese.
This goose head is designed to guide them in this pattern.
One of the things to see in the whole logical collective is,
that what is really common is the context,
The background,
the pattern itself.
The V-shape of goose formation is common.
And it's not personal.
It's collective.
So to be able to decide (Channel 18/58),
you need to establish the common pattern,
Otherwise it has nothing to do with judging him.
So in many ways this is closed logic.
It's like 'we have the same pattern but only I can lead' (31/7);
'We have the same pattern but only I can judge' (18/58);
"We have the same pattern only I have the talent" (16/48).
So yes it is a matter of sharing,
but it is not always consensual.
Think of the dictator who shares his leadership,
or the swing who shares his views.
Do not immediately think of the kind of cute and cuddly,
sharing as a child shares his toys.
But the same collective,
non-personal sharing can also benefit,
Like discovering the polio vaccine and sharing,
it with the masses.

מעגל לוגיקה  (הבנה)  Logic  (Understanding) -

Logic circuit


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