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Bedrock Definition:

Often people do not go back and examine the importance of definition.
It's like air or water.
We just take it for granted.
But without definition we would not exist.
It is the rock of consciousness that reflects itself.
This is the basis for reading in terms of the four views - definition, type, authority, profile.
Without a definition you cannot know a type or authority.
This is a definition that sets us apart from totality.
All defined lines, gates, channels and centers,
In your chart they are the ones that set you apart from the guy next door.
And do not forget that below the lines in your chart there is color.
Below this color tone,
And below the tone is a base.
The variation variations are enormous.
When you look at what is set you see what makes you stand out from the crowd.
It is permanent, consistent and will be forever by you.
Trust it, acknowledge it,
And hope you like it - not because it's good or bad because it will be both,
But that's what makes you special.
We are all pieces of crystal from a very large crystal that shattered a long time ago.
No one in the world has your crystal.
You are like a diamond that cannot be restored.
And the place you occupy in the world cannot occupy any other shaped diamond.
The setting is truly the place where we can find something consistent to love.
 46% הגדרה מפוצלת (Split Definition)  -

Split Definition 

שער (Gate)  קו (Line)  צבע (Color)  טון (Tone)  בסיס (Base) - - LINE
 41% הגדרה יחידה​ (Single Definition) - - Single Definition

Single Definition

>1% הגדרה מרובעת (Quadruple Definition) - - Quadruple Split

Quadruple Definition






 >2% אף אחד (None) - - NONE
11% הגדרה משולשת (Triple Definition) - - Triple Definition

Triple Definition



Split definition is the most common definition, 
With 46% of the population.
Then there is a single setting with 41%.
Triangular splits are a much smaller percentage of the population with 11%.
People without a definition (reflectors) move just below 2%.
Split squares are very rare, with less than 1% of the population.
הגדרות (Definitions) - - DEFINITION
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