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Ego Authority

סמכות אגו (Ego Authority) - - Ego Authority

The Will To Do Something:
Ego authority is very limited,
In a way that can occur because of the hierarchy of authorities.
In order for the ego to have authority,
The chart cannot have a defined solar plexus,
or a defined scarlet or a defined spleen.
This means that there are only 2 channels that can activate the ego as authority.
Channel 45/21 and Channel 51/25.
Ego authority is the will power, the will power.
The center of the ego is basically the "I" energy.
Not to be confused with the "self" of the G Center.
It is rooted in authority.
Holding things. And place.
Who's first?
who's the manager? to me.
Who's the owner of this house?

Two Channels:
There are two channels that create ego authority are 45/21 and 51/25.
This first channel is a channel that is manifested,
Therefore anyone who has ego authority - 45/21 will be a manifesto.
Of course this is provided that the scarlet,
spleen and solar plexus are not defined.
The second channel is a projected channel,
and as long as the G center is not connected to the throat.
(Which will make them an ego manifesto authority)
People with only 51/25 are ego authority projectors.

סמכות אגו (Ego Authority) - - TWO CHANNELS

Material People:
The dynamics of energy 45/21 are simple.

This focus of the ‘I’ is on the material plane and the control that comes with it.

This channel is called the Money Channel,

But it's not just about money.

These are all elements of keeping the community in a certain order.

This includes education, which includes those in any class-based organization.
In terms of authority,

This means that such a person must have the willpower to support his decision,

Bring his will energy into play.

There can be no waffle in the matter.

This person should be able to say by force,

With wholehearted conviction,

"It's for me. I'll do it."

This is, after all, a manifesting channel.

They must be fully convinced that they can control the doing,

Whatever it is.

Ego authority, if the person decides to obtain a doctorate.

For example, they must have the full power of their will over an extended period of time.

To do this, they must start with a strong sense of desire towards the goal.

There must be a clear goal and absolute conviction that they can reach the goal.

סמכות אגו (Ego Authority) - Gate 45 - -

51/25 Competitive people (competitive people).
The energetic dynamics of 51/25 are different.

This is the initiation channel - planning of having to be first.

Simpler is "I am first".

It can be in the competitive sense of having to win,

Catch the biggest fish,

Or "I got here before."

As an authority this occurs in two different ways.

סמכות אגו (Ego Authority) - - 51/25

If the G center is also connected to the throat through one of the four G-Throat channels,
So this is ego manifesting.
In that case you have more information to consider.
For example it could be 51/25 and 31/7,
Alpha Channel - Leadership for better or worse.
There are many species of animals whose role of "alpha" is well documented,
But let's take a moment to look at wolves.
In a pack of wolves there is only one alpha male and one alpha female.
Everything else is lower in the hierarchy.
Now every wolf cub that happens to grow up to be an alpha,
Either drops the current alpha or it leaves the band.
Alpha can not really be a follower for long.
It will go alone (dangerous act) and not do so.
So 51/25 with 31/7 is more about being the first as a leader.
Then it's integrated into the hierarchy.
As an authority that such a person draws their willpower to be the first,
Lead the way, regardless of whether someone is following him or not.
If this person is worried about whether someone will follow him or not,
So they do not come from authority.
Their willpower is not completely involved.
This form of willpower (through the G center) is a willpower,
that is expressed in self-identity.
31/7 = "I, I am the leader."
8/1 = "I, I can do it."
10/20 = "I, I myself".
13/33 = "I, I am the witness".
You can see that willpower needs to align with the self,
Identify to really act.
To fully realize the potential,
Of which channel connects the G center to the throat on ego manifesting,
Engage in a full sense that they can be number 1 in the effort.
Make a call to ego fan where ego is also relatively easy authority.
You tell them about notifying​​ To others,
Get approval etc then really it's just letting them know they can trust their ego.
They can compete or control without having to feel guilty.
Expression of 'Ego Games Game'
There is such a negative aspect that some people find,
themselves trapped in an internal dialogue with themselves about it.
The ego authority when it acts says "I,
I will give it 110 percent.
I will bring my game A."
This is what that person needs to know to make the right decision.

סמכות אגו (Ego Authority) - -  manifesting

The second mode is 51/25 without the G attached to the throat.
It is an ego projected authority and of course it means that the person is a projector.
In order to reap the full benefits of this authority,
They have to wait for an order at the place where they sell.
It's more challenging.
For projectors with motors, the idea of waiting for recognition or ordering is difficult.
The energy to do is there - it just needs a connection.
The more gates are activated waiting for a person,
or beyond to complete the relationship the harder it is to wait.
The energy of that ego is strong.
It is the stuff of kings,
heroes, legends and superstars.
This is game A, one hundred percent.
But for the projector the strategy is different.
The facilitator can just go on stage with their A-game and the result is a value for them.
This is the actor who even if they are not the stars they can steal the scene.
The projector should not be concerned about the active stealing of the scene,
But instead they can wait until the spotlight is turned on them.
This is their strategy.
When the spotlight shines on them they really shine - if they have the energy.
This is why it is important for them not to waste their energy,
When the spotlight does not shine on them.
If they are constantly wasting this energy,
In an attempt to get into the spotlight,
When they manage to reach her,
It is very likely that they will not have Game A anymore.

סמכות אגו (Ego Authority) - - PROJECTED
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