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Emotional Authority

סמכות רגשית (Emotional Authority) - - Emotional Authority

When we look at someone with a defined emotional center,
We know immediately that this is a person whose chemistry is in his body,
Constantly brings it back through a binary experience of emotions.
It is differently defined as a high and low experience,
Up and down, hope and pain.
If you are not emotionally defined,
it is simply impossible for you to understand what it really is.
If you are emotionally defined you may understand what it's like - but that's not necessarily the case.
Someone whose emotional definition is the result of a completely unconscious channel,
He may never be aware of his wave.
Whoever defines the solar plexus can not trust his feelings at the moment.
However, once they have gone through their whole emotional wave,
They must make decisions based on how it makes them feel.
As noted in the introduction,
authority is not a "separate dynamic."
It's not a small control center sitting on the observer's side,
And carefully analyzes the present with full awareness,
For everything that has happened in the past and is carefully considering all possible future outcomes,
Given the competing goals sometimes.
Each person is a complex fusion of different states of being,
Which are the result of internal and external sensory data,
And the connection that each person constantly builds between the inner and the outer.
As we have seen when looking at centers,
The solar plexus always acts in a wave and it works hope for pain in a variety of variations,
But the waveform differs depending on the defined circuits.

וריאציות הגלים (Wave Variations).    קולקטיבי (Collective): הגל המופשט, הקולקטיבי, הפועל בשערים 41, 30, 35 ו -36, הוא גל התרסקות; טיפוס למעלה, ואז מעבר לאורך הרמה, ובעקבותיו התרסקות מטה. הגל הזה כשזה נמצא בתקווה, שבמחזור הוא סוג של אמירה "אההההה נהדר!" אבל במחזור הכאב זה אומר "אה זה הכל?" זה בא לידי ביטוי בערוץ 35/36 של "כבר שם, עשית את זה".

Wave Variations.
The abstract, collective wave,
which operates at gates 41, 30, 35 and 36,
Is a wave of crashes; Climbing up,
Then across the plateau, followed by a crash down.
This wave when it is in the hope,
that in circulation is a kind of saying "Ahhhhh great!"
But in the pain cycle it says "oh is that all?"
This is reflected in Channel 35/36's "Already There, You Did It".

שִׁבטִי (Tribal): גל השבט של 19, 49, 37 ו -40, אמין מאוד באופיו המחזורי של עלייה ומטה כמו רכבת הרים. כאן הדינמיקה של תקווה וכאב משחקת יותר כמו "זה אסון. שפיר!" לעיתים קרובות יש תחושה שאדם הוא, אכן נחוץ ורצה, אך אחריה התחושה שדוחים ואינם שייכים.

The tribal wave of 19, 49, 37 and 40,
Very reliable in the cyclical nature of ascent and descent like a roller coaster.
Here the dynamics of hope and pain play more like "this is a disaster ..... benign!",
There is often a sense that a person is, indeed, needed and wanted,
But after that the feeling of being rejected and not belonging.

אִישִׁי (Individual): האינדיבידואל הרגשי (39/55,12/22) מסתדר כמעט שטוח; אנשים אפילו לא יודעים שהם רגשיים. ואז הם עולים ישר כמו רקטה או ישר מטה. כשהם למעלה הדברים פשוט נהדרים,אבל כשהם למטה, הם באמת מרגישים שהם לעולם לא יחזרו לעולם. הכאב והייאוש יכולים להיות מקיפים, והם לא רואים אור בקצה המנהרה.

The emotional individual(39/55, 12/22) gets along almost flat;
People do not even know they are emotional.
Then they rise straight like a rocket or straight down.
When they are up things are just great,
but when they are down,
They really feel like they will never come back.
The pain and despair can be all-encompassing,
And they see no light at the end of the tunnel.

How Long is Long Enough?:
While we can know immediately that human chemistry,
Constantly brings them back through a binary experience of emotions,
But there is no way to know how long the cycle lasts.
And it can not be said that menstruation always takes the same period of time,
And not even that wave is unique.
The wave can occur in multiple time frames,
So that they relate to the everyday world through their wave,
But refer to wider interactions with the world from a larger wave.
The main mantra for emotional authority is
"there is no truth in the present",
Or "Never be spontaneous."
An emotionally defined person should always sleep on it before making a decision.
Sleeping on it may be enough time for some types of decisions,
Like "Do you want to have dinner tomorrow?"
The longer the possible interaction with the world,
Thus man should experience the greater wave.
For example, someone might just be a single article from getting the doctorate.
And waking up one morning suddenly feels like
"Oh no, I do not want that!"
Just sleeping on it just is not long enough to really decide they do not want it.
This feeling may be just part of a daily or weekly cycle.
Need to give more time.

Authority and Decision Making:
When an emotionally defined person gets up in the morning and goes to the closet to choose his attire for the day,

They should not 'sleep on this decision'.

Many decisions have to be made in life that do not require that much time.

Chances are that emotional authority probably occurs in relation to the choice of day clothes,

But the wave expression is very fast.

Faster than a person can be aware of. Or should be.
What is dangerous for the emotional person is to make a decision,

Based on someone else's insistence or manipulation.

Often, especially in today's world,

A salesperson uses the technique of forcing an immediate decision,

By rewarding the quick decision or by activating a fear of delay.
Maybe it's okay for some of the authorities to make this quick decision,

But it is unhealthy for emotional authority.

If they are closer to the end of the hope of their cycle the reward is very tempting,

And if they are closer to the end of the pain / despair of the cycle,

The fear of delay can be overwhelming.

Making a decision from both ends is simply making an incomplete decision.

If the decision looks good from both ends then there is clarity.

If it looks bad when they are up as well as when they are down then there is clarity.

If it looks good and bad, then you just have to wait longer :).
Emotional authority knows only after some time has passed.

They may meet someone and have an immediate aversion to him,

But then the emotional authority will continue to re-examine the person over and over again.

Each attraction gives them a slightly different perception of the person,

Depends on where they are at the moment.

This is the great gift of emotional authority.

They have the ability to fully experience and experience the wholeness of things.

Spiritual Potential:
The emotional center has a spiritual potential,
to see that in life there are no good things or bad things,
There is just an amazing fact of the power of existence.
This emotional experience allows people to truly deal with what is there.
Life is fun and it is uncomfortable.
That's not the point.
The thing is there is life and it's just wonderful.
Understanding this takes time and it is not easy.
For example emotional reveals;
They are committed to doing what they feel.
If you tell them "now listen here,
You can not just do what you want to do,
You have to wait, sleep on it to clear up,
Then you have to let the other know and get approval. "
Ha! It's easy for you to say.
Another example might be an emotional projector with 3 motors defined.
They are constantly being filled with energy and intentionally finding a way to express that energy.
If you just tell them "hey you have to wait for them to recognize you and you are invited,
So you need to sleep on it before you can act "
They are not really in a good position to hear this, and the pressure is hard to resist.
The emotional center is the squeaky wheel that receivesthe fat,
because it is very difficult to ignore the emotional wave.
Some people who are emotionally defined are very squeaky,
But they have the possibility of being, and not engines of chaos, sentries of depth.
The difference is if they follow what feels right after waiting until there is some clarity.
Emotional authority never has 100% clarity.
But over time they can usually feel good or calm about something.
Or the opposite will happen: they will usually feel too nervous or emotional about something,
And in this case it is a "no" to everything they are dealing with.

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