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G Center

מרכז הג'י (G Center) - - G Center

Defined: 46%

Undefined: 54%

Biological Correlation: Liver, blood

Type of Center: The Compass​

Love, Direction, and Identity: Function

Defined Center: Permanent Love, Direction and Identity.

Open Center: Inconsistent Love, Direction and Identity.

Not Self Strategy of open head:

An attempt to draw attention to words or deeds, to be a manifesto.

The Liver:
Located on the upper right side of the abdomen,
Used as a filter to remove toxins and waste products from the body.
It stores nutrients such as vitamins,
minerals and iron,
And also plays a role in managing levels of certain chemicals in the body,
Such as cholesterol,
hormones and sugars.
The liver helps the body digest food and break down toxins by producing a substance called bile,
Stored in the gallbladder.
Other important functions of the liver include,
Hemoglobin processing and production of blood clotting factors.
A healthy liver filters the blood smoothly.
The liver can be damaged by a number of different factors,
Including excessive alcohol consumption,
cancer, genetic liver disorders or infections like hepatitis C.
When liver cells are damaged,
They cannot function well and may die.
Some of these cells may grow back,
But if the injury is severe, scar tissue may form.
Accumulation of scar tissue in the liver,
Called fibrosis,
Slows the liver's ability to distribute blood and remove toxins.

מרכז הג'י (G Center) - - Liver

Magnetic Monopole:
The magnetic monopoly is located in the center of the G and is similar to a magnet with only one rod,

And all the Pole does is pull.

This creates a point of reference around which everything else revolves.

Without this inner attraction we will not have a sense of differentiation.

My body, versus your body.

Without it we can feel completely connected to the universe.

We would feel one with the totality.
The monopoly creates the illusion that each cell is separate from each other,

Although each cell, is a tiny fragment in the larger pattern.

Just as the liver constantly filters the blood,

And separates what is not (the toxins)  To what we are (vitamins and minerals).

The magnetic monopoly separates us from the whole.
it does not say
  That the toxins are bad, and the vitamins are good.

These toxins are actually good,

Very much for other creatures in the world.

And the vitamins will kill them.

This is the beauty of differentiation.

There is no guilt or shame.

It just means,

"It's me, it's you."

To know the difference,

And respecting him is a wonderful thing.


Allows love.

There is love for humanity,

To myself,

For inanimate objects,


To the body.

And all these aspects are regulated by the magnetic monopoly and the G center.

Of course the opposite is also true.

There are many forms of hatred.

Without differentiation.

There will be no room for this duality.

me and you,

Up and down,

It only works when there is a monopoly that draws you to you and I to me.

Without it,

There will be one universal love,

But a man (NO BODY) who will experience it.

Ocean​​ Love,

The giant needs creatures to swim in it :)

If there is no differentiation.

So there is no direction.

If everything is one,

There's nowhere to go.

With differentiation.

There is a point of reference.

"I go straight in relation to that."

The G-center serves as a compass.

It creates a left,



Down through the differentiation.

Of the self.

This is the easiest to understand.

If we are all one.

So there is no "you" and "I".

There is not even "we".

There is only the "quality" of being.

Without mind, without identity, without body.

A simple existence without any distinction between you and totality.

This may sound appealing to you if you are engaged in meditation and enlightenment,

But our body is built so that there is differentiation.

You can not have both.

Either you exist as a person in the body or you evaporate into "one",

And in that case there is no "you" to experience it anyway.

Magnetic Monopole

G Center:

If you do not carry out your strategy,

You distort this process and do not find your place.

You break the sacred circle.

You will live in the wrong place,

Eat the wrong food and love the wrong people.

The list is endless.

This will be the case for defined G centers, and not defined ones.

However for the G center open a particularly important place,

Because he will give them more than a person with a defined G (inner consistency in love, direction and self).

First of all, it is not easy to find your place if you have an open G,

But it is still important to find the right place (s) because it will determine the quality of love,

Direction and identity.

The first thing to understand is that the right place,

Is not one place because there are different places for different things.

The open G is not fixed.

They can have different variations of love, direction and identity.

To understand this is to see it as strength and not as weakness.

They should not try to be as consistent as people with a defined G.


Finding the right place is usually a process of elimination,

By finding the wrong places.

It always comes down to the life of your strategy.

When you really give up trying to control the process the place finds you.

And places you would never consider turn out to be very good for you.

Also, places you thought were good become terrible.

So using your strategy,

You will find those places that will allow you to express a consistent identity within the situation.

It is important to understand that identity is fixed only within the situation.

There should be flexibility for the open G.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable with an undefined G center.

It has a stigma because they think they have no 'self'.

Remember that living in the world means there is no center.

Remains undefined for too long.

It always connects to people and beyond to planets.

And an open G does not mean that you also do not have a magnetic monopoly that holds you together.

The difference between definite and undefined is that one is constant and the other is inconsistent.

The inconsistency makes them smart about the other.

For example, if you have an undefined spline system or undefined agenda,

You do not have a regular ad,

But because these centers are open you are here to be aware of awareness.

Someone with an undefined self is here to be self aware,

Be able to identify the self,

Because he gets to experience the self in all his possibilities through his openness.

In this case self means identity.

The same is true of love and intention.

All that G is open to is that direction and love are inconsistent - not absent.

The defined self has very little recognition of the nature of the self in general.

Whatever you are, you live.

The undefined self has this ability to recognize the nature of the self.

What is the right direction? What is the healthiest identity? The open G center would be smart in this.

One of the ways of the undefined self to know the nature of his life  She,

See clearly that everything for him must be initiated by others.

Just because something is initiated by others does not mean that you owe it to them or that you are related to them.

If you go to a restaurant with someone and do not like the restaurant,

You are with the wrong people because they will take you to the wrong places.

If someone takes you to a place you love,

You do not have to hold it for life,

Because you hope he will take you to other good places.

You can always go back to this place yourself a second time.

And there are a lot of people in life who can take you to places.

The burden of the undefined self is the burden,

That "I do not know where I am going and I do not know if I can hold on to love."

However, everyone in the world is here to offer them all these things.

Everyone is here to offer myself an undefined direction,

Kind of love,

And that's why they have a real gift.

They have all the flavors.

They are a unifying force.

All undefined centers,

When wisdom emerges from them,

They become unifying forces.

They help after understanding.

G center open,

Reflects the defined G center,

And it can help a lot to everyone. - Froude

Zigmond Freud.

There is G.

defined. It is designed to have a fixed direction in the model channel for creative and motive imitation.

It's especially strong for him,

Because he also has the cross of the Sphinx.  - JULIO IGLESIAS

Julio Iglesias.

He is without a doubt the most successful love song singer in the world.

One of the journalists writes,

"When his patients sing a love song, the whole world trembles with emotion." Julio is an emotional demonstration in the cross of the vessel of love,

So you can expect that.

Crosses of Love and Direction:
The eight gates in the center G constitute two crosses:
The sphinx cross, and the cross of the vessel of love.
At the wheel these gates are equal in distance to each other.
G Center
He's magical because he pulls the whole wheel together to the core,
Just like the monopoly that puts us together to the core.
At the gates of the G center there are major roles in the wheel.
The eight gates G are the leading gates of the eight houses of the I'Ching.
These lead gates provide the basic foundation,
The bottom trigram,
That the next seven gates along the wheel are common.
These eight gates also touch on all 12 zodiac signs.
As can be seen in the tool of love,
All the gates are the cut hexagrams,
That cross the lines of the zodiac.

צלבים של אהבה וכיוון (Crosses of Love and Direction) - - Crosses of Love and Direction

Cross of the Sphinx:
Gate 13 - Looking back
Gate 1 - Place in Now
Gate 2 - Direction
Gate 7 - Direction looking ahead
The sphinx cross deals with direction.
This means that if you take all the G centers on Earth,
And add them all with all their monopoly,
What we do is we hold ourselves in line for love,
And we follow the direction of love.
This direction of love is to return to the rule.
If you are looking for the place within every human being who is there to touch God as a whole,
It is located in the center G.
And it does not matter if it is defined or not - that is not the point.
Everyone has a monopoly - we are all part of the direction of love.
When you look at the Sphinx you see the physical direction of the totality as it moves in space.
This is the direction of the mutation.
If you look at the arrangement of the sphinx gates in the center G you can see the three pointed teams of Shiva.
This is the Neptune symbol or pitchfork.
Because of the Sun / Earth configuration there are 4 times a year that people are born with this cross.
These people are maintaining our direction in the world.
Without them we would have been lost.
Also, every 165 years we get a very special generation born with Neptune in the cross.
This time it was in late 1967 to mid - 1970 when the planet Neptune was at gate 46.
The planet Neptune controls the Sphinx and thus our direction.
The people born between the years 1967-1970,
And were with the Sphinx Cross certified by Neptune,
Outside the sacral create a motive direction.

צלבים של אהבה וכיוון (Crosses of Love and Direction) - - Cross of the Sphinx

Cross of the Vessel of Love:
10 - Love of the Self
25 - Universal Love
46 - Love of the Body
15 - Love of Humanity
This cross of the tool of love contains four different ways how the self can love.
Do not confuse with other forms of love.
Other ways are sexual love that exists through electromagnetic connections,
That is, one person has one gate in the channel and another person has another,
Or love for what you do not have,
like being drawn to a defined or open center.
In the tool of love we talk about the love that is related to our direction,
And the higher love is what guides our place within totality.
Each of the gates is a component of the vessel and clearly shows how the G center creates differentiation.
The 15th gate is the outer part of the jug or vessel.
This is the outer surface and what do you have contact with.
This is the love of humanity.
The 46th gate is the flesh gate that forms the inner walls of the vessel.
This is the love of the body.
The 25th gate is the blood gate and that is what fills the vessel.
This is universal love.
The tenth gate is the gate of self-behavior or the gate of nature,
And this is the language of the vessel from which life is poured out.
It is the love of the self.
The sphinx cross connects three centers,
But the tool of love includes five different centers and brings awareness and ego.
This means that love has a much wider network than direction.
The real difference is created by the tenth gate,
Because it opens up in a few different ways and opens up for integration.
Everything is shed from self-love.
The main function of the G Center is to direct us into space,
Whether it is in relation to love,
direction or self.
Center G draws a circle in the giant universe and says,
"Everything that is in this circle is me and everything outside this circle is not me."
It's a place creation.
Every time the liver removes a toxin from the body it says "you do not belong to this circle".

מרכז הג'י (G Center) - - Cross of the Vessel of Love

The G center is the self-identity.
This center is about love,
In behavior and direction.
The defined G center represents,
I myself am a regular who acts and expresses love consistently,
And moving in a fixed trajectory in this life.
It is a reliable expression of the self.
The undefined G center has no fixed identity,
And he can be confused because he is always changing,
Because every environment brings a new identity.
Many of the G people are open,
Can feel they need to hold on,
In a certain identity or love to feel safe.
The wisdom here is to know that there is no fixed identity,
And the place (geographical location) is your friend.
The open G question is,
"Am I looking for love and guidance?".

מרכז הג'י (G Center) - - G
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