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Head Center

מרכז הראש (Head Center) - - Head Center

Defined: 30%

Undefined: 70%

Biological correlation: the pineal gland.

Type of Center: Push.

mental inspiration,
creates pressure on the ajna to think.


Defined Center:
Inspiration comes regularly;
mental pressure to solve one's own questions,
He is here to be a mental inspiration to other people.


Open Center:
Inspiration comes from external conditioning,
if true can be free of mental pressure,
They are able to see those that inspire and those that confuse.

Not Self Strategy of an open head:
they feel responsible for getting rid of the mental pressure they take from others,
Usually by trying to find answers to questions that are not important.

מרכז הראש (Head Center) - - Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland:
According to the Funk & Wagnall (Cheesy) table dictionary
"The pineal gland - a gray, reddish, vascular, conical body,
with a primary glandular structure found in the brain and having no known function."
Well, without any known role for normalcy, anyway.
This is the psycho-metaphysical connection between the realm of ideas
(and the stupid ones in it) concerning the material world.
The pineal gland is about the size of a pea,
And it is in the center of the brain in a tiny cave,
Behind and above the pituitary gland that is slightly behind the root of the nose.
It is located directly behind the eyes, connected to the third chamber.
Although the physiological function of the pineal gland was not known until recently,
But the true role of this mysterious gland has long been conceived by philosophers and spiritual experts.
Ancient Greeks believed that the pineal gland was our connection to the provinces of thought.
Descartes called it the seat of the soul.
Through the flow of serotonin the pineal gland allows the cerebral cortex to access the deep gray areas of the brain,
and serves as a gatekeeper.
like this  The center is the door to things deep within us.
This allows information in the gray area to pass to the neo-cortex where it can be processed.
If you do not encode the storage area, you do not know what you actually have there.

מרכז הראש (Head Center) - - Pineal Gland

Defined Head Center:
If you have an open-minded center like 70% of the people on the planet,
So other people fill in your gray area.
You have an open door that allows air conditioning of others in this center.
The pressure is there to transfer it to the cerebral cortex for processing.
Because it's not your information,
it's different from what you usually know.
And because of your genetics,
the difference is attractive.
That's why you find this information appealing and intriguing,
and you take the time to think about it.
It means you are thinking about things that do not belong to you.
People spend a lifetime of time wasting their time trying to process information that is useless.
They do it simply because it is irresistible,
And they are not carrying out their strategy.
The brain is built so that its storage capacity is infinite.
That does not mean you have access;
It just means he keeps storing.
You take all these things at any moment every day and it is stored in the center of your head.
It's inspired - you sketch.
You take the film of your life and store it in an infinity of space in your brain,
the deep gray areas.
And it builds stress because you are meant to take it and process the field of consciousness.
It's breathing and breathing out.
So this is stress that really produces mental anxiety.

This anxiety is one of the three fears:
1. Initial fears of the Splenic system
2. Anxiety about the mind and Ajna
3. Nervousness of the solarflex system and the nervous system itself.
Once you allow the mind to be the Authority to smile you bring that anxiety.
Mental anxiety can be restored in so many ways,
Endless - throughout your life.
When you are afraid of something mental and allow it to control you,
So you can not get rid of it because you can never confront it.
Since it is simply mental you can change to any shape and color.
This does not mean that if you live your design,
And respects your authority that the stress will go away or that the anxiety will subside.
It will always be there.
It serves a purpose.
But it will not control your actions and that is a huge difference.
Your life will roll not on the basis of the anxiety of your soul,
but on the basis of the correctness of your actions.
What is inside your mind,
will not become a reality outside.
It will remain stressful,
sometimes anxious, but it will never become a concrete reality.
Because you want to get rid of this stress as quickly as possible,
On the logical side (63/4) you are going to solve solutions that explode in your face.
Meanwhile, on the abstract side (64/47) something wanders in you from the past until you make some sense of it,
He will stay there as a pressure that bothers you.
The individual channel in the middle (61/24),
can just drive you crazy with a mystery that keeps coming back to torment you.
The external authority of the mind can be extraordinary,
But the mind is utterly useless as an inner authority.
An open center will always be attracted to what it is not,
And the open-minded center will always try to answer or resolve mental stresses that are not theirs.
So the wisdom is to evaluate the question without feeling the responsibility to solve it.
Riddle for the sake of the riddle.
And all the while you live your strategy so externally,
Your life is just fine, despite all the confusion,
mystery and doubts going through your head.
In the immense power of your life your design and these anxieties will become less and less powerful.
Head and root centers - pressure sandwiches.
The head center and the root center are two pressure centers,
But they are different.
The center of the roots is the engine,
so its fuel is different from the center of the head.
The center of the head is just mental stress without the engine backing it up.
The brain is caught inside an intellectual sandwich,
And this is a non-motor sandwich:
the center of the head above creates pressure for thinking,
And the center of the throat down to externalize the thoughts.
Because the center of the head is not there to give the brain motorized pressure,
The brain itself is not meant to do anything active.
It is designed to express communication through language,
not action.
Authority to action is always another place in your design.
It is different from the center of the root.
Adrenaline pressure is very different from conceptual pressure.
If the center of the root means to move,
You better move fast!
And the adrenaline is there to help you.
If the center of the head says to move there is no engine that will bounce you into action,
So do not be fooled into thinking you need to do something.
If you follow the strategy and authority,
Your real everything will work out.
The center of the head is the pressure to think.
This is one of the two centers of pressure (the other is the root).
This is the fuel to think about though questions, doubts and confusion.
The defined center of the head has the ability to be inspiring.
When she is not trying to understand her own life,
Her point of view can bring information to the world.
The undefined main center,
Takes everyone else's thoughts and amplifies them,
Puts amazing pressure on the head to figure things out,
And act on things unrelated to you.
The wisdom here is to envision your mind,
Without having to get caught up in mental ideas and concepts that are not yours.
The open-minded question is,
"Am I trying to answer everyone's questions?"

מרכז הראש (Head Center) - - Head
מרכז הראש (Head Center) - - Head Center
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