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Human Design Basic

יסודות מערכת העיצוב האנושי (Human Design Basic)

The Mechanics of the Maia:

"Welcome to all of you.
It’s been a long time,
since I just focused on the basics of human design.
It is clear to me and clear that after all these years,
That it is really the foundations that carry the true depth of knowledge.
If you do not get the basics, it does not matter where you go.
You do not really grasp the story.
And the story in the end is always about us.
That is, each and every one of us.
It's an ability to calm your mind,
which interferes with everything,
That the mechanics are correct and that if you,
follow the mechanics it is clear.
That it changes in life.
What I really want to do during,
That we have together,
It is to go through basic concepts in human design,
And looking at them in terms of seeing them for what they are,
The real key to knowledge.
And it starts with the focus,
I have for you today that is the illusion we have,
That we are whole.
We are unity.
This is perhaps the deepest illusion of all.
This boils down to some very basic questions,
And some very basic principles."

Ra Uru Hu.

A Dualistic Knowledge:

"I'm a dualist.

Human design is a dualistic knowledge.

It lies in the Mayan obviousness.

Clearly everything in Maya operates through polarity. That it's all about duality,

Whether it's up or down, in or out, and so on and so forth,

All the variations on the themes of duality, yin and yang of the story.

Without the ability to truly see this duality in everything,

You can not see the movie,

You can not  To see the  Things for what they are meant for  really.
We are a dual in ourselves.

It is this duality in many ways that
Is the key to the meaning of what human design really brings.

The illustration before you, when I first received the knowledge,

That's basically the way I put it.

In other words, if you could see the charts I drew (chart above)

In hand in the late 80s, this is what they looked like.
There were body shots in the center and there was a wheel on the right and a wheel on the left.

In this case, in this figure, everything is empty.

But in terms of charts I drew back then,

Basically I would put all the data in both wheels and also the combining field was in the center,

That is, a photograph of the body. "



When you think about the nature of human design,

It's a synthesis and so many people get stuck in its parts.

I think if you get stuck in its parts you get lost.

It's a synthesis of a lot of things.

Clearly he has a deep connection to  I'Ching.
But this is not the I'Ching.

It's one of those things to understand about what synthesis brings,

Because human design is a synthesis of the esoteric and the exoteric.

In doing so in many ways they really are,

In a sense, they are unidentifiable in what is taken from them and what is left behind.
The perfect example is astrology.

There is always a tendency in people who before meeting human design,

With some kind of background in astrology see it through an astrological lens.

And yet, astrology and human design have only one thing in common.

That is, an understanding that the planets have an impact.

But how the systems work,

The example that human design does not rise, there is no home system, and so on and so forth,

Asked very different things.

And this is what was taken to human design in its synthesis was the influence of the planets.

And the effects of the planets are based on the physics of neutrino,

But it did not take all the other crossovers that accompany it.
In other words, it's something that can really be grasped in this synthesis,

Is that when you look at human design you see all these elements.

You see chakras (Hinduism) as an example, and the channels themselves are in the Kabbalah (Judaism) spheres.

Still, they are  None of these things.

I mean, human design is not astrology, and it's not I'Ching ,  This is not acceptance, and this is not the chakra system. It's not one of those things.
If you are looking for what is new and what causes, in this sense human design,

So unusual is that what is new is a body chart ( BodyGraph ).

That is, the "voice" never did. It existed before.

Clearly there were graphic illustrations of corpses and systems.

You can look at acupuncture, line system drawings,

Drawings through the chakra system may operate inside the vehicle,

But there has never been anything like a body photograph.
Unique body photography.

First of all, it is based on a completely new numerical configuration.

In other words, this is not a seven-center chakra system.

This is a 9-center entity.

And this is the information about the way everything is attracted to everyone and there are derivatives in other systems.

In other words, the body photograph (BodyGraph) is a real synthetic field.

The Difference between the Right and Left:

When we look right or left,

Basically what we are looking at is data.

And I think the first thing you can grasp when you look at a body (BodyGraph)
It is to understand that there is a huge distance between the data here [red wheel] and the data here [black wheel].

And I do not think that is enough consideration or really. Really understood what that meant.
After all, we all know that this is the formula of calculating human design,

Which is the design always 88 degrees backwards of the sun from birth.

Now that 88 degrees of the sun represents about 88 or 89 days of movement of the sun.

In the language of everyday life we examine about three months.

In other words, the calculation on the right and the calculation on the left are separated,

By each other in three months. They are very different from each other.
Yes, they have in common; The obvious of the outer planets,

And the fact that they move slowly.

And yes, there is a common denominator between personality and design.

But not everyone has Neptune and Uranus at the same gates.

The fact is that in most cases the configuration of the node is different.

The potential way in which the environment is perceived is treated completely differently.

We live in this illusion that we are the only thing in the center.

And this  The biggest trap ever, because we are not.

What does this one thing do, and that's through an agency of the magnetic monopoly sitting here,

Is that it holds both of these aspects together in magnetic tension.

It holds them together to create this illusion.

They are not for embracing each other voluntarily. they are not.
One of the jokes I have is that if you are looking for your mystical partner,

Your soul?

Well buddy, you're looking for your own design,  The personality within you,

Because it's a big life dilemma that personality and design are by no means,  Really, connected to each other.

They could not,

It would turn you into an anthropomorphization (personification - attributing human qualities to a non-human (animals, inanimate objects, forces of nature, gods, and so on)).

We live in this illusion that we are the only thing in the center.

Like each other, which is also quite a joke.

But then again, we have it all the time - personalities who do not like their bodies, for example.

Individuals who do not like what their unconscious brings in the illusion of oneness,

They have no access there. There is this amazing struggle going on.

Human Design Basic - -  mandla 2

A Special Relationship between the Design and the Form Principle

There is something more to consider about the nature of these two databases and the
In the way they operate within the whole.

There is a special connection that exists between the design and the principle of form itself.

When we think of design, it's crystal design.

In other words, this will be the data configuration,
Crystal Design's data wheel,

What you see on the left side of the design (table above].
Now, we know that the crystal design sits here in the center of Agena,

And the monopoly magnet sits here in the center G,

And they have a very, very special relationship with each other.

If you go back to the beginning of life, if you go back to the process of conception,

Up to that point 88 degrees sun before birth.

Up to that point there is no personality.
It's still up there waiting to be called.
That is, in fact, for two-thirds of what it is
  Normal pregnancy,
This is what builds the vehicle and the illusion of the vehicle.

Not only that, but because it's a crystal design,

And because it is responsible for building the structure,

He is going to build into the structure the availability for the personality to be able to adjust.
And what happens to that 88-degree point before birth?

This personality is coming in handy.

And it's sitting up here in the main center.

There is something curious to think about.

The Personality:
If you look carefully,

You will see that in terms of how,

BodyGraph  It is always painted,

You can see that this part of the center of the head is not even in the body.

And this is also where the personality goes.

So, think about the relationship now that we're here.

This is truly life here.

That's life; That's the whole point.
That's what you're coming with,

This is what prepares you.

This is the vehicle that is going to move you in this life.

And just for fun, we have this personality.

It's on the other hand,  Not even allowed to get in the car,

And this personality is sitting there in the passenger seat watching this movie, Life.
We put so much inventory into the byproduct of personality,

Because the byproduct of personality is what we call "mind".

Think of the joke now. I want you to understand the joke.

Have your personality. It thinks it's in control of your life, it really does.
He thinks it's his body, that he can manage it, that he can control it,

That he could tell him  What to do, that he can give him the direction in life, all these things.

It's a personality. The personality does not pay attention to the fact that it is really an illusion, pure and simple.

If you look at the mechanics,

You can see that the only thing the personality can do is,

To accept, without choice, what is built for it as potential.

It all comes from the design.

If you realize you can see why life is hell for so many people,

Absolutely damn it  Because personality does not run life.

It can not manage life.

It is deeply controlled.

The parameters of the options are deeply controlled by the vehicle.
When he is not in harmony with his vehicle,

And when the vehicle is not working properly it is when we have a deep dysfunction of the personality,

And this is what we call "non-self."

That is, the mind refuses to accept that it is helpless because it does not know how and it does not know why.
I do not want you to be caught in the illusion.

Black and red, that's my basic teaching.

Going back to the first lessons I gave in 1992 I started with black and red.

That's the whole story.

Most people are going to fly by it because they love it  This illusion at the center,

The same chart  BodyGraph where it looks like the personality. There really is potential.

But it's black and red together.

And this is the almost cunning way the gods work,

Because what we have conscious access to, the personality,

Black, that's what we have a conscious approach to.

In other words, aren't the gods cunning?
They give us a conscious approach to what is actually helpless.

This is a nice joke.

They hide from us.

And I'm just playing when I say they're hiding,  What we are not aware of is the approach, which is all really.
People get stuck without grasping at what the formula of design really is,

It's strategy and authority.

It is not spiritual. This is not a kind of mantra.

It kind of finally let form, design, unconscious,

His authority  Just be right in his process.

What a strategy does is take permission from the authorities,

A personality that has no authority.

And you can see that she has no authority.

Locked up there in that little bubble here watching a movie,

And yet so ignorant and lost is the light of the projection,

That she thinks  That it is she who decides and knows. and its not.

And the great dilemma we face in knowledge,  This is the stubbornness of the mind.

And the tricks he can use to scare us,

To give him his power, the illusion of his power, to move us against the very form of us,

To think that the mind knows better, and it does not.

The Form has to be Correct:

Therefore, when you look at a body photo you need to look at both sides first.

Last century ,  Be full of those who examine the way the mind works from every possibility .

And this is something to understand: everything to do with being human  Concerning the recognition that it is the form,

And only the form that should be correct.

we  Put all this emphasis on the nature of the mind,

How important it is, how smart it is, how smart it is.

But when you think about the way we looked at psychology,

How important it is to understand that when you look at red,

When  Are you looking at the way it works in a car?

It has always been confused with  unconsciousness,  As if it was somehow mentally connected.

A Binary Consciousness:
It's the vehicle itself.

And that leads us to grasp something that is very, very important.

We have two ads. We are a binary consciousness.

We are a dualistic consciousness.

In the basic introduction to human design I talk about the crystals of consciousness,

The yin and yang of it.

And these crystals of consciousness,

Personality crystal,  The design crystal - are not related to each other.

It's not like they know each other or have a relationship with each other.

They are very different.
However, they have all the potential of consciousness.

Consciousness shapes, the composition of consciousness,

She's what we've been ignoring for so long.

And it is consciousness that drives our vehicle.
And does not operate our vehicle in the sense that it requires mechanics and technicians and whatever you say. It is conscious.

It is a living and interactive consciousness.

Our vehicle is driven, driven, driven  By consciousness,

Which has nothing to do with our personality, and we have no access to it.

But it does not interfere.
The magic of Type is that its type allows you to see almost immediately where,

The true design consciousness authority is lying.

It is not like we give up consciousness.
When we turn to strategy and we turn to automotive mechanics.

We move from a consciousness of helplessness, to a consciousness of empowerment.

And yet, we, we have no access to it, no conscious access to it.

There is no way we can participate in this process.

All we get to participate with is the mind,

And the infinite transformation of  "This and that" (This and that - a nickname for Ra for thoughts  Of the mind) in the spectrum.
When you enter your process right, like you,

What you are really doing is handing over conscious authority to your vehicle.

And you place your personality,

In a situation where the best she can do is just see.

Getting to that place is truly an achievement.

We are cursed by the very consciousness of our personality,

This is what is on the surface, this is what we see.
When you look at someone's chart - I made thousands and thousands of readings - if you tell them about what they painted black, everything is so familiar to them.
"It's me, it's me, it's me."

Then you start describing what is red and there is this kind of

"I do not know if it's me, but people say it's me," it's a stranger.
This is what was implanted in them. They do not really know.

It's like the same person who has a defined emotional system,

And all the ways in which it is defined is unconscious.

They do not even know they are emotional themselves.

Everyone else will remind them of it.

But when you remember that,

Does not bring them any certainty because they do not have a conscious approach to it.
Then the mind is turbulent because the consciousness is always turbulent.

This is what the mind is good at, being in a storm.

It is frightened by helplessness.

It is terrified of lack of choice.

The mind hates it all.

And the mind hates it all because it is conditioned to hate it all - the non-I.

The only way the mind can maintain the illusion of authority,  Is by moving away from who you are.

The Science of Differentiation:
I describe design as a science of differentiation,
and that's it.
This is a magical thing.
What's really magical is being able to see mechanically,
The potential of each entity to be, is unique.
And the other side of the distinction is homogenization.
To have homogenization is to be conditioned.
The moment when the brain deals with situations inside the vehicle,
and does not get along with it,
Then the mind looks for a way to get around it, always.
Then it does not seek itself, not who it is,
not its potential.
But he looks at the homogeneous realm,
to succeed in achieving what he thinks needs to be achieved.
We live in a homogeneous world.
And this is the world we call normal.
It's normal to be homogeneous,
Be far, far,
far away from what your potential is.
This is normal.
This is the world we live in.
So in the years I did prediction through the neutron,
It was so easy for him to see what was going to happen,
Because it is a homogeneous field.
So the plan (see calling the Maya approx (Program)),
Affects everyone basically in the same way in the field homogenization.
And you have all these sheep thinking,
Which are wolves running around like chickens.
What to do.
Homogenization will not take place unless you follow your strategy and authority.
It's not normal,
it's not normal.
It is not normal to force the mind to relinquish its authority; its.
It's not normal.
It is not normal to act according to your authority,
And not according to the authority of your lover, your children,
Your parents, your government, your doctor, your lawyer,
You put it,
the authority of everyone else except your own.
I have left to take out your God or anything else you hold to authority.
Acting on your own authority is not normal.
And that's understandable,
after all.
You have no access to it.
You have access to personality only,
while distorting that personality in homogenization,
In that it is not functioning properly,
assuming it has control.
And the personality, because it is conscious,
has a tremendous power to influence you.
That's obvious,
isn't it?
Think about every situation in your life,
and think about what you think about it.
And not only is it the most interesting thing in the brain he,
That he can set you up to make a decision about something very significant,
And when that doesn't work out,
he already has something else on his mind.
There is always something else.
The whole point of Maya is that it is rooted in Sanskrit("MA") which is a measure.
This is what the brain does.
The mind always measures.
And the only way you can measure,
Is that you need to get the perspective,
Should be in "This and that"
(This and that - a nickname for Ra for thoughts  Of the mind).
It's always one of those jokes that when your mind makes a decision to go  In one direction,
It has already processed the decision to go another way,
and it does not really know which way to go.
It is only following the homogeneous pattern.
And homogenization is the deepest rooted pattern,
in its openness in being to conditioning.

The Openness in the Chart:
When we look at a standard chart,
And we simply replace our wheels,
Data configurations and we move to the illusion that is this perfection,
You have to see that the brain has a great weapon to use against itself,
a joke is that.
And that, too, is the openness within you.
The duality, the basic duality between what is fixed in you and what is open.
What is fixed represents the potential of what is believed,
consistent, and directed  On the road to differentiation.
And the openness,
oh, the pain of openness,
that openness is so strong;
After all, it's our genes.
We have a dilemma to be genetically bio-forms.
Gardens have only one commandment and that is to divide and do more.
This is the commandment.
The commandment is to survive, to exist, to be, to flourish, if possible.
Once we have such a complex organism as what we are as a bio-form,
The understanding that duplication is something,
it has to be very carefully controlled.
Biological identity is a dead end.
All that is connected to us as a being is to,
understand our essential elements,
The deepest genetic imperative,
Our deepest and deepest is to be attracted to what we are not.
Not because it's good for you,
but because it's the only way it can be safe,
That if a connection is made and reproduction takes place,
that a sustainable new life comes into the world.
That is, a new genetic combination that has the potential to preserve the species.
We warn technically, morally, biologically against dealing with our relatives.
Think what that means for us.
You look at this body of the body and it seems to have a lot of activation,
The first impression of,
you have a defined G and the spleen,
scarlet and root.
And there are all these little things that are painted.
There  All of these lists are on both sides of the data.
But there is much more openness in it.
Design than permanence,
by far.
There is a huge degree of openness.
And I'm not just talking,
On the open centers.
All these open channels and these open gates,
Each and every one of them,
within the genetic imperative,
seeks the other,
lost in it.
This is what the brain feeds on.
It feeds on openness.
It says,
"I can not make a decision on anything unless that decision proves my vision.
Is it going to be good to show others that I am valuable? "
It is the undefined center of the heart that affects the way the brain works.
Or the open emotional system of avoiding confrontation and truth,
Making a decision based on avoiding confrontation and the truth,
"No, I do not want to be involved in this,
It can lead to this or that or something else."
And all this bypasses the authority again and again.
What human beings live for is this openness.
This is what they live for.
it has to do with today's duality,
"this and that"
(This and that - a nickname for Ra for Thoughts  Of the mind) .
And deep within the "this and that".
Is this the openness and permanence you see in the chart,
Because openness is a curse.
You get lost in it.
Humanity is lost in this,
thinking of things that do not matter,
Trying to convince themselves that they are right,
Trying to attract attention,
trying to prove themselves,
Trying to avoid confrontation and truth.
This is who this person is.
The fact that this is an archetype of a very perfect form,
A potential archetype of deep focus through,
A perfect shape we see
In this definition can only be realized through,
the authority of the vehicle and the scroll.
Here's a Scroll generator pure
"No ha; ah-ah."
There is authority,
the expression of consciousness of the form.
And only through the expression,
of this scroll is there a possibility of this,
Being can shed the torments brought to them through openness,
And begin to live the perfection of what is possible.
Human beings are perceived by their openness,
locked within them,
lost in it.
And they think that's who they are.
I know,
It has always been my big dilemma when,
people would do this to sit next to me for surgery,
And I would look at the setting and think,
hey, that's really something.
Then I would look at the openness and say,
but yeah, here they are.
And how sad this place is.
Think of this being.
We're all - well,
schizophrenia is a funny word,
I do not want to come either,
we're all two types,
Let's put it this way.
It has this extraordinary potential in all of us to live our uniqueness.
It's really there.
And in fact yes very simple to access.
after all,
If you look at human design and you need to look at strategy,
Answer in six words or something,
it's a particularly simple area.
And yet, this is the surface where all is lost,
because on the surface,
They have been lost in all that openness and all that,
conditioning in the brain not to speak for the sake of their nature.
Your mind does not speak for the sake of your nature;
It speaks for you conditioning.
It is the speaker of your conditioning and your,
longing to be something you are not.
This is the cheerleader who stands there and says,
"We can become something we are not."
It's the great killer of the spirit on the planet.
its not easy.
I know.
I watched years and years and years.
What does it mean to give up and abandon the power,
of the non-self to run your life.
So you must see it when you look at the illusion itself,
When you look at a photograph of the body itself,
See that in the different body,
this difference of personality and design becomes something else.
This is embodied in the difference between permanence and openness.
That the determination leads to the possibility of strategy and authority,
And openness leads to,
conditioning and homogenization and life through the non-self,
"this and that" .
The non-I is a fascinating thing.
At first you have to draw it in the corner as this dark force.
It's almost scary how it excites us away from our truth by our intimidation,
By activating the paranoia of life,
by doing, we are so uncomfortable,
And controls us through our deepest genetic longings,
to deceive us again and again.
This openness,
how the non-self can distort,
But only as long as the mind is allowed to make a decision. That's the key.
Again, the mind is an extraordinary thing.
I like this.
Human design is deeply intellectual;
It's brain = y.
The mind is wonderful as long as the mind does not make decisions.
The brain is great in research;
It's great to look at "it".
And the moment you take the pressure off your head,
to be a manufacturer's decision in your life,
The moment you act in the right way,
Of authority,
So that life will take care of itself and you will get to see the benefits of it,
So that the mind does not have to be constantly on alert that something is wrong,
It  Does not activate the show,
then all your openness in you becomes something else.

Awareness  is about Seeing:

The solar plexus for me today is an extraordinary thing,  Because I see it.

It's not that I do not feel it when someone is emotional and they are "it" or "it". I'm taking it.
It has nothing to do with not taking it.

But it's not me; It's just something I can see.

And out of that comes so much wisdom about his nature,

Of the solar and emotional plexus, systemic and emotional creatures.

How important it is that you see this C openness, the so-called non-self,

She is a great observer when she is released from the stress and pressure of decision making.

And the sight itself so enriches inwardly this life.

This is what ignorance is all about. It's about to see.
This basic duality in the chart is something that each and every one of you should grasp within yourself.

There is potential for your wisdom.

Wisdom is not in your design.
That is, it is not in your definition.

In your definition there is no wisdom unless, you have a particularly smart line.

It's your potential to be right.

And in this willingness,

The potential of wisdom lies in everything else that allows you to be a spectator,
Interact with life itself.

And it is not only the centers that are engaged in wisdom;
It's each of those open gates and open channels that are there.
The richness of what is available to your personality is food for thought.

The Key Belongs to the Vehicle:

But you have to undress the personality,

From any illusion that she has the right to make the decision about anything, because it is not.

The magic of duality is figuring out where the key is.

The key belongs to the vehicle.

This is the basis of human design  As principled knowledge in form.

Eventually one can experience differentiation in the self-reflected consciousness,

But it cannot even exist in the self-reflected consciousness until the distinction of form is determined.
It's all about being unique in this life, it's all about being your authority,
  In this life belongs to the car.

And the only way this duality can be balanced is not when the personality is trying to do the vehicle work, then there is distortion and imbalance. This is when the personality begins to do its job:

The passenger in the back seat looks out the windows and watches the movie.

This is what it is for. It's so good at it.

Human Design is About Decision Making by Internal Authority:

And you can not talk to him and say, "Listen, why don't you chill it for a while."
You can not talk to it; This is not how it works.

You just have to get it out of hand.
There is no other way.

A duty towards you is your authority,

For the decisions you make  In this life,

That we have not conditioned you to give it by your parents, by your culture.

You need to remove this authority.

And there is only one way to do it.

That is what this knowledge is for.

Very simple human design.

It's about making decisions, and how to make your decisions based on your authority.

You have strategy and authority.

Follow this.

And slowly,

It takes time,

Everything, yes,

But discipline follows your authority and strategy,  Yes deeply rewarded,

Because you're starting to see.

And see for yourself what this is all about.

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