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Individual Circuit Group 

Key - Empowerment 
Keynote - Empower

The group of personal circles has two circles:
knowledge and center.
The circle of knowledge (left) is much larger,
than the circle of the center (right),
Which has only two channels.
The moment we enter the individual,
In circles,
we come to a motive process.
The groups of individual circles represent the only way in which,
individuality can survive and change into new forms in the world,
without being experienced from the rest of the whole.
The central key to the individual is empowerment.
The group of individual circles includes each center in a chart,
which is unique.
The collective circle does not have the ego,
and the tribal circle does not have the head,
the agena and also the center G.
That says a lot about how we work.
Only the individual is whole.​
The collective process is not complete,
without the tribe and vice versa.
This is why we have the saying
"transformation must happen inside before it can happen outside".
If you are not healthy inside,
you will never be able to make the world healthy,
because only your combined inner self has the power,
to change the collective and the tribe.
To be an individual is to be an example,
And since all individuality is rooted in the individual,
motif pattern of the 3/60,
Being an example is a motive force.
A mutation is a word that lies at the heart of human design.
It is to be yourself,
to be unique.
All individual channels carry the voice of the mutation.
This is the universal law,
that constantly (and unexpectedly) brings change to the world.
This is why one person can change the world.
It's all about individuality,
it's about acoustics.
That's about the word.
It is about the ability to express oneself clearly or not.
People (individually defined) are freaks,
to outsiders because they can mutate.
They are here to be exceptional.
They do not fit easily into society.
Because what they have to offer can be new and unfamiliar,
It is difficult for a person to translate his existential,
inner knowledge,
The ability to be able to empower others in this knowledge.
Anyone who carries individuality in his design is given,
the lifelong task of how to explain themselves.
Through this explanatory power the individual,
leaves the realm of being a stranger,
a stranger or a freak,
And entered the realm of being a valuable guide to others.
Knowing is very important to our motive growth as a whole.
Without the mutation we have a dead end street.
Without the mutation we have no development.
Each channel in this circle will carry with it,
the capacity to empower others.
But empowerment stems only from being themselves.
The personal process,
is a personal process.
It is not like the collective sharing that the other shares.
A person can never know or worry that he has empowered someone else.
For example,
someone with channel 28-38,
the channel of struggle and stubbornness,
May struggle with something in his life and eventually,
succeed due to his immense stubbornness.
This is their personal struggle and their personal success.
In fact,
others may not even understand it,
even more reason not to want to share it with others.
But others who see it can be inspired by it nonetheless.
Watching this struggle can empower,
others to persevere in their struggles.

קבוצת מעגלים אישיים (Individual Circuit Group)  - https://humandesign.academyINDIVIDUAL CIRCUIT GROUP

Knowing Circuit:
When it comes to the individual circle of knowledge,
You will see that it shares the same path,
just like the collective circle (logic and sensing),
Around the body graph.
Like the collective circle,
you can trace the circle of knowledge from head to throat,
Down each side to the solar plexus on the right and the spleen on the left,
Then up the center from the root to the center of the scarlet And G.
You can think of this resemblance between,
the collective and the individual as hikers on the trail.
The collective circle group has thirty hikers who all hike together,
Sharing their experience together while traveling.
The individual circle is one traveler,
not sharing at all.
He's just doing his thing.
Individual treks.
But he walks the same hiking trail as the collective group,
on his way from one center to another.
If the collective sees the individual,
they can be empowered by his personal way.
The mutation will occur with the individual.
He or she will find a new path that the collective will use later.
Think of the heroic solo adventurer who becomes a hero for the masses.
For example,
the first climbers to reach Mount Everest were people changing a new trail.
There are now travel agencies that can book you a package tour to Mount Everest,
So that the collective can feel the same motive empowerment.
The individual changes.
The collective sees the mutation,
And if that's something he can understand,
They get empowered from it,
so they share it with everyone.

מעגל הידיעה (Knowing Circuit) -

Knowing Circuit

Centering Circuit:
Is a minor circle in the group of personal circles.
It consists of only two channels.
the initiation channel 51/25 and the interrogation channel 10/34.
This group of circles has the same theme of empowerment,
And here it's so easy to see how empowerment works.
Empowerment is about inspiring others to do theirs by the fact,
that you are doing your thing.
Only by being yourself do you empower others to be themselves.
The main notes of the channels unite in this sentence:
It is about finding your own center through,
self-exploration and initiation into new ways
(Look closely at this sentence - it's just a key sign).
The small circuits always give their quality to any other circuit.
In this case the center circle,
Makes everything in a person's chart more individual.
What is interesting about the center circle is that,
there are no awareness centers(Spleen,Ajna,Solar Plexus).
Neither has a throat,
no emotions,
nor an adrenaline system.
What we have here is a pure generator.
Being focused is not something you do or think about.
Being focused is a response to life.
This is the ultimate Buddha state of being.

מעגל מרכז (Centering Circuit) - https://humandesign.academyCentering Circuit

Centering Circuit

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