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Inner Authority

סמכות פנימית (Inner Authority) - - new authority.

Inner Authority:
The term "authority" is used to describe,
What aspect of human design can be relied upon,
In order to consistently yield the ‘best’ experience as a result of the person’s decision.
Authority always comes from a defined center on the map ( BodyGraph ).
As we shall see, only certain centers when they are defined become your authority.
We all have to make decisions and we have many internal dynamics that compete for their making.
We have a highly developed brain that is the product not only of thousands of years of evolution,
But also for most of us many years of cultural immersion,
Examples of peer groups and formal education.
We make decisions based on past experience,
future goals, current impulses,
Even based on the decisions of those we are close to (spouses, children, parents, friends, mentors).
One of the most notable aspects of HD,
Is the recognition that every human being comes from a genetically connected,
With the "right" decision-making process for that person.
This wiring is not just a 'separate' dynamic,
But one that is fully integrated into the whole state of human being.
When we make decisions from this genetically linear "authority,"
These decisions result in a “correct” experience in that the experience is ideally suited to a proper,
fit with a different dynamic (e.g. type, definition, profile).
We may "like" the outcome of the decision or not.
We may interpret the experience as comfortable or unpleasant,
But regardless of our interpretation of the result,
A decision made properly by us is  a decision,
That overall will earn us the most in the full sense.
It is important that you understand that no one can speak reliably
On permission other than theirs.
We can learn what others think of the various authorities,
We can listen to how others describe their experience of authority,
But we can never directly experience any authority other than our own.
And even that is a faint understanding at best.
Keep in mind that the results of any decisions can occur over many years,
Even for life and none of us can know what the results would have been if we had decided otherwise.
This is one of the heaviest and perhaps most tragic aspects of our existence.
Our inability to know what would have happened if we had decided otherwise.
Greatly limits our ability to make informed decisions.
We always "play the odds".
(This and That).

Authority Hierarchy:

The authority is based on which centers are defined in the biography (BodyGraph),
and their place in the hierarchy.
The hierarchy is:

1. Emotional Authority:

If the emotional center is defined then it is the inner authority,
no matter what other centers are defined.
1. סמכות רגשית (Emotional Authority): אם מוגדר המרכז הרגשי אז זו הסמכות הפנימית, לא משנה אילו מרכזים אחרים מוגדרים. - - Emotional Authority

2. Sacral Authority:
If the scarlet is defined and the emotional center is not defined,
the scarlet is authority.
If the spleen is defined as well,
So this is called the spleen scarlet authority.
(Sacral Splenic Authority)

2. סמכות סקרלית (Sacral Authority): אם הסקרל מוגדר והמרכז הרגשי אינו מוגדר, הסקרל הוא הסמכות. אם הטחול מוגדר גם כן, אז זה נקרא סמכות סקרל הטחול. (Sacral Splenic Authority)

3. Splenic Authority:
If the spleen is defined,
and the emotional centers and spleen are not defined,
So the spleen is the authority.
And no matter what other centers are defined.

3. סמכות הספלינית (Splenic Authority): אם הטחול מוגדר, והמרכזים הרגשיים והטחול אינם מוגדרים, אז הטחול הוא הסמכות. ולא משנה אילו מרכזים אחרים מוגדרים.

4. Ego Authority:
If the center of the heart is defined and emotional,

The scarlet and spleen are not,

So the heart is authority,

No matter what other centers are defined.

4. סמכות האגו (Ego Authority): אם מרכז הלב מוגדר והרגשי, הסקרל והטחול אינם, אז הלב הוא הסמכות, לא משנה אילו מרכזים אחרים מוגדרים.

5. Authority of the G-Center (Self / Identity / G Authority):
If the G center is defined and the emotional center,

The scarlet, spleen and heart are not,

So the G center is authority.

No matter what other centers are defined.

5. סמכות מרכז הג'י (Self/Identity/G Authority): אם מרכז G מוגדר והמרכז הרגשי, הסקרל, הטחול והלב אינם, אז מרכז ה-G הוא הסמכות. לא משנה אילו מרכזים אחרים מוגדרים.

6. No Inner Authority Definition:
If none of the above centers are defined,
A person has no internal authority.
The head, agena,
throat and root are never internal authority.
Reflectors only.

6. אין הגדרת סמכות פנימית (No Inner Authority): אם אף אחד מהמרכזים הנ"ל אינו מוגדר, אין לאדם סמכות פנימית. הראש, האג'נה, הגרון והשורש לעולם אינם סמכות פנימית. רפלקטורים בלבד.

7. Mental Projector Authority:
Also known as:
"Outer authority" or "Environment",
It is exclusive to projectors.
Mental authority can be accessed by hearing the truth aloud,
After she leaves the body.
The life force carries a frequency and can be discerned when it communicates.
In this type of projector,
All the centers under the throat are not defined,
And man receives sensory information about the environment through their open centers.
This authority learns to feel in the body some beneficial environment,
And see who really wants her unique point of view.
When he is invited to something bigger where a decision is needed,
It's good to step back and talk about it with a listener,
That will not try to influence the decision.
The right environment will bring the right people and activities,
And a feeling of relaxation in the body.

7. סמכות פנימית מנטל פרוג'קטור (Mental Projector Authority): המכונה גם: "סמכות חיצונית"(Outer authority) או "סביבתית" (Environment), היא בלעדית לפרוג'קטורים. ניתן לגשת לסמכות הנפשית על ידי שמיעת האמת בקול עצמו, לאחר שהיא עוזבת את הגוף. כוח החיים נושא תדר וניתן להבחין כאשר הוא מתקשר. בסוג פרוג'קטור זה, כל המרכזים מתחת לגרון אינם מוגדרים, והאדם מקבל מידע חושי על הסביבה באמצעות המרכזים הפתוחים שלהם. סמכות זו לומדת להרגיש בגוף איזו סביבה מועילה, ולראות מי באמת רוצה את נקודת המבט הייחודית שלה. כאשר הוא מוזמן למשהו גדול יותר בו יש צורך בהחלטה, טוב לסגת לאחור ולדבר על כך עם מאזין, שלא ינסה להשפיע על ההחלטה. הסביבה הנכונה תביא את האנשים והפעילויות הנכונים, ותחושת רגיעה בגוף.

You already have the key:
Everyone already knows their design,
And at length their authority.
how not? It's after all, you.
You may need to act in harmony with who you are,
But it's not the same as not knowing who you are.
Even the undefined centers are known to some degree,
As much as we all know our behavior changes slightly depending on who we are.
Really, every person knows what his authority is and how it works.
Many people mingle in life just fine,
Without Human Design and living their designs correctly without this knowledge.
That does not mean that life is a piece of cake,
And decisions can be easier to make if you understood the mechanics,
But you already have the key to everything you need inside you.
In describing these powers we have dismantled,
In a sense, artificially something whole.
It's like disassembling an engine to see how it works.
You disassemble it, unfold all the parts,
Looking at how they fit, and what they do.
But then all you have,
It's a bunch of parts on the floor that do not do what an engine needs.
Internal authority is not like a small person in a control center,
It is woven into our entire design.
The design is complete, not a bunch of small, separate pieces.
We look at what we call the parts,
But what we strive to understand is the integrity of the design.
People live their designs in many ways.
Through the self, through the self, alone, with others.
The descriptions of the behaviors here are not simply statements about "what should be",
But statements about "what is there."
This is not a rulebook for what people "should do",
It's a description of what people, in general, are "doing" (Doing Mode).
Some people do it consciously, some do not.
Some people exercise their authority,
some are afraid to do so.
Some trust their authority more than others.
Some have been tempted (conditioned),
to rely on authority for which they are not connected.
With internal authority, you can think of it in terms of transportation.
There are many transportation methods that people use.
We can walk, ride a horse, take a train, ride a bike or swim.
Everyone works to bring us from one place to another.
But if you ride a bike,
You do not make decisions like you would in a car or on a plane.
When you look at the world,
You see people using all of these different modes of transportation,
And it's the same with internal authority.
There are different ways depending on your unique design.
No one is great.
One works better for some,
And another works better for others.
When someone says something like
"contact your feelings".
Or, "Trust the gut." Or, "Trust your instincts",
It's not inaccurate,
And it may work for millions of people - but it may not work for you.
If your authority is emotional,
So you're wired to wait for the wave,
If your authority is spleen you are built to decide spontaneously.
With the authority projected on yourself you hear,
your decision at the same time as everyone else is making it.
When it comes out of your mouth.
With ego authority you are here to claim your ego.
These are all different ways of driving, 
epending on what vehicle you have.
You can not know in advance,
what will be the consequences of making your decision from your authority or,
For that matter, what might they be if you do not get it from your authority.
What you can know is that you have made a decision from your authority,
It is reliable in terms of your design.
We can all count on our wiring.
There is no belief or discretion in this.
You do not have to believe in anything presented.
All systems are logically consistent.
If you want, you can try it,
Check it out,
Enjoy it,
Investigate it.
This is not something you should blindly accept or reject.
Look at your world through this lens,
And saw what he looked like.
So jump in and see what happens!

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