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Integration Channels

Keynote - Self Empowerment


Integration Channels:
When you take a closer look at the six rave circuits,
you will notice that there appear to be four "missing" channels.
These are the channels of integration.
These channels represent the most complex area,
of connection in human design.
All other channels are created by a single connection,
between two centers and two gates.
But in this case it is the only channel system,
that works with only four gates,
and there are a number of different ways in which,
the four gates communicate with each other.
You have four centers connected by four gates,
Which gives rise to the possibility of six channels (see picture).
Of these six channels,
two (20/57, Brain Channel,
and Investigation Channel 34/10)
Belong to the circles of knowledge and the center respectively.
The remaining four channels are called the integration channels,
and do not belong to any circuits.
This is because through the circles we connect to each other.
Even the personal circle empowers the other.
But the channels of integration are individual and separate from the others.
The system of integration channels is a pure survival mechanism.
It lies in the spleen's survival of the self.
People with a definition in this channel system,
are only engaged in the process of their self-empowerment.
This is not a channel system that deals with the question,
of whether others are qualified,
sharing or supported or not.
There are no social channels in the integration channels and one can even say,
that they are the complete opposite of the collective process.
When looking at the ad centers,
Spleen awareness is our first human awareness,
Being an existential vigilance that guarantees our good.
In conjunction with all other life forms,
this is the dominant awareness in our long evolutionary process.
Sometime about 4.2 million years ago,
when our 'human' ancestors began to walk upright,
Begin the process of individuation.
The design of these early 'hominids' seems,
to be reflected in the integration channels.
Despite the deep selfish element of these channels,
there is, however, a powerful transformation factor,
that can turn an integrative life into a motive one,
And this is the 28th or 38th gate.
In such a case,
self-empowerment can open up to the motive potential of general empowerment.
So when you look at a chart,
If you see one of these integration gates and there are not 28 or 38,
then you can interpret it as an integration system,
and give it the key of self-empowerment.
But if the chart includes Gate 28 or 38,
the system is going to be more geared towards general empowerment.
In a sense,
the 28/38 upgrades the self-survival mechanism and makes,
it a little more conscious after.
An important point to tell people who have one of the integration channels:
Be self-sufficient (your bank account,
your car, your life).
It has nothing to do with sharing.
You come along with others as self-sufficient creatures.
Definitely pay your way as a diner.

(ערוצי שילוב(אינטגרציה (Integration Channels)
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