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Full Course - Part A
Live Your Design
Rave ABC
Cartography - הקורס המלא - חלק א' לחיות את העיצוב שלך. רייב א' ב' ג'. קרטוגרפיה.  .Full Course - Part A .Live Your Design .Rave ABC .Cartography

Live Your Design + Rave ABCs Program

Provides each student with the basic tools that enable,

Basic understanding of the Rave Body Graph).

After completing this course,

You can look at your design,

As well as the designs of the people around you - your lovers,

Your friends and family,

And be able to interpret their charts,

And make useful comparisons.

The LYD (Living Your Design) + Rave ABCs course will give you a solid foundation,

On which you can continue to develop your studies in human design,

To the level of a professional analyst.

A • The black and red of personality and design.

In section A we will examine the functional difference between the conscious and unconscious elements in the diagram.
This word functional is very important.
The difference in behavior between a person who has an element, who is conscious (black),
And someone who has the same unconscious (red) element can be huge - and frightening.
It is not simple enough to see that the element is unconscious,
We need to understand how it will be alive other than having a conscious. - ​הקורס המלא - חלק א'
לחיות את העיצוב שלך.
רייב א' ב' ג'.

B • Circuits, and collaborative circuits.

Section B presents this essential element of design.
When we look at gates and / or channels in the chart,
We need to understand the contextual framework in which they appear.
Circuits, and collaborative circuits are the framework,
While the channels, and gates are detailed descriptions of specific ways,
The framework can express itself.
For example "" house "is a frame,
Whereas bedroom, kitchen, etc. are specific ways in which "home" is revealed.
Each channel, and each gate are integrated into the "floor plan" of the circuit in which it is located.
The bungalow and mansion will have kitchens,
But the kitchen of each of them is limited in appearance,
And even in its operation by the floor plan - the base - of the bungalow or mansion.
In this section we will also begin to consider the non-self.
The focus here is to see what impact a defined channel can have on a person,
That he does not have this channel defined.
This is one of the most extraordinary and important contributions that human design makes to increasing our understanding of human behavior. - הקורס המלא - חלק א' לחיות את העיצוב שלך. רייב א' ב' ג'. קרטוגרפיה.  .Full Course - Part A .Live Your Design .Rave ABC .Cartography

C • Hexagram structure.

Section C brings us to the world of the IChing in all its poetic mystery.
The gates are the main components of any channel,
And the lines are more detailed descriptions of what a specific aspect of a human gate tends to express.
Here again we will deal with a framework.
Because the structure of each hexagram consists of 6 lines,
Hexagram line positioning reveals a basic aspect of changing motion.
All first lines share a specific quality,
And all sixth lines share a different specific quality,
From the features common to the first lines.
In this section we will examine this genetic continuity,
And we will learn how certain combinations of lines are responsible for a person's "profile".
The profile of the individual is quite like a regular general behavioral taste, satisfying in everything a person does. - 

Penetrating the surface with the human design system is rich,
complex and deep, and it offers a wealth of details.
While the Living Your Design (LYD) course takes us very deeply,
And all the details of the system,
it will allow you,
Student, penetrate the surface,
And gain a basic understanding of how a chart works at the surface level.
The goal is to be able to see, using the large elements in the chart,
An integrated view of the general organization of man.
Therefore, the process is less than one of provoking a lot of details,
And more one of the assembling large elements,
Into this comprehensive description will be practical use when applied and tested.

Special Note: Strategy is a key.
It is a fact that during seven years almost every cell in the human body is replaced.
It is this process that gives human beings the plasticity and openness,
needed to absorb and incorporate new information.
This program, recently developed 3 and a half years ago,
accounts for half of the 7-year cycle of cellular transformation.
Why? Because it's at this point in time 3 1/2 years that the critical mass of your cells,
Is more of who you really are than conditioned to you.
This is the point where you are more "new",
On the basic physiological, consists of your life experience with human design than without it.
However, it should be emphasized that an intellectual understanding of the ABCs,
will not give you an advantage in being yourself.
There is only one way to do it.
To wake up, to make the information part of you at the cellular level,
You have to live your design.
Human design is empirical knowledge,
Which means it must be based on you, by man,
And not just intellectually as we may learn arithmetic.
It's like learning to ride a bike,
You really have to get up and do the riding.
To learn human design you will need to experience your strategy,
and your inner authority.
So, as you learn this knowledge take the time to experiment with it.
Try this.
check this out.
Live it.

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