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Magnetic Monopole 

Crystal Personality:
The Passenger  - Who you think you are.
Crystal Design:
Composition - what you say, think, do.
Magnetic Monopoly:
The Driver - the Attraction - your uniqueness. - magnetic.
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In human design one of the things we work with is a variety of elements,

Such as personality, design, authority, defined centers and channels.

What brings it all together is the magnetic monopoly, which sits in the center G.

This is the larger context in which all the elements intertwine and become a unique person.
To think that any person can only reduce the various system components shown in the diagram,

Is to ignore what is really happening.

Almost all of the serious literature produced by humans over the thousands of years relates to something else; Spirit, soul, divine, etc. There is a bottom line in all this. Simply put it is "you are not responsible".
There are species of hummingbirds living in Alaska.

At the end of the summer they embark on a journey of about 2000 miles that leads them down the Rocky Mountains to Mexico where they spend the winter.

In the spring they fly up the mainland coast of California back to Alaska.

Now, mammals have a metabolism that requires them to eat every 2-3 minutes or they die. Think about it.
So this is not a flock of birds moving on their leisurely way to the land of winter sun.

In order to be able to feed often, there must be a regular food source along the way.

Well, weather patterns can cause the flowers they need to bloom sooner or later from year to year along the same 2,000-mile trail, yet these hummingbirds schedule their departure regularly depending on the weather changes that occurred a thousand miles away.
And they sure do not think about it or plan it.

They do not teach it to their descendants.

They are not responsible for that immigration or what they may encounter along the way.

They are connected to the world in such a way that they simply go where they owe and use what they have to survive the journey.

All they really do is use the strategies of their design.
As people we think we are responsible for,

The personality is convinced yes, and we, in fact, make countless decisions that seem to prove it.

But these decisions are small.

Should I have a lasagna for dinner or a steak?

In the larger context of our lives, we can not simply decide to become famous and rely on it to happen. Get married and have perfect children?

Of course you can not guarantee all this.
In terms of our life journey we do not know where we are going because we are not the driver.

The monopoly is the driver because only the monopoly holds it all together.

Our personality thinks so, but it's just traveling.

Our design, our body, is simply a composition.

The monopoly is the driver.

The monopoly says "it's time to go here" and set off, just like the mammals.
Like the hummingbird we, in a sense, migrate.

We move from our past to our future drawn by our monopoly that directs the direction based on the sense of climate and environment.

It takes us where he decides he needs to go when he decides it's time.
We can not choose where we go more than honey honey will choose to choose its winter destination.

Within each of us the monopoly, through an ancient and perfect connection with the rest,

Know when and where we need to go.

It holds us together as well as holds us to our geometry.

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Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu

Roads and tunnels is the expression that a human uses to refer to the definitions in our charts that appear in black or red when calculating the chart.

The calculations appear in the body photo in these two colors

To indicate which gates were activated at the time of our birth (black)

While gates were activated 88 degrees from the solar arc,

Almost three months, before our birth time (red).
For this person things will always "pop up" from their completely unconscious throat that surprises them.
We can think of the body of the image as a road map,

And refer to the center of the throat as the context or city square of the map.

From there you can travel in any direction - up or down the various routes.

The center of the throat is central in body photography because through the throat all of our behaviors

(Centers, channels, gates and lines) are expressed or expressed.

In this sense all roads lead to Rome. But there are also tunnels.
Everything you see in black in your chart refers to personality and that's what you have access to - that's who you think you are.

An attitude in the sense that the behavior can be clear to you, seen by you.

Think of the black in your chart as an elite way.

When you sit on a hillside, you can watch everything that happens on that road and (here's the key) because you can see it you think it's who you are.
Everything painted in red in your chart refers to the design,

Unconscious, and more like a tunnel than a road.

Sitting on a hillside, you can not see what is happening in the tunnels.

In fact you can not even see that there is a tunnel,

Nor whether something within it is present or not,

Or if something is moving, and not in which direction it can move.

But (another key) what happens in the tunnels is you too.
One of the real benefits of human image human design is that when you look at the chart,

You get to see it all.

You see what is on the surface and why you have access (the roads).

And you can also see why you do not have access - your unconscious or what is not identified in you (the tunnels).
You must now understand that the behaviors, whether conscious or unconscious,

Going to somehow find a way to express or be expressed.

It is in the nature of the energy that it flows and wants to be expressed in words or actions.

Behaviors do not care if you have access to them or not - they just want to express themselves.
This can be called in human design as someone who just jumps out of the tunnel and then goes back to it again.

It is not uncommon for people to hear something like "child are you really argumentative or stubborn or judgmental" etc.

'And we do not at all see it for ourselves because it is a tunnel, that is, a design definition.
Body photography offers us the opportunity to see things about ourselves that others may see quite easily, but we have not been able to relate to.

In fact, it is often difficult for us at all to grasp these unconscious qualities within us.

However, when we examine them in the light of our chart,

We can identify times in our past when we discovered these behaviors.
For example, someone who had a channel of leadership unconsciously,

Could be the one sending everyone from the building to a safe place when there was a fire.

But this person will not describe himself as a leader,

And he would be surprised if they told him yes.
Before human planning,

The approach to our unconscious aspects was a matter for the Freudians to reach through dream analysis, and for Jungian psychologists to find a charge in the collective realm.

It is now possible to understand what others see in us that we do not see because it is unconscious.
It is now possible to understand where this behavior that emerged from a tunnel came from,

As well as the fact that she is a consistently defined part of you.

You can start to get a more complete idea of who you are.

Not for the purpose of changing it, but for the purpose of its existence, acceptance and enjoyment.

Magnetic Monopole  - - Design and Crystal

The Sphinx Cross (Cross of Love):
Of course we are much more complex
  Than the mammals so we can easily complain,

Not to understand, howl, rebel, etc. but make no mistake - it helped a little.
What we can do is follow our survival strategies.

If your design is of a mammal you must eat nectar - not food of any other kind.

Maybe sometimes you get to choose whether you eat nectar from a red or blue flower or even feed on hummingbirds, the variations are subtle.
Our strategies and our authority,

These allow us to carry out the migration successfully,

Because they let the monopoly do its job without us interrupting.

The gift of human design is that anyone can use it to see what strategies they are planning.

Are you a mammal? deer? Beetle? Do you have sacred authority? Splinik? emotional?

If you follow your design you will find that when the monopoly moves you to your future you can trust it.
While determining our direction (as detailed in the Sphinx cross in gates 7, 1, 2, and 13) is the role of the monopoly, the property of the monopoly is love.

Not the love of passion, but the love of being.

This love is defined in the cross of the vessel of love in innocence 25, 46 serendipity, 10 self-behavior and modesty 15.
When we live by our design, we trust the monopoly that will move us,

We move in innocence without a personal agenda.

We take care of the physical body, knowing that it is where it should be and worth the task.

We act like the self we really are.

We love others because we know that in fact we are all of equal value in this world regardless of the extreme differences we think we see.

Magnetic Monopole  - - love
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