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מניפסטור (Manifestor)

Manifestors are 9% of the world population.
Manifestors often feel different from other people and often wonder why.
They have access to incredible power that can be turned on suddenly and without warning.
It can sometimes scare other people and sometimes,
even the manifestos themselves!
Manifestors need to be in control of their lives,
And really hate someone who tells them what to do or how to do it.
They need as much freedom as possible to live their lives,
And exhaust their personal destiny according to their rules.
They are not here to wait,
they are here to initiate,
And they have an impact on others and the world around them.
If they do not get the freedom of action they need then be careful!
In their childhood many are discovered by parents,
teachers and other significant adults in their lives who thought they were problematic or difficult in some way.
The reaction of these adults was to try and control the manifestor child,
physically (by restricting their freedom of movement) or using other strict rules.
they thought they were caring for the discovering child and helping him.
They had no idea that this kid already knew what he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it.
Of course for all children,
some rules are important but too many can also be very harmful,
Especially for children manifesters.
For the Manifestor Child for the creation of significant artificial limitations by the adults in their lives,
It usually has a devastating effect on the soul of the manifesto later in life.
To the Manifestor child it just felt like they were being punished and often,
they grew up as very angry people and often ‘out of place’;
Stay away from others.
There are manifestos that go completely in the opposite direction and become lecturers(pleasing),
the people to avoid the difficult conflicts that were made in their childhood.
None of the methods of life are healthy for expression.
Manifestors, especially men,
can be very violent and angry because of their control and restriction in childhood.
They can respond very strongly to anyone in their adult life,
trying or even perceived as trying to control them or manipulate them in any way.
Manifestors are very sensitive and "direct" them when they are allowed to be themselves.
They have a natural curiosity and are the only type who can really initiate action freely.
A large part of our global society is rewarded with "Doing" mode,
But in truth, only manifestos can take proactive action,
Without them having to wait on the way for any order from the area.
And it's healthy for them to be like that!
It is unhealthy for the other 91% of the world to initiate in this way.
Human design states that the ideal strategy for manifestos,
It "informs the environment before initiating."

מניפסטור (Manifestor)

"What's sensible advice? In practice this strategy for a manifesto,
is like putting a red rag in front of a bull!
I know some manifestos who still hate doing this because they think,
they are somehow forced to ask permission to do what they want to do.
Permission is something that Manifestor despises the need to ask for!
It brings up all the horror stories in their childhood!
I always suggest to manifestos that they start informing the phrase "I'm just letting you know."
Do not use something like "do you care" or "is it okay with you".
"I'm just letting you know" is called informing.
You are not asking permission.
You're just stating a fact about what you're about to do.
So basically that's all the manifesto strategy requires.
Just say, before initiating what you are going to do, then do it!
The only difference is to manifestors when they are children.
Manifestor Children's strategy is that they should learn to ask permission,
Who can naturally befriend as they get older.
Every 'type' of a person has a strategy,
and this one for manifestos is in the most artificial way,
in contrast to the strategies of other 'types',
which are critical elements for a proper life in themselves.
Manifestors will still be able to initiate naturally whether they announce or not,
But what this strategy will do is reduce the conflicts that encounters can encounter.
To avoid confrontation all that must be remembered is to notify​​ For people;
Update people on your intentions and actions.
This process of notifying others will usually not interfere with people or try to control the manifesto,
Because they do not know what is going on.
Knowing will also significantly reduce the tendency of manifestos to anger,
Because people will not give them more and more reasons to get angry anymore.
Although this is a very helpful strategy,
Some factors can take it a little too far.
They inform everyone and everyone.
But in reality it is only advisable to let those people who will actually be affected by your next action.
It is not at all desirable to tell everyone all the time what you are going to do!"

Ra Uru Hu.

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