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Neutrino -  neutrino

How does the human design system work?
To understand how the system works,
It is important to know the basic concept that forms the basis of this system.
A basic aspect of human design is based on what is scientifically known as Neutrino.
Neutrinos are unusual particles that carry an infinite amount of mass.
About 3 trillion neutrinos, and the material information they carry,
Pass through every square inch of the earth per second.
Our sun produces about 70 percent of all the neutrinos that pass through our solar system,
When the remaining 30 percent is emitted by other stars in our galaxy,
And a small amount from the planet Jupiter.
In 2015, the scientists Takaki Kajita (Super-Kamiokande Collaboration)
And Arthur b. McDonald's (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Collaboration) won the Nobel Prize for Neutrino Fluctuation Detection,
Which shows that neutrinos have mass.

Ra Uru Hu published it as a science, behind the human design system as early as 1991.
Because neutrinos have an infinitely small amount of mass,
As the current passes through us it leaves information.
It's a stream of information,
And within each of us there are particles that connect us to the current.
At the moment of birth, we are imprinted by the information transmitted by the neutrino current through the planets.
This seal is reflected in your human design chart,
And determines your specific design.
This information provides us with the knowledge to understand our nature,
Our potential and forms of interaction.

Personality Sun: Filter of the Neutrino Ocean

So, we have the sun above;
The Sun is a big business, an old sol, a neutron,
I can not do an Ibiza event without talking about Neutrino.
They are unbelievable when you think about it.
Poetically for me,
It has always been the breath of a star;
This is what they breathe out.
We breathe our things,
This is what stars breathe out - they breathe these neutrinos.
There are so many of them,
It's hard to imagine how many there are.
This space, three trillion of them every second,
Three million pass through this space every second, and most of it from the sun.
It is the breath of the sun and we are within this breath, of this breath.
It's us.
I'm doing my Johnny Mitchell, we're stardust.
It's us.
You can not separate us from the ocean of neutrinos;
We are fish in this great sea.
And it's not just something we surf through,
It is something that is through us, from us, around us.
This is an ocean of unprocessed data.
The magic of mind crystals is that they filter out this ocean of data.
It's us.
When you look at the sun of your personality,
What he's saying is,
"I'm the filter of this ocean.
And I filter this ocean according to my uniqueness. "
For the past two days I've been talking to you about trust,
On what it means to act out of your authority.
We are here to differentiate.
Each and every one of us is endowed with these crystals of consciousness,
But they are not manufactured with a cookie cutter.
They are not the same.
Each of us has the potential to filter uniquely.
The moment when you can uniquely filter your sun,
Is the moment you start climbing the mountain of your mythology.
This is when you start getting up as a being.
It's not a mistake we're always been solar workers.
This source of light, heat, and life.
Then you look at the sun within your design,
And not-self ignores it,
Pushes it aside to some open center,
An open gate that tempts him to some hallucinatory journey.
That the sun nourishes us with this beauty,
And all we have to do is accept it - we accept it through our planet.


The Crystals Operate in the Neutrino Ocean It's the crystals.

Think about what it's really like on this planet,
If you can see it from crystal eyes, if you can.
Think of every grass leaf.
Stand on your back porch,
If you have one and look at the nature that is there,
If there is a ring there,
And think for a moment what is there - millions and millions and millions and millions of crystals of consciousness.
If our eyes could see such a thing, and we can not,
This is our limitation, the crystals are dark matter,
They can not be seen, they can not be spelled,
But if you can,
If you can get the artist's view - you see it sometimes,
In the obsession of the new age of crystals,
In some of those painters of the new age where they have these crystal fields - think of this planet,
It is nothing but a shimmering density of crystal consciousness.
Each of these crystals,
Each and every one of these living things,
Whether it's the insects or the grass blades or the butterflies, it does not matter what it is,
They all operate in the neutrino ocean,
Everyone filters information, this is the way existence works.
This is the way life works.
And most of all, these crystals of consciousness are in this great flow,
And the way they navigate space,
The way all this movement is evolving,
Is the work of the magnetic monopoly.
And every crystal design that existed imprinted within it a monopoly.
In fact, the vast majority of existing design crystals and numbers are indescribable,
Their monopolies were embedded within them.
Only in those living things where a monopoly detaches from the design crystal.
It's basically a sign of life.
And the vast majority of existing design crystals have their monopolies embedded in them,
And move them in this global orchestral dance.


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