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Nine-Centered Awakening

A New Being and a New Way of Life:

Human design,
discovers that more,
from any other weakness,
humanity suffers,
from clinging to an evolutionary past.
emerged in 1781, 
Nine centers, a different and revolutionary existence from its predecessor.
Ra provides the profound insight,
on true nature,
and for mechanics of our kind,
possible change,
through human design.

The Accuracy of Human Design:

All the time we are programmed to be general (homogeneous).

We look at the vastness of what is on display in this so-called 'spiritual' age,

And the paths to spirituality, and all the paths to spirituality.

I've been in this movie a long time, and every way is interesting,

But that does not mean they are bringing you to transformation.

They take you on a journey that rarely belongs  Go really.

We have a real dilemma in the essence of the world when we live in it.

This is something I recognized right at the beginning of my process when I first introduced the design in the late 1980s when it was the most primitive at its basic level.

What hurt people, or at least the feedback I got at the time, was a strange (unnatural) accuracy.
I do not think you can experience this knowledge without the frightening feeling,

Q - Something that happens to you when you check the transit

(Transit - a pronoun for Ra to neutrino in the present tense  Its Program - at the end of a full explanation of the neutrino),

Or in any case,  There is this strange precision that there is.

Human design, at least in terms of how it is given to me, is absolute of the Maya.

This is an interesting statement; It's an absolute Mayan.

We live in illusion.

This is the way illusion works.

And this strange accuracy that people have experienced in other systems.

Whatever they are, whether they are champions, psychological or new, outdated,

The reality is that one way or another they are always rules.

This is what makes human design so different.

Human Design Is the Science of Differentiation:

Human design has nothing to do with the general, nothing, nothing at all.
Human design deals with differentiation.

This is the science of discernment. And it's here so we can adapt to our unique essence,

And not to what is our general, presumed, conditioned nature.

The dilemma in all this is that it is not that these systems will be what they are,

Whether they are scientific or pseudo-scientific,  It's not like blaming them for anything,

Either they are in it or they are limited, 
Or they are wrong,

Because that's not what I'm saying.

What am I saying they are connected to it

[Gay Graph Sapphire on the left, larger image below.
I do not know if you recognize this.

This is a graphic illustration of a seven-chakra being.
What is indicated here is Homo sapiens. It's an old model.

One of the fascinating assumptions in human design was the mutation that occurred in 1781.

This mutation, by the way, was very much a by-product of the heat,

but I  Do not want to go too deep into it,

But that's all we're now calling global warming - it all started at this point.

In this transition we have moved from being this being with the seven centers,

Be this entity with the nine centers

["The Homo Sapien in  Transitus "Homo sapiens  In transit", in the graph  down.]

When using the seven-center system,

Suppose astrology,

We all know there is  In it relative truths.

Often the same relative truths,

Can be very deep.

It's not about astrology being bad, please understand.

But there is a generalization for half a billion archers.

It is only natural that there should be generalization.

And that's something you can really recognize about this inherent accuracy,

That everyone gets to experience human design.

No matter what level of knowledge you go through,

Whether you walk from the surface,

And whether you go deep, deep, deep into the system,

What you get is this amazing accuracy,

Because this system is for us.

It's on us.

It's not obvious,

in this sense,

That he gets it right,

When others cannot.

Homo Sapien in Transitus:

The thing to understand about this marker is that these are creatures born after 1781, who are the mutations.

These are creatures with nine centers, we, transition form.

You can see it here, Homo sapiens in transit.

We are a form of transition.

We are not something designed to be permanent.

We are not here to evolve into something else.

We're a transition between the past, it's a past from 1781,

For a future that is beyond 2027, which is related to an evolutionary transition.

What must be grasped is that the creatures born in the 1760s or 1770s,

There were creatures with seven centers that lived deep in the 19th century,  In the 60s and 70s, and the 80s.

If you look back at the history of mankind,

For 85,000 years Homo sapiens sign,

And you add whoever dripped into this area,

You must understand that almost everything we perceive,

Every religion we have, every philosophy we have,

Almost every basic understanding we have is based on extinct,

And I say with as much force as possible,

An extinct form, the entity is doubly concentrated.

I'm ready to say all the hail.

That's very nice. I can look at the past and the achievements of the complex being sevenfold,

And to some extent, I can tilt my hat.

But it's not that I can rub my chest or knock it out and say

"This is me; It's not me. That's not who I am. ”

The seven-centered being had a process, its an evolutionary process.

Everything about life is about cognition.

In depth when you start with the tonal infrastructure,

You begin to see that everything in the nature of what we are lies in the potential expression of consciousness.

Sophistication, or from our point of view,

The lack of sophistication of the seven centers being,

Is that it was her dharma actually exploring what we call the ‘mental plane’.

They were locked into a non-cognitive expression.

Monocognitive expression.

התעוררות תשע-מרכזים (Nine-Centered Awakening)

We Are a Binary Consciousness:

I remember the faces of those people,
When I started presenting the analysis,
For the first time of the design, 
They would look at,
These two sets of calculations,
and they would say,
Why are there two?
and why 88° between them,
Or 88 or 89 days apart;
Because it was completely foreign,
for all they ever are,
understood from any system before.
one of the passages,
the unusual,
Among the seven-centered shape.
and the nine-centered form,
is that we have a very unusual,
cognitive potential.
We are a binary consciousness.
Because the human design,
Allowed us to see it.
It's like an analyst introduces you,
for your design,
And they point to the design side,
to the red side,
And they say,
that you don't have access to,
for this ad,
But you have to.
and knows red,meet him.
part of what,
which makes this precision,
so deep is it,
the system is here,
to expose us.
it has nothing to do with the past
it has nothing to do with the brain.
when the mind,
the mental plane,
first started take his hold humanity,
It was a voice in old China,
​​Lao Deza,
And he said,
We have real trouble here.
It's a mess.
We are going,
lose the natural order.
We are going,
lose the way
We are going,
to create this hell,
on earth;
it's not something
that they could not see.
but you can't
stop the rotation of the wheel;
The wheel turns.

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