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Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: 1Definition

in just under 2% of the population,
are rare.
And they are very unusual.
Unlike all other types,
called solar types,
The reflector is called a type of moon.
Because of its connection to lunar cycles.
By definition,
they do not have channels and centers,
so they work very differently.
They're here to take things in.
They are not here to fix,
but here to become their environment.
That's why the place is so important to them,
as it is to anyone who has open G centers.
They have characteristics through their gates.
Whenever their channel is defined by conditioning,
And it happens all the time that they communicate with people.
The gates defined in their chart are “turned on”,
like lights on a Christmas tree.
It's something for anyone with an open center with gates set up,
Because this "activation" is not limited to returnees.
The gates in the open centers will control the energy of that center.
For example, the chart above has an open throat with the definition of the 33rd and 45th gates.
Whenever it is set,
their voice is colored according to what they remember(33)
and what they have(45).
When their root is defined they can emphasize what they need(19)
And do they have the energy to fix(58).
Example of hanging gates in undefined centers
The 48th gate is the fear of incompatibility.
The 57 is the fear of tomorrow.
The 44th gate is a fear of the past.
The 29th gate is the urge to say yes.
The 49th gate is to accept or reject(marry or divorce).
These aspects are turned on when the center is set.

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: 1Definition
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